Overview of Revit Training in Dubai

Revit is a comprehensive architectural software developed by Autodesk that operates on Building Information Modeling (BIM) principles. Revit helps professionals bring efficiency to their designs and enhances team collaboration. It caters to professionals such as architects, engineers, and contractors, empowering them to design, construct, and manage building and infrastructure projects.

Revit Courses in Dubai offered by Edoxi will help you gain expertise to plan and make quick alterations for 3D models of buildings and infrastructures. Our expert trainers provide hands-on training that will help you reduce errors and enhance your design accuracy. Whether you are looking for beginner or advanced-level training, we offer the best Revit Classes in Dubai. 

You can start the course from scratch if you have neither technical skills nor knowledge of Autodesk software. If you have intermediate knowledge, the trainer will lead you with the pace and details you need. If you have been working with AutoCAD tools for several years and would like to migrate to Revit, you will get advanced level training, since you do not need to learn the basics. Join us and take your profession to the next level. 

How Can Revit Courses Help Your Career? 

As a hub of engineering and architecture, the Dubai Government’s guidelines are crucial to follow. From 1 January 2024, Dubai Municipality has made it mandatory to use BIM for buildings. Learning Revit will help you master BIM tools and help you easily get into construction and architectural projects in the UAE. Our Revit Courses will benefit you in the following ways,  

  • Equips you with the latest knowledge that will help you perform at your best. 
  • Lays the foundation for a vibrant career path across various industries.
  • Enables you to collaborate effectively with your team members. 
  • Helps you reduce the cases of omissions in designs that will enable you to carry out your design works more accurately. 
  • You will get the opportunity to work on various projects that will strengthen your portfolio.
  • You will get access to a professional logo once you get certified in Autodesk Revit which will enhance your credibility at the workplace. 

Benefits of Revit Certifications

Edoxi offers various Certification courses to help you upskill and stay updated with the latest market trends. The following are the benefits of getting Revit Certification,

  • Enhanced Knowledge: Revit certifications provide a comprehensive understanding of the latest Revit tools and techniques that will help you enhance your productivity.
  • Career Advancement: Holding a Revit certification can significantly enhance job prospects and many employers consider Revit certifications as a valuable asset when making hiring and promotional decisions.
  • Credibility and Recognition: Revit certifications are recognised globally. They enhance credibility and demonstrate a commitment to staying updated with the best practices.
  • Networking Opportunities: Getting Revit certifications opens the door towards making new professional networks and helps you receive the best professional guidance from successful professionals.
  • Enhanced Earning Potential: Getting Revit Certifications demonstrates your higher level of expertise and commitment towards professional growth, which will enhance your earning potential.

Features of Revit Training in Dubai

  • Interactive Sessions: The class is project-oriented and you will learn the software practically. 
    One-to-one training: You will get personalised one-to-one sessions according to your learning capability and industry specifications.
  • AutoDesk certified trainers: Our AutoDesk-certified trainers will help you master the latest Revit tools and techniques.
  • Course completion certificate: Get a course completion certificate accredited by AutoDesk, KHDA, and Edoxi.
  • Course customisation option: We provide customised courses as per your requirements.

Job opportunities after completing the Revit Courses

Completing Revit certification courses opens up various job opportunities and makes you a valuable asset to your organisation. Here are some job roles you can pursue after completing Revit courses:

  • BIM Coordinator
  • BIM Modeler
  • BIM Specialist
  • BIM Architect
  • BIM Manager
  • BIM Engineer

List of Revit Courses in Dubai

Architecture, structure construction, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing are part of Revit Courses. However, each course has its own distinctive objectives and learning outcomes. Here are the top Revit Courses in Dubai,

Autodesk Revit Architecture for BIM 35 hours Autodesk, KHDA & Edoxi Classroom / Online
Autodesk Revit MEP for BIM (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) 35 hours Autodesk, KHDA & Edoxi Classroom / Online
Autodesk Revit Structure for BIM 35 hours Autodesk, KHDA & Edoxi Classroom / Online
Revit Architecture with Navisworks for BIM 35 hours Autodesk, KHDA & Edoxi Classroom / Online
Autodesk Revit Structure with Navisworks for BIM 35 hours Autodesk, KHDA & Edoxi Classroom / Online
Autodesk Revit MEP with Navisworks for BIM 35 hours Autodesk, KHDA & Edoxi Classroom / Online

What Will You Learn From Our Revit Courses?   

Autodesk Revit equips learners with the essential knowledge and skills to create high-quality BIM models and construction documents, facilitating efficient collaboration and project execution. Our Revit Courses will help you gain in-depth knowledge of creating accurate and detailed 3D models of buildings and structures. 

You will gain expertise in utilising Revit's parametric modelling capabilities for efficient design modifications. Our expert trainers will help you master essential Revit commands and keyboard shortcuts for efficient modelling and documentation. You will also learn to customise the Revit interface and create templates to optimise workflow. 

Autodesk Revit Projects to Do During the Course

After getting familiar with the basics of BIM, you will start learning Revit tools and methodologies along with working on an extensive Revit project. You will do various projects such as 

  • Architecture: Completing a villa from start to end with all interior and exterior, furnishing, lighting, landscaping, vertical circulation details, etc.
  • Structure: Linking arch building and adding the structural information to it.
  • MEP: Linking architectural model and calculating the heat loads, Adding lighting, power loads and cable tray conduit design to the same building without clashing the other disciplines, and adding sanitary and water pipeline system.

 Primary Objectives of Revit Courses in Dubai

 The following are the objectives of our Revit Courses, 

  • To help you achieve your long-term professional goals
  • To equip you with skills to tackle professional challenges. 
  • To enhance your confidence to present your ideas to clients.
  • To provide foundational knowledge to freshers and help them pursue advanced-level certifications. 
  • To help you develop communication skills and problem-solving skills essential for Revit professionals. 
  • To master Architectural BIMs for specialised buildings like hospitals and universities.
  • To use BIM for all the UAE government projects based on their latest guidelines.

Why Choose Edoxi for Revit Courses in Dubai? 

Edoxi offers various in-demand BIM and CAD Courses in Dubai. Our Revit courses equip you with the technical skills to gain proficiency in Autodesk Revit. We provide multiple study aids to the students and impart skills that enhance their workplace competency. We offer the liberty to the participants to choose timing based on their convenience. Our expert trainers ensure that you receive the latest knowledge and stay updated. Enrol now and start preparing with us to stay ahead of others. 

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