EmSAT Chemistry Preparation Course in Dubai- Everything You Need To Know

Emirates Standardised (EmSAT) Chemistry test is a national test in the UAE that aims to evaluate a student’s skills in chemistry in a computer-based exam. It also helps students better understand their personal skills as they progress to the next level of education. Colleges in the UAE consider clearing the EmSAT test as a preliminary stage for the students’ admission process. Edoxi’s EmSAT chemistry Exam Training gives you the best coaching in exam preparedness and also help the students to assess their preparedness for EmSAT chemistry Exam. 

Why is EmSAT Achieve Chemistry Test Important? 

EmSAT Achieve Chemistry assesses the extent to which the test taker is ready to study chemistry at the college or university level. It is a computer-based test where all the test sections, questions, and options are randomized. The test is entirely computerized and timed by the computer. The test taker can see how much time is left for the person to complete the test. In addition to that, EmSAT Chemistry classes are very flexible. 

The EmSAT Chemistry exam is adaptive. The exam content and difficulty are altered according to the test taker’s capacity. For example, if the test taker answers a question correctly, they will be given more difficult content.  In contrast, if the test taker answers the question incorrectly, they will be given easy content. The continuous adjustment provides the test takers with optimised content throughout the exam. This allows them to perform at their best, thus providing an accurate measure of their skills and ability.  

What Will you Learn from EmSAT Chemistry Training?

1. Matter and its properties (55% – 65%)

  • Meaning of what chemistry is and its scope  
  • Scientific process 
  • Characteristics of solutions and factors affecting solubility  Properties of solutions (qualitatively and quantitatively) 
  • Electronic composition of the carbon atom  
  • Classifications of organic compounds in terms of functional groups  
  • Types of organic reactions and their applications

 2. Energy, force and conservation (35% – 45%)

  • Ionic, polar, and nonpolar covalent bonds 
  • Shapes of molecules  
  • The concept and use of pH scale  
  • The concept of neutralisation(titration)  
  • Common ion effect, buffer solutions, and solubility  
  • Factors affecting the reaction rate  
  • Chemical equilibrium 
  • Energy changes during chemical reactions and physical changes

EmSAT Chemistry Score Ranges

Score range Description
1500"}">>1500 Demonstrates comprehensive knowledge in general Chemistry. Understands related concepts, laws and principles. Evaluates quantitative and qualitative data thoroughly. Understands complex models and makes appropriate predictions. Solves most quantitative and qualitative problems skillfully.
1300 to 1475 Demonstrates very broad knowledge in general Chemistry. Understands related concepts, laws and principles. Very competently evaluates quantitative and qualitative data. Solves familiar problems and most new quantitative and qualitative problems.
1100 to 1275 Demonstrates broad knowledge in general Chemistry. Shows sound understanding of most concepts and applies them in some contexts. Analyzes quantitative and qualitative data competently. Solves most basic and familiar problems and some new problems.
900 to 1075 Demonstrates reasonable knowledge in general Chemistry. Shows adequate comprehension of most basic concepts but with limited ability to apply them. Demonstrates some analysis or evaluation of quantitative and qualitative data. Solves some basic or routine problems but shows limited ability to deal with new or difficult situations.
700 to 875 Demonstrates limited knowledge in general Chemistry. Shows a partial comprehension of basic concepts but a weak ability to apply them. Shows some ability to manipulate data and solve basic or routine problems.
500 to 675 Demonstrates little knowledge in general Chemistry. Shows weak comprehension of basic concepts with little evidence of application. Has minimal ability to manipulate data and little ability to solve problems.
<500 Demonstrates almost no knowledge in general Chemistry. Shows no or very weak understanding of any concepts or principles. Gives responses that are mostly incomplete or unrelated.

EmSAT Chemistry Test Format 

  • The EmSAT Achieve test focuses on topics such as Matter and its properties, energy, force and law of conservation of matter. 
  • The test covers a total of 50 questions.
  • Total duration of test is 90 minutes
  • The questions are in the form of Multiple Choice, Multi-select, Fill-in-the-Blank, and Drag and Drop.

Prerequisites for joining this training:

  • High school students who are interested to pursue higher studies in Chemistry.
  • Students who completed their High School.  

Why Choose Edoxi for EmSAT Chemistry Training in Dubai? 

Edoxi’s Training Institute is the foremost Exam Training Institute in Dubai. By signing up in Edoxi, students can acquire the best training in EmSAT Chemistry. Our expert trainers in Edoxi will cover all the major areas and will help you attain the desired scores for EmSAT Chemistry Test.There will also be interactive sessions that will help you clear your doubts. Thus, innovative EmSAT Chemistry Training in Dubai offered by Edoxi can help you get admission to your dream institution by attaining the top scores.  

Course Advisor

Sibi V

Sibi V is an enthusiastic and committed instructor for competitive exams, with 13 years of teaching experience. He is highly skilled in providing guidance to students of all ages and possesses an extensive knowledge of various curriculums and competitive exams. Sibi is proficient in organizing and conducting academic activities, both in traditional classroom settings and on online platforms. He excels in simplifying complex concepts and creating a favorable learning environment. Sibi's adaptability to different learning styles, combined with his motivational abilities, instills confidence in his students.


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