EmSAT Physics Preparation Course in Dubai- Everything You Need To Know

Emirates Standardised (EmSAT) Physics test is a national test in the UAE that aims to evaluate a student’s physics skills in a computer-based exam. It also helps students  better understand their personal skills as they progress to the next level of education. Colleges in the UAE consider clearing the EmSAT test as a preliminary stage for students’ admission process. 

Edoxi’s EmSAT Physics Training in Dubai is offered by experts with years of experience. The course covers important lessons related to the EmSAT Physics Examination, which will help students revise and prepare for the EmSAT Physics Exam. This training will surely support Your Physics Learning and Revision Process, as it includes many essential lessons for EmSAT Physics, AP Physics, IGCSE, and IB Curriculums. 

Why is EmSAT Achieve Physics Test Important? 

The EmSAT Physics Exam is necessary for many students as part of their admission requirements to get admission to Colleges or Universities following their Graduation from High School within the UAE. In addition to that, EmSAT Physics classes are very flexible. EmSAT Physics test is adaptive. The exam content and difficulty are altered according to the test taker’s capacity. This means if the test taker answers a question correctly, they will be given more challenging content, whereas if the test taker answers the question incorrectly, they will be given accessible content. 

What Will you Learn from EmSAT Physics Training?  

The EmSAT Physics test measures the student’s knowledge of physics and determines their ability to go to college or university. The continuous adjustment provides the test takers optimised content throughout the exam. This allows them to perform at their best and thus providing an accurate measure of their skills and ability. Test takers should do their best to answer each question accurately. Once a question is answered, they will not be able to go back and change the answer.The EmSAT test is based on five major domains in which the test taker should excel in all of these,

Domains Description
Mechanics This area evaluates the test takers knowledge on translational motion, rotational motion and fluid mechanics.
Waves and optics This section measures the test takers' understanding of oscillations, such as mechanical and electromagnetic waves and optics such as geometric and physical optics.
Thermal Physics and Thermodynamics This domain measures the test takers' understanding of thermal physics concepts, quantities, and thermodynamic systems, processes, and laws.
Electricity and Magnetism This domain measures the test takers understanding of static and current electricity, magnetism and the interaction between electricity and magnetism.
Modern Physics This domain measures the test takers' understanding of the concepts and the implications of the branch of physics that was developed in the early 20th century and onward such as the theory of relativity and quantum physics.

EmSAT Physics Score Levels

Score range Description
1500"}">>1500 High Proficiency: Students at this level are well-prepared for first-year physics courses at the university level.
1100 to 1475 Proficient: Students at this level are at a satisfactory level of preparation to begin first-year physics courses at the university level.
900 to 1075 Borderline Proficient: Students at this level are minimally prepared for first-year physics courses at the university level and may need additional support in some areas.
700 to 875 Basic: Students at this level do not have sufficient mastery of prerequisite knowledge for first-year courses in physics at the university level and will probably need additional support.For scores from 500 to 675.
500 to 675 Needs Improvement: Students at this level need additional instructional support in basic physics concepts and skills before beginning any first-year physics courses.
< 500 Little knowledge of basic science: Students at this level lack knowledge and skills of basic science concepts.

EmSAT Physics Test Format  

  • The test is scheduled for 90 minutes. 
  • The EmSAT Achieve Physics test focuses on topics such as Mechanics, Waves and Optics, Thermal Physics and Thermodynamics, Electricity and Magnetism, and Modern Physics. 
  • The test covers questions in the form of multiple choice. 
  • The calculators are allowed during the exam.

Prerequisites for joining this training:

  • High school students who are interested in pursuing higher studies in Physics.
  • Students who completed their High School.  

Why Choose Edoxi for EmSAT Physics Training in Dubai? 

Edoxi’s Training Institute is the foremost Exam Training Institute in Dubai. By signing up in Edoxi, students can acquire the best training in EmSAT Physics. Our expert trainers in Edoxi will cover all the major areas that will help you attain the  desired scores for EmSAT Physics Test.There will also be interactive sessions that will help you clear your doubts. Thus, innovative EmSAT Physics Coaching offered by Edoxi can help you get admission to your dream institution by getting the top scores. 

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