Red Hat System Administration II (RH134) Course in Dubai

Learn to configure, install, upgrade, and maintain Linux systems using established standards and procedures

  • Learn to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux using scalable methods
  • Gain knowledge to automate Linux systems
  • Learn to safeguard Linux deployment
  • Earn the certificate on course completion
Student learn about Red hat system administration-II

Red Hat System Administration II (RH134) Training for System Administrators

Red Hat System Administration II (RH134) is specifically designed for individuals in the IT industry. Before pursuing this course, you should have taken the Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) course training. Edoxi Training Institute is offering training for RH 134 Training in Dubai and also RH 124. If you are seriously interested in taking up this course, then join our training institute right now. New batches are starting and you can join from the very beginning. Our professionals have tons of expertise under their belts and are ready to give quality training to aspiring students. Our experts also get themselves updated every now and then by learning new things about the course so that they can give better training to the students.

This RH 134 short course in Dubai will give an in-depth understanding of the Linux system administration skills, installation, task control, and more. You will gain knowledge that will help you in automating, extending, and safeguard the current Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployment. If you have a team in the organization and if they want to equip themselves with these skills, then come to us. We also cater to the organizational needs. All your employees will be put together and training will be offered. As limited number of students will be per batch at our institute, solving their queries is possible, and understanding the level of capacity the learners have will also be gauged. So, we suggest that you join our RH 134 Classes in Dubai and see how your career sees quick progress.

Objectives of Edoxi's RH 134 Training in Dubai

Below are a few objectives of our course. Though they look simple to see you need to put in some effort to understand and learn. The career after that will definitely be very fruitful.

  • You will learn how to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux utilizing Kickstart.
  • Administer the file systems and logical volumes.
  • You will understand how to control firewalls.
  • Learn the ways to perform troubleshooting works.
  • You will understand the managing of scheduled jobs.
  • Learning how to manage SELinux.
  • How to easily access network file systems.

These are only a few objectives of our course and you will learn more once you join our training sessions.


Before joining this course, one very necessary prerequisite is that you should have completed the Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) without fail.

Who Can Pursue Edoxi’s Red Hat System Administration II Course in Dubai

  • Windows system administrators
  • Network administrators
  • Anyone who very much interested to pursue a career in it.

If you are looking for an opportunity to join the best RH 134 Training institute in Dubai, then you have got one now! We are the finest RH 134 Training Institute in Dubai and you can join us without any doubt. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity as we limit the number of students per batch. You should be lucky to join an institute which helps students to reach new levels in their career. To get in touch with us and join our training sessions.

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