Advanced English Course in Dubai

Develop your English language skills to communicate fluently, flexibly and effectively. Our Advanced English Course in Dubai includes:

  • Develop deep knowledge of advanced English grammar.
  • Perfect your listening skills through practicing different accents.
  • Increase your understanding of more complex readings.
  • Improve your speaking to have fluent conversations.
  • Expand your vocabulary range. Be well prepared for your English exams.
Students practice for improve their Advanced English

Explore Our Advanced English Training Designed To Take Your English Skills To The Next Level

Intelligence, knowledge, or experience are important and might get you a job, but strong communication skills are what will get you promoted. This quote by Mireille Guiliano perfectly sums up the importance of effective and advanced English communication skills—especially for those of you in the business world.

You might have the best idea in the world, but if you can’t express it clearly, it’ll never be realized. You might be the most competent person in your field, but if you can’t talk effectively with your team and your managers, no one will ever know that. Whether your role requires direct interaction with customers in person or through phone conversations or communicating globally with other companies/clients, effective communication must be your primary asset. Edoxi Training Institute offers an Advanced English Course in Dubai to help you build the language you need to successfully function in the workplace. 

Enhance your English communication skills to express your thoughts and ideas clearly to create a lasting impression.

What You Will Learn From Our Advanced English Course in Dubai?

Our training program is designed to develop your communication skills based on real-life examples and the areas in which you wish to improve. We help you to use the English language proficiently.  With our Advanced English Course in Dubai you’ll learn to: 

  • Understand different accents
  • Gain a wide range of vocabulary
  • Develop public speaking
  • Enhance accuracy during business discussions
  • Interact effectively in job interviews, research presentations, dynamic teaching, etc
  • Use stress and intonation patterns in English 
  • Boost critical listening skills for professional contexts
  • Utilize idiomatic English in communication

Course Details with Fee Structure for Advanced English Course in Dubai

Course Name
Course Contents
Number of Hours
Advanced English
Communicative English
Grammatical Skills
24 Hours
Lexical Resources
Idioms & Phrases
Speaking Skills
Writing Skills
Article Writing
Letter Writing
Professional Email Writing
Interactive Sessions
Group Discussion
Public Speech
Interview Skills
Presentation Skills

Who Can Pursue Edoxi’s Advanced English Course?

  • Aspirants seeking training to work, study or live abroad.
  • Corporates who want to advance the English language.
  • Employees operating internationally.
  • Professionals who communicate globally with other companies/clients.
  • Job roles like sales, customer support, organization-client interfacing staff who constantly communicate with customers.

Advanced English Course for Corporates 

The pressure to speak English in the workplace continues to grow as more and more companies invest in globalizing their teams. If you are looking to improve your employees' Advanced English Skills, consider incorporating an Advanced English Course into your Corporate Training plan. 

Our Advanced English Course in Dubai is specially designed for executives who are active in international business and who wish to enhance their English communication skills whilst broadening their understanding of corporate values, culture, and social responsibility in the global marketplace.

This certification course is meant to be taught in-company to small-medium groups of up to 17 students. All of the trainers are highly qualified individuals with extensive real-world business experience. Most UAE Companies often couple this course along with other lessons that are taught either in our center or in a pre-arranged setting.

Why Choose Advanced English Course for Corporates?

 Edoxi’s Advanced English course is ideal for corporates who find it difficult to be productive because of their communication skills or any other necessary corporate etiquette. Choosing our Advanced English Course will help you to improve:

  • Grammar and vocabulary 
  • Accent Neutralization 
  • Interview Skills 
  • Personality Development
  • Email Etiquette 
  • Telephonic Etiquette   
  • Presentation skills  
  • Writing Skills 

Why Corporate Companies Should Provide Advanced English Course for Employees?

Imparting English skills to your workers is essential to create a strong and effective workforce. Advanced English for employees is of utmost importance for LEP employees in an organization. Reasons, why you should invest in Advanced English Course for your employees are:  

  • English skills of employees raise the productivity of your organization.
  • English skills enhance intercultural communication between employees and clients.
  • English improves communication between coworkers and it ensures better coordination in team-oriented tasks.
  • Polish your advanced skills in speaking, writing, listening, presenting, and much more with our Advanced English Course for Corporates in Dubai.

Why Choose Edoxi for Advanced English Learning? 

Edoxi Training institute provides Advanced English Course in Dubai for professionals who want to advance their communication skills. Here is why you should choose Edoxi. 

  • We offer objective English learning guidance for candidates to achieve advanced skills in English language communication.
  • We have industry-leading professional trainers.
  • We provide creative communication skills to impress your clients. 
  • We offer customized teaching methods to improve specific language domains that you need to improve.
  • Our training center offers a course completion certificate that adds value to your career. 
  • We offer flexible learning with affordable fees.

You can also choose NIOS Course for completing your higher secondary career.

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What is the duration of the Advanced English course in Dubai?
The duration of our Advanced English Language Course is 35 hours. It can vary based on your requirements and the areas you wish to strengthen.
Is there an eligibility criteria to attend your Advanced English Course in Dubai?

Our Advanced English Language course is designed for candidates or employees who possess basic language skills. The course aims to advance the language proficiency of professionals. 

What is the difference between the basic English language course and an advanced English course in Dubai?

Edoxi offers an Advanced English course which helps you fill the gaps in your understanding of the language for the workplace. We focus on skills needed at work, such as specific vocabulary you may need during telephone calls, negotiations, meetings, and international business relations.

Is Edoxi’s Advanced English Course in Dubai a certification Program?

Yes, Edoxi’s Advanced English Course in Dubai is a certification program. Upon successful completion of our course, you will be provided with a certificate approved by KHDA and QAQC in Dubai.

What are the areas covered in the Advanced English Course for corporate's in Dubai?
Our Advanced English course for corporates includes the verbiage associated with a certain industry and practical business communications skills-  presenting, negotiating, explaining a new idea and more.