All You Need To Leverage Wireless Equipment Installation and to Be A Pro. 

In today’s modern era, wireless technologies have taken over traditional networking involving bundles of wires. Wireless networking has come to the forefront as one of the fastest-growing segments of the 21st century. Wireless technology transmits data and information over the air by using electromagnetic waves like RF (Radio Frequency), IR (Infrared), Satellites, and much more. 

It consists of Wi-Fi, GPS, Wireless computer parts, smartphones with 3G, 4G, 5G, and Bluetooth networks. Every electronic device holds the capability of accommodating wireless connections like mobiles and computers. A Wireless Installation Technician manages work activities like setting up wireless radios and antennas. It requires them to have a detailed knowledge of completing and aligning wireless installations.

Skills Required to be a Wireless Equipment Installation Expert

  • Excellent customer service
  • Knowledge of the latest wireless technologies
  • Testing Equipment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical support

They also hold the responsibility to establish security, resolve technical issues, and provide the best customer support. Hence, all you need to gain expertise in this is to attain wireless equipment installation training from Edoxi.

Benefits of Wireless Equipment Installation Courses of Edoxi

There is a lot more than meets the eyes when we talk about the career prospects of becoming a wireless technician. Multiple tech-giants and corporates are adopting wireless technologies these days. It makes the career prospect in this field even more lucrative. In the foreseeable future, this career path will follow an upward trend with a 10% rise by the year 2028. That amounts to a whopping number of jobs across the globe. 

This certification will not only boost your chances to climb up the corporate ladder but also provide a sharp edge to your resume. A fast-paced industry with high salary perks makes wireless equipment installation experts the most sought-after experts by organizations worldwide. Becoming skilled in wireless networking installation has never been easier. Edoxi aims to render you a wireless technician of the utmost level with a thoughtful and practical teaching approach.

Why Choose Edoxi for Wireless Equipment Installation Training in Dubai?

Edoxi is a state-of-the-art training institute providing one of the best Wireless equipment installation courses in Dubai. We visualize imparting you with one-of-a-kind training to get best-in-class technical skills. Our extensive curriculum coaches you to upskill your career as a proficient networking technician. With a blend of theory and practice, our expert professionals ensure to accelerate your wireless installation technical skills to the supreme heights. 

Our industry-recognized wireless equipment installation training runs on an all-inclusive curriculum to develop all your desired skills. Our training center aims to equip you with in-depth knowledge to hone your best talent as a wireless networking specialist. Get yourself acquired with our training where we teach you everything you need to know about wireless connectivity. Edoxi’s trained professionals will guide you in every step of your way to: 

  • Learn wireless equipment installation fundamentals
  • Get acquainted with rules, codes, regulations, and organizations
  • Attain wireless networking principles 
  • Plan for in-building installations
  • On-site safety and health protocols
  • Gather cable management principles
  • Learn new installation methods like fiber systems, fiber ethernet, RF, etc.
  • Grasp equipment testing with techniques
  • Acquire practical training to install equipment in real life
  • Gain troubleshooting experience

Upcoming Batches

27 MAY 2024
Time 07.00
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1 JUN 2024
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Class Type Live Training
5 JUN 2024
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Course Advisor

Sid Ahmed


Sid Ahmed is a seasoned IT professional with a passion for building and securing IT Network Infrastructures with more than 12 years of work experience. Sid Ahmed holds prestigious certifications from Cisco Systems and his knowledge also extends to industry standards such as ISO 27001, NIST, SOC2, and PCI DSS.  He is currently serving as a Corporate Trainer with the Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai.

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Who can join Edoxi’s wireless equipment installation course?

Edoxi’s wireless equipment installation certification classes are ideal for experts looking to advance their career prospects in this technical field. We offer to harness your full technical potential and make you a wireless tech-pro in no time. This training course is perfect for the following professionals:

  • Technical Leads
  • Wireless Technicians
  • Test Engineer
  • Support Engineers
  • Wireless Network Engineers
  • Network Cable Technicians
  • Network Associate
  • Network Administrator
  • Freshers looking to grow in this field
How am I trained at Edoxi?

At Edoxi, we take pride in catering to a world-class course in wireless equipment installation through a classroom-oriented training session. You will learn from industry expert professionals who have years of experience in this and guide you in the right way. 

Our institute is known for its skill-based learning and value-oriented courses. Providing small batches, our coaches will help you to become a master in this course with their constant guidance. We excel at offering insightful assignments, practice, theory, and a holistic teaching experience.

Will Edoxi grant me a certificate after this course?

Yes, all our courses are QA QC-approved as well as KHDA affiliated. We will grant you a certificate upon the successful completion of this course.