Overview Of  Computer Science Tuition in Dubai 

Computer Science is the study of computational systems, automation, and information. Principal areas of study within computer science include Computer systems & Networks, Numerical Analysis, Programming Languages, Visions & Graphics, AI, and the Theory of Computing. Edoxi Training Institute offers Online Computer Science Tuition in Dubai under various curricula that help students to prepare for their university-level education and also provide coaching to excel in Computer Science exams. This can also be the first step for young minds toward becoming Computer Scientists. 

Computer Science Coaching Classes in Dubai 

We offer Computer Science Classes in Dubai under British, American, and Indian curricula. Here are the details of the Computer Science Coaching Classes that we offer students from Grades 10 to 12. 

Curriculum Mode of Training Weekly Duration
British Online/ Offline 4 Hours
American Online/Offline 4 Hours
Indian Online/Offline 4 Hours

Benefits of  Computer Science Tuition in Dubai 

These are the benefits of our Computer Science Tuition in Dubai 

  • Helps with time management for exams: Our Computer Science tutors will guide students on how to manage time effectively for the examination. 
  • Reduces stress and anxiety levels of students: Our efficient coaching by tutors will help in reducing the stress and anxiety levels of students during exams. 
  • Opportunity to practice the previous year's questionsOur subject matter experts will give thorough training by including the practice session of the previous year's questions. 
  • Makes students aware of the latest exam pattern We impart up-to-date knowledge and help students understand the latest exam pattern so that the students can prepare accordingly. 
  • Improves scientific knowledge baseWe enhance students' scientific knowledge base in computer science which will help them excel in higher studies.
  • Acquire the skillsets in Coding and ProgrammingOur Computer Science tutors impart the necessary skillsets required for coding and programming. 


Any high school student studying under British/ American/ Indian curricula and preparing to join top universities can enrol in our classes. 

AS Level Computer Science Tuition

AS Level requires one year of preparation and gives an in-depth understanding of the subject that prepares them to move to the next level. Our AS Level Tutors help you say on the right track to achieve your goal. We offer AS Level Coaching under the syllabus of Cambridge, Pearson Edexcel, and Oxford AQA. The following topics are covered under Edoxi’s AS Level Computer Science Tuition in Dubai. 

Module Content
Information representation 1.1 Data Representation
1.2 Multimedia – Graphics, Sound
1.3 Compression
Communication 2.1 Networks including the internet
Hardware 3.1 Computers and their components
3.2 Logic Gates and Logic Circuits
Processor Fundamentals 4.1 Central Processing Unit (CPU) Architecture
4.2 Assembly Language
4.3 Bit manipulation
System Software 5.1 Operating System
5.2 Language Translators
Security, privacy, and data integrity 6.1 Data Security
6.2 Data Integrity
Ethics and Ownership 7.1 Ethics and Ownership in Computer Science
Databases 8.1 Database Concepts
8.2 Database Management System (DBMS)
8.3 Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Manipulation Language (DML)
Algorithm Design and Problem-Solving 9.1 Computational Thinking Skills
9.2 Algorithms
Data Types and structures 10.1 Data Types and Records
10.2 Arrays
10.3 Files
10.4 Introduction to Abstract Data Types (ADT)
Programming 11.1 Programming Basics
11.2 Constructs
11.3 Structured Programming
Software Development 12.1 Program Development Lifecycle
12.2 Program Design
12.3 Program Testing and maintenance

Advantages Of AS Level Computer Tuition 

  • Helps you gain the knowledge and skills required to proceed towards A Level.
  • Boosts the confidence level of students while appearing for the exam.  

A Level Computer Science Tuition

A Level requires 2 years of preparation and A-Level scores are valued by leading universities worldwide. Students can choose to take AS and A-level exams together and receive grades for both qualifications. Mentioned below are the topics covered under A Level Computer Science Tuition. 

Module Content
Data Representation 1. User-defined data types
2. File organisation and access
3. Floating-point numbers, representation, and manipulation
Communication and internet technologies 1. Protocols
2. Circuit switching, packet switching
Hardware and Virtual Machines 1. Processers, Parallel Processing, and Virtual Machines
2. Boolean Algebra and Logic Circuits
System Software 1. Purposes of an Operating System (OS)
2. Translation Software
Security 1. Encryption, Encryption Protocols, and Digital certificates
Artificial Intelligence (AI) 1. Latest Developments in Artificial Intelligence
Computational thinking and problem-solving 1. Algorithms
2. Recursion
Further Programming 1. Programming Paradigms
2. File Processing and Exception Handling

Advantages Of A-Level Computer Tuition 

  • Help students gain an in-depth understanding of how computer architecture, hardware, systems software, security measures, and communication systems.
  • Help students develop a systematic approach to practical problem-solving using appropriate resources.

IGCSE Level Computer Science Tuition 

IGCSEs are accepted and valued by leading universities and employers worldwide as evidence of academic achievement.  Many universities require a combination of AS & A Levels plus an IGCSE score or equivalent to meet their entry requirements. IGCSE Level Exam requires students to apply the principles and concepts from the syllabus to a new situation, in a logical, deductive way. Following are the topics that students need to learn for IGCSE Level Computer Science Tuition. 

Module Topics
Computer Systems 1. Data representation
2. Data transmission
3. Hardware
4. Software
5. The internet and its uses
6. Automated and emerging technologies
Algorithms, programming, and Logic 7. Algorithm design and problem-solving
8. Programming
9. Databases
10. Boolean logic

Advantages Of IGCSE Level Computer Tuition 

  • Develops the computational thinking and other essential skills necessary to solve computer-based problems using a high-level programming language. 
  • Provides students with an understanding of the development and use of automated and emerging technologies.

O Level Computer Science Tuition 

O Level Computer Science syllabus is similar to that of the IGCSE Level. The O Level examination series occur twice a year and score grades are benchmarked from A to E based on clear guidelines.

Edoxi’s O-Level Computer Science Tuition will help students achieve excellent grades in exams that will help them proceed toward the next level. The O Level coaching is extremely beneficial for students whose first language is not English. 

Advantages Of O Level Computer Science Tuition 

  • Helps students get familiarised with the latest exam pattern and the ways to ace the exam.
  • Helps students understand the basic operation and components of AI systems. 

Grade 10 Computer Science Tuition 

Edoxi offers Grade 10 Computer Science Tuition under the American & Indian Curriculum. We cover the topics such as Networking, HTML Language, and Cyber Ethics. Our subject matter experts will also impart practical knowledge to students required that will help them perform well in Computer Lab Exams.  

Grade 11 Computer Science Tuition 

Edoxi offers Grade 11 Computer Science Tuition under the American & Indian Curriculum. Computer Systems and Organisation, Computational thinking, and Programming using Python Language are the topics in Computer Science for Grade 11 students. Our Grade 11 coaching will prove beneficial to students who want to pursue higher studies in Computer Science. 

Grade 12 Computer Science Tuition 

Edoxi offers Grade 12 Computer Science Tuition under the American & Indian Curriculum. Programming & Computational Thinking, Computer Networks, and Data Management are some of the Grade 12 topics covered by our Computer Science Tutors that will help you excel in your academics.  

Why Choose Edoxi For Computer Science Tuition in Dubai? 

Information Technology is an ever-growing field with huge scope for the upcoming generations. Edoxi Training Institute offers Computery Science Tuition in Dubai for students that will help them attain foundational knowledge in the subject. We provide individual attention to students and provide exam-oriented coaching on the sequence of operations that must be applied for each question. Our expert trainers ensure that students are equipped with efficient knowledge for higher education and have a bright future. 

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