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PDMS stands for Plant Design Management System, powerful software extensively used in the oil, gas, petrochemical industries and many more. The basic idea behind PDMS software is that it helps collect, store, process, and disseminate data collected from different sources. All this information gets processed on the computer through various algorithms and methods before getting dispatched to suit specific needs or requirements better.

With the PDMS software training course from Edoxi Training Institute, you will learn all about these critical pieces of technology and acquire essential skills to use PDMS software.

PDMS is software that helps in managing the critical facilities of an organization. It manages projects from start to end. Facilities like electricity, water, maintenance of buildings and infrastructure, etc., are managed through this software only.

Edoxi Training Institute gives you the PDMS Course in Dubai that will help you attain the PDMS certification. It will teach you to deliver maximum productivity in all types of plant projects. Moreover, our certified professionals guide aspiring candidates to an exquisite career path with HVAC (Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) applications in various industries.

How our PDMS Certification can help your career?

The PDMS course in Dubai offered by Edoxi Training Institute helps individual students continue their higher studies and become professionals who know how to manage all projects. After completing the PDMS Course in Dubai, one can take up job positions such as Production Planning Engineer, Manufacturing Planner, Program Manager and many more. It is applicable in various industries.

The Edoxi Training Institute provides those who want to be professional and knowledgeable in the HVAC industry with PDMS Courses given by highly skilled and experienced PDMS professionals. The course has been designed to meet international standards set by various government organizations and according to the client's requirements. Students must undergo rigorous training sessions under expert guidance at our training facility, where practicals are conducted simulating real-life working environments.

Benefits of PDMS Certification in Dubai

The PDMS software certification is highly popular and demanded because of various benefits like:

  • It is multi-disciplinary that allows engineers and designers from various locations to create, control, and manage projects.
  • Applicable in engineering projects, chemical and process plants, power plants and water treatments plants
  • Provides a higher degree of accuracy
  • It helps calculate the exact quantity of materials to be used.
  • Relatively easy to create modifications to plant designs
  • Has in-built modules for the designing of piping, ducting, equipment, structure, and cable trays

Job Opportunities, Future Growth Expectation, and Career Path

Various industries across the globe are using the PDMS Software. The demand for PDMS engineers and experts is relatively high because of its unique capabilities. Specialists can use it in other sectors like; medical, manufacturing, etc. Moreover, the software has unlimited usage, thus increasing job opportunities for those proficient in PDMS.

Some of the industries with high scope for PDMS certified professionals include:

  • Oil and Gas Engineering
  • Petrochemical plant
  • Refinery
  • Industrial Plants
  • EPC Industry
  • Water Treatment
  • Building Services

On a broad scale of PDMS Software, it is used by the following professionals:

  • Engineers and Designers
  • Draftsmen
  • Chemical Engineering Professionals
  • Petrochemical Engineers
  • Designers involved in the 3D design process
  • Professionals from the Mechanical Engineering domain

What will you learn from our PDMS Training in Dubai?

On successful completion of PDMS Training in Dubai, you will have more profound knowledge and skills on the following topics:

  • Equipment Design
  • Piping Design Work
  • Structural work and Electrical Cable Tray
  • HVAC, Spring Hangers, and Supports
  • ISO Draft
  • Piping Application
  • Civil and Steel Structure Application

Objectives of our PDMS Training

The Edoxi Training Institute provides expert-level training to its candidates to mold them as experts in the PDMS software applications. Our PDMS Certification aims to delegate in-depth knowledge through comprehensive hands-on training and a specialized course syllabus.

Edoxi's mission is to train individuals who can utilize the technical capabilities of PDMS at a very high level of expertise, thereby making them capable enough to provide software solutions that will help organizations achieve their goals.

Why Choose Edoxi for PDMS Training in Dubai?

The PDMS short term course, offered by Edoxi, is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for all professionals who wish to enhance their skills and make a career in PDMS. This course will help you fast-track your career right from the beginning. It provides an efficient environment for learning and allows for ample opportunities to practice the concepts covered in the classroom.

Our training center offers PDMS training with highly seasoned trainers that have years of experience working with PDMS software. The advanced technology ensures high productivity levels along with reducing redundancy at the workplace. Our expert trainers provide candidates with an expert understanding of how to utilize the software application efficiently through comprehensive training sessions.

Who Can Pursue PDMS Training in Dubai?

PDMS Training is a highly desired certification in the oil and gas industry. It improves employees' efficiency, productivity levels, and job satisfaction by providing them with the best possible tools for their work.

The Edoxi PDMS training program has been designed so that candidates can learn how to handle installation issues and operational errors. Our trainers will guide you through every step of the way and ensure that your experience during this process is positive.

Those eligible for pursuing Edoxi's PDMS Training in Dubai are Engineering Degrees holders or Diploma in Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical or Production Engineering. In addition, CAD Draftsman, senior designers, quality assurance personnel of various industries can also pursue PDMS Training in Dubai to stay updated in their knowledge of piping.

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