Get Started With Unlocking the True Potential of Your Kids Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking comes off as the number one fear among children when communicating their ideas to others. During their life, kids encounter various situations where they have to make themselves heard. For example, when answering a teacher or speaking in assemblies. Such circumstances root out nervousness even from the best child in the class. This course will assist your child to speak up confidently and powerfully when it matters most. 

The sooner kids start learning public speaking skills, the better. And if their speaking skills are holding them back in the class, this course will teach them to converse like a leader. Good speaking involves building their vocabulary, pronunciation development, body language, and expressing their thoughts confidently. Keeping all the crucial factors in mind, we aim to make your kids master the skill of public speaking with effective hands-on strategies.

Benefits of public speaking skills for kids in Dubai 

Fluent and confident speaking skills lay the foundation to advance your child’s career to maximum heights. Whether it is about presenting class projects or auditioning for debates, fluent speaking skills are recognized with utmost importance. Excessive fumbling, pauses, forgetting words are all indicators of the anxiety that comes with speaking. But with the right training, they can learn to speak eloquently, boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Fluid speaking advances personality development and critical thinking from a small age. It helps your child to impress their educators and form social connections with their peers. The short course covers a wide array of topics like pronunciation, diction, word-choice, positive body language, grammar, and much more. Further, communication skill is the most sought-after trait by companies worldwide. Wouldn’t you want to prepare your child for his future careers with remarkable speaking skills?

Why Choose Edoxi For your Kids Public Speaking Skills Training?

Edoxi Training Institute offers advanced and state-of-the-art public speaking courses for kids in Dubai to improve their speaking skills. Our contemporary curriculum focuses on the holistic development of public speaking skills with an emphasis on language and delivery. We aim to transform them into smart individuals to speak with grace and poise. Our expert linguists and communication experts will guide your kids every step of the way, from analyzing their skill level to tailoring their speech.

We promise to deliver a communication package filled with practical and actionable speaking insights. Your kids can leverage them to ace declamations, debates, class recitations, and presentations. Edoxi visualizes inculcating confident speaking skills in kids with proven methods and rigorous practice. Organize their ideas and make them connect with their audience with our best-in-class speaking course. Through this course, our experts will help your kids to:

  • Express views across without pauses
  • Learn speaking techniques
  • Quick thinking and speaking in stressful scenarios
  • Be confident
  • Ace the art of natural conversation
  • Harness the power of body language while speaking
  • Hands-on practice of public speaking
  • Organize ideas to easy-to-recall and concise frameworks
  • Boost their vocabulary bank

Course Advisor

Shereen Backer A

English Language and Soft Skills Trainer

Ms. Shereen Backer is a broad minded English language and Soft Skills trainer with Edoxi Training Institute, Dubai. She is fascinated about training young minds and professionals to reach new heights in their career. Her vast experience as an English language and soft skills trainer enables her to handle training sessions for students from diverse cultures.

Ms. Shereen challenges her students to be the best version of themselves. She holds strong records of accomplishment with TESOL/TEFL Certification and IDP Teacher’s Training Program Accreditation.

For the last seven years, she has been working with companies and universities as an ESL/EFL verbal trainer cum academic and career counsellor. She helped more than 500 individuals to clear exams like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, OET, DET, PSAT, NMSQT and SAT. She also specialises in voice and accent training for English language students.

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Who can become a part of Edoxi’s public Speaking Skills for kids Training in Dubai?

Edoxi’s speaking skills course in Dubai is ideal for children aged five and above who are looking to upskill their communication. It has become essential to cultivate public speaking to have a lucrative future in today’s competitive world.

Every parent must choose this course for their kids to make them outshine in their class. Speaking with confidence opens up a plethora of opportunities. So, if you want to impress your kids’ teachers or make them confident, this course is made for them.

What makes Edoxi’s speaking course different from others?

Our public speaking skills course is meticulously designed and tailored to perfection for the best experience. Our industry-trained professionals aim to master your child in impeccable speaking to leave a memorable mark on everyone. 

Our constant guidance will help your kids in every step of your speaking journey covering all the imperative fundamentals.

What are the prerequisites to join Edoxi’s public speaking for kids course?

Our course of public speaking for children is designed to improve their basic language skills and speaking ability. It aims to elevate the public speaking skills of students proficiently and make their future endeavors successful.