CCNA Course in Dubai

Earn Cisco CCNA certification and unlock your access to global recognition, better pay & greater acceptability

  • Master the fundamentals of networking
  • Get hands-on configuration at lab experience
  • Develop enterprise/production networking skills
  • Attain expertise in OSI, TCP/IP, DNS, ACLs
  • Gather experience in CCNA security, Data Centers, Routing & Switching
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Students learn about Cisco Certified Network Associate

Everything You Need To Get Started With CCNA Training in Dubai

With the Information Technology segment becoming competent with every passing year, one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the crowd is with Cisco Certified Network Associate certification. Cisco CCNA certified professionals have a rich tech stack, and they earn over $84,000 annually. Even if you already are working, Cisco CCNA certification can fuel your desire to move up the chain of command. The Cisco exam tests your competency in four key areas: 

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Operation
  • Troubleshooting

When it comes to becoming a well-rounded and in-demand network engineer, Cisco CCNA certification can help you achieve the feat. You can enrol in a CCNA course in Dubai and build solid fundamentals in areas such as WAN, LAN, OSI Models, VLAN, WLAN, Routing Protocols, Switching concepts, Network Address Translation, Network Security Management, VOIP, Firewall, and Routing.

Benefits of CCNA Certification Training 

Cisco certification is one of the most sought-after IT certifications in the industry. The Cisco CCNA certification is recognized around the world and helps you become a potential networking expert. If you aim to build your career around Cisco products, earning CCNA certification is a must. The certification establishes a unique identity and helps you stand out of the crowd. The expert-led CCNA certification training is your gateway to crack the Cisco exam. People from all walks of the Information Industry can kickstart their careers with Cisco Network associate training. 

Employers around the world give preference to CCNA qualified professionals. Thus, there is no denying that Cisco CCNA training can be an upper hand for you! The training exposes you to the most severe and complex networking systems. Candidates can adapt to a Cisco-like working environment and scale their productivity on the go. Over time, you will outperform other networking engineers through your updated knowledge and varied working methodologies. Cisco certification ensures around-the-clock learning and prepares you to move up the ladder.

Why Choose Edoxi for Cisco Certification Training?

If you're looking to gain CCNA certification, Edoxi can be your companion. Our expert-designed CCNA course walks you from zero to Cisco Network Associate expert in no time! 

Our Cisco Certified Network Associate Training course holistically covers CCNA routing, networking, switching technologies, IP addressing, WAN technologies, Network Security fundamentals, Network Automation, and much more. Edoxi provides hands-on learning experience on Cisco devices including, switches and routers. We help you clear the Cisco Network Associate examination by providing apt content and excellent guidance.

Edoxi Training Institute trainers are industry professionals having years of rich experience. Instructors will help you develop a deep understanding of Cisco functions and features. Learn how networking works in the real-world, leverage practicals, assignments, and other course content components. Our certification course does not only provide the knowledge you need to pass the exam, but you will also hone your hands-on skills on Cisco hardware technologies. Be it a fresher or experienced professional, Edoxi strives to supercharge your networking career. Get in touch now!

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Is Edoxi’s Cisco CCNA training a certification programme?

Yes, Cisco CCNA is a certification program. You can enrol with us and start learning on the move. Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate.

The certificate proves your mettle in Cisco CCNA. You may use the certificate along with your job application, resume and share the same digitally. Thus, professionals can gain networking expertise and showcase it to employers.

Who can enrol into Edoxi’s CCNA certification course?

Professionals who want to pass the Cisco CCNA exam can enrol in our CCNA certification. IT helpdesk engineers, Network engineers, software developers, solution architects can all sign-up for CCNA certification.

Will I get placement assistance after this course?

No, Edoxi doesn't provide any placement assistance. However, our professionals are always available for you throughout and post the training. At any point in time, you can get in touch with us, learn, grow and upskill yourself.

Our course has been designed by industry experts that ensure rich learning. We equip you with all the knowledge and skills required to ace the interviews and crack the Cisco CCNA exam.