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Understand how to utilize SAP Warehouse Management applications to offer flexible organization scenarios

  • Get introduced to the warehouse management
  • Understand warehouse controlling & structures in WM
  • Learn to construct the fundamental warehouse setup in
  • SAP Earn the certificate approved by the Ministry of Education, UAE
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SAP WM Training to Get you Started

The SAP WM system is ERP software that incorporates the functions of a warehouse and updates them which makes it simple to run the facility. In this course, you will understand how to utilize SAP Warehouse Management applications and offer flexible organization scenarios, reporting, integrations, etc. Edoxi training institute is providing the best SAP WM training in Dubai presently for interested candidates. Don’t miss this opportunity if you are based out in Dubai. We also offer fast track training for candidates who want to complete the course very quickly.

The SAP WM system offers automated help in processing all goods movements in supervising stocks in a warehouse. The systems hold up scheduled and effective processing of logistics processes inside of the warehouse. The warehouse management facilitates one to map your whole warehouse complex in a detailed manner. You will not only get an intro of the whole quantity of the material inside of the warehouse but also identify exactly where a definite material presently is inside of the warehouse.

Course Topics:

  • Warehouse management overview
  • Warehouse formation
  • Organization Information
  • Material master view
  • Stringent Picking
  • Goods receiving via an identification
  • LIFO
  • Building storage bins
  • Goods movement for a production
  • Delivery Picking
  • Transporting requirements
  • Fixed Bin Strategy
  • Generate Physical Inventory Record
  • Clear the Difference in Warehouse Management
  • Addition to existing bin
  • Material Documents Processing in Warehouse Management
  • Schema Group Vendor
  • Warehouse controlling
  • Build Physical inventory record
  • Storage unit management
  • Access Sequence
  • Characteristics and class
  • Inventory procedures
  • Transferring stock
  • Enter count results
  • Carrying out continuous inventory
  • Storage Type Search Strategies
  • Stock removal
  • Flexible analysis
  • Release from bin via picking indicator

These are the few course topics for your understanding. More course topics will be known once you attend our SAP WM courses in Dubai.

Course Duration:

The duration of the course will be 20 hours and will be completed within a month.


It’s better if the student belongs to an IT background and has knowledge of the SAP concepts.

Course Objectives:

Following are a few objectives of our SAP WM training course:

  • Introduction to warehouse management
  • Warehouse controlling
  • Building storage bins
  • Stock removal
  • Manual WMW procedures
  • Continuous and annual inventory
  • Storage unit stock
  • Building transfer requirements
  • Material master view
  • Release from bin via picking indicator

What you learn:

  • Our SAP WM training institute in Dubai will enable one to get a good understanding of the company structures in WM and utilize the components of WM to map spatial conditions.
  • You will learn to construct the fundamental warehouse setup in SAP.
  • This SAP Warehouse Management certification course will teach you how to blend WM into Logistics.
  • You will also learn how to explain and utilize the entire related master data.

Learning Outcomes:

Here is what you will be learning in our SAP WM training center:

  • Warehouse management?
  • Master data
  • Stock transportation
  • Inventory management in WM
  • Stock placing/removal
  • Warehouse stock keeping
  • Release from the bin with stock keeping unit

After completing our SAP WM Classes in Dubai, you will be able to optimize the use of storage bins and movements of a warehouse and also accumulate material stocks from various plants jointly in warehouses with random storage. Hence, understanding the above ideas will offer individuals sufficient skill and knowledge required to perform the tasks. Also, we can offer you live examples in the training sessions which help in gaining more information. Once you have successfully completed the training in our institute, you can start working!

Goals after completing SAP WM training:

  • You must be capable to set up a company structure in WM.
  • You should construct control of pick, and movement of stock activities at master data and custom-made stage.
  • Incorporate WM into other logistics applications such as SAP ERP.

Why choose SAP WM training in Dubai?

We can conclude by saying that we are the best SAP WM training centre in Dubai at present. We also give individual training to each student that will help our professionals in knowing their concerns and respond to them with better suggestions on how to move further. Our training methods are quite simple and interesting. We fascinate students with our unique training methodologies always and hence more and more students would love to get trained at us. 

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