Cyber Security Awareness Courses in Dubai

Do you want to stay on par with the latest developments in cybersecurity? If so, join Cyber security awareness courses in Dubai. With the help of Edoxi’s Cyber Security Awareness Courses in Dubai, you will

  • Understand effective protection mechanisms against common threats
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of password security
  • Learn about the impact of Social engineering
  • Learn common ways to protect your digital resources
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Cyber Security Awareness Courses  in Dubai for cyber education

Overview of Cyber Security Awareness Courses in Dubai 

Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated with each passing day. Attackers are now using smarter tricks to trap individuals whether the target is a general user or an IT professional. It has become extremely essential for people from every walks of life to gain basic knowledge in cybersecurity. The cyber security awareness courses in Dubai are aimed at educating people on the significance of cyber security and the simple ways to deal with it. 

What is Cyber Security Awareness?

Cyber security is the practice used by individuals and firms to protect computerized systems and other internet-connected devices against unauthorized access to data and other cyber threats. Cyber security awareness means being mindful of the risks in cyberspace in day-to-day life. The awareness also includes individuals and organizations to own their role in protecting their part of cyberspace. 

List of Cyber Security Awareness Courses in Dubai

Cybersecurity awareness courses can help you build specialized skills, further your career opportunities, protect sensitive data, and understand regulatory requirements. Edoxi Training Institute provides a variety of cyber security awareness courses for IT professionals, general users and managers. Here’s the list of customizable cyber security awareness courses in Dubai.

Course Name Course Hours Certification Body No. Of Days
Email Phishing 4 Hours KHDA 1 Day
Security Awareness for IT Professionals 24 Hours KHDA 3 Days
Security Awareness for General Users 16 Hours KHDA 2 Days
Security Awareness for Managers 24 Hours KHDA 3 Days

How Can Cyber Security Awareness Training  Help Your Career? 

Cyber Security Awareness Training educates you on various components of cyber security from the scratch. Cyber security differs from a general workforce to a technical team. Whether you are a general user or IT Professional cyber security incidents come with a hefty price tag.  Cyber Security Awareness Training empowers you with information relevant to your role and helps you stay safe online both personally and professionally. Thus Cyber security awareness training builds collective awareness across society. 

Benefits of Cyber Security Awareness Training:

  • Promotes Security culture: Cyber Security Awareness training promotes security culture across the organization and it can slowly reach the entire society. 
  • Gain awareness of different types of security threats:From different types of malware to email phishing you will get awareness about these through the cyber security awareness training. 
  • Helps you in practicing cyber hygiene: Cyber security awareness training helps you practice cyber hygiene in your day-to-day activities. Cyber hygiene is the practice of safe handling of online data. 
  • Boost your confidence: Having cyber security awareness boosts your overall confidence in carrying out online activities.
  • Spread the knowledge to others: If you have basic cyber security awareness you can spread your knowledge to others in society. 

Job Opportunities and Career Prospects in Cyber Security Awareness Training

There are various job opportunities available once you complete cyber security awareness training in Dubai. Have a look at the job opportunities waiting for you! 

  •     Cyber security consultant
  •     Cyber security expert
  •     Trainer in Cyber Security
  •     Community organizer
  •    Cyber security awareness program coordinator  
  •     IT Security trainer 
  •     IT Manager

What Will you Learn From Cyber Security Awareness Training?

Edoxi’s cyber security awareness training in Dubai covers the following topics

  • Information Security and related terminologies
  • Challenges in handling Information Security
  • Different phases in hacking
  • Types of cyber attacks and threats 
  • Best practices in Information security 
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance 

These additional topics are covered for Cyber security awareness for IT Professionals 

  • Case study in incident handling 
  • Organization Infrastructure security
  • Database Security Assessment Tools
  • Application Security Assessment Tools 
  • Virtualization concepts & security 

The Major Objectives of  Cyber Security Awareness Courses 

  • To help managers administer cyber resilience in an organization from top to bottom hierarchy 
  • To make you aware about the significance of cyber security in everyday life
  •  To help you build the first line of defense during cyber security incidents 
  • To prevent social engineering attacks is one of our objectives of conducting cyber security awareness training.
  •  To help you inculcate the trust of customers, clients, and employees towards your organization. 
  •  To mitigate the impact of cyber attacks whether it is at an individual level or organizational level.
  • To help you improve the result of the organization’s security audit and regulatory compliance. 
  •  To give a real-time experience of cyber attacks during training
  •  To help you align security provisions and techniques with organization activities

Why Choose Edoxi For Cyber Security Awareness Courses in Dubai?

Our Cyber Security Awareness course in Dubai is a comprehensive training that includes solid foundational components for an overall information security awareness program. This exceptional course uses a stimulating and creative approach that engages and challenges the learner.