Robotics Classes for Kids in Dubai

Let your kids see their logic come to life by learning different technologies using Robotics learning for kids in Dubai. By the end of this course, your child will:

  • Develop Problem Solving Skills
  • Learn Different Technologies
  • Discover Creative Skills
  • Earn Certificate on Course Completion
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Robotics Classes for Kids in Dubai to Get Started 

The future needs people who can think creatively. The world will look for an innovative and productive workforce in the coming days. To open an exciting world to kids is simply by teaching robotics. Let your kid explore and embrace what technology has to offer them. Learning robotics at an early age can help your kids build skills such as logical reasoning, problem-solving and decision making. Robotics is a great way to teach kids how to solve problems. If your child is interested in robotics and technology, it will help them think more, bring two creative ideas and nurture curiosity for more innovation. 

Online Robotics Course for Kids 

Online Robotics classes for kids in Dubai offer kids an online platform to learn robotics. We help kids learn new Robotics Programming concepts while having fun through virtual media. Our course includes basic programming concepts & Robotics Concepts.

At Edoxi Training Institute, our Robotics course for Kids tailored specifically according to their interests. Schools have introduced robotics as a part of our curriculum, and we take part in helping the budding scientists. You can avail of the classes offline or online.

Benefits of Robotics Classes for Kids in Dubai

A robotics short term training program can ensure informative learning for your kids while having fun. You can equip your child to apply simple yet efficient solutions to real-life problems. We help boost their interest and continue learning throughout the course to achieve expertise over time. The benefits of our coding and robotics classes in Dubai are:

  • Improved creative thinking skills
  • Improved social skills
  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • Improved computer programming skills
  • Utmost knowledge in science and engineering
  • Enhance practical knowledge through working models

Robots create a perfect mixture of fun and imagination that can help expand your young child’s creative mind. We introduce kids to robot designs and creating robots for performing simple tasks through hour training. Quality training programs can help your child build a strong foundation for their future and career.

Robotic Course for Kids Details and Eligibility:

Below are the complete details of our Robotics training in Dubai. 

  • Eligibility: The minimum eligibility to attend our classes is 5+ years, which is primary and secondary class children.
  • Duration: The duration of the course is two years.
  • Registration Requirements: You must have a Passport copy or a Valid ID card for registration.
  • Mode of Class: Online class and Classroom-based


Why Choose Edoxi for Your Child's Robotics Training in Dubai?

Quality learning is the first step to helping your kid boost their skills and talents. Nurture your kid’s potential to teach creativity and foster innovation culture with the robotics course for kids. At our coaching center, we understand that Robotics is an essential course, as seen in the present scenario. We strongly believe that providing robotics training to young minds contributes to the country’s development.

A strong foundation at an early age can help children acquire great insights and knowledge in robotics and technology. We focus to enhance their creative skills with practical examples of how things work to aid learning. We ensure individual attention to kids with experienced tutors’ guidance to develop their skills.

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