Adobe After Effects Training in Dubai

Learn to touch up film and video productions with advanced visual effects and motion graphics through Adobe After Effects Training from Industry Experts in Dubai.

  • Beginner to advanced-level training in Adobe After Effects
  • Learn the latest After Effects principles and techniques from experts
  • Gain extensive real-world experience using the software
  • Earn an industry-recognized course completion certification
Adobe After Effects Training

Adobe After Effects Course for a Successful Career

Do you like to put together a few short videos or maybe you like to learn about film production, then you may have used a movie maker like windows movie maker or any basic editing software. Adobe After Effects is the next best thing you can use because it has advanced features that can take your skill to the next level. Edoxi training institute is offering the finest Adobe After Effects training in Dubai at present. Get to us and master the course from our experts.

After the Effects training course is a piece of software for building videos, doing animation and special effects. This software is particularly designed for special effects and is offering users with a semi-professional capability level of editing videos. This software can produce high-quality videos necessary for commercials, lengthy films, short TV programs, etc.


Adobe After Effects is not the kind of software that few professionals would like to upgrade right away. The reason could be an investment. So, professionals are happy with using older versions like Adobe After Effects CS5 and even Adobe After Effects CS3 instead of upgrading. Even if they don’t upgrade, it ok because the older versions are very efficient that any serious work can be done easily. The latest programs of Adobe After Effects have some key features that you can use to enhance the videos even better.

Who can benefit from this course?

Some of them who can gain immense benefits out of this course include:

Motion Graphic Designers:

Adobe After Effects can be used for motion graphics. To explain in short, these are just the graphics that move. So, an easy task like building a text scroll across a screen to multifaceted tasks like infusing moving magma in the backdrop as the characters run to safety can all be done with After Effects.


After Effects will also play a key role in the making of inspiring video clips. The dynamic images can be tweaked and tailored to suit the individual’s needs just like Photoshop permits you to alter still pictures.

Graphical designers:

Adobe After Effects is a must-have application for graphical designers as it permits you to tweak and alter all the work done up to a point. The paint effects attributes of the tool will keep track of each individual paint stroke, and hence you can erase or alter them later.

3D graphical designers:

There is a lot of work done with this application for 3D graphics designers and they can complete a range of projects with the assistance of Adobe After Effects. This tool can be utilized effectively for 3D scene re-lighting to provide the clip a 'life-like' effect. Right from 3D light casting to building difficult unit systems and bursts, just about all things 3 dimensional can be done with After Effects.

All these people can widely benefit from this course. There are many more jobs where this program can be used. It is also utilized in the advertising sector where it is integrated into the process of building moving logo graphics utilized in television and web-based advertisements. One distinguishing benefit of utilizing Adobe After Effects is, there is a massive amount of material is available online and you get a lot of support.

Course Topics:

Here are a few topics that we cover in our After Effects Classes in Dubai!

  • The fundamentals of building projects, compositions, and layers
  • Generating special effects using the effects menu
  • Creating and using masks and track mattes
  • Generating animation for shapes, objects, and layers
  • Importing footage, together with video, audio, and still images
  • Drawing shapes Exporting to video
  • Performing color correction
  • Animating a Multimedia Presentation
  • Animating shapes
  • Working in 3D
  • Appending and animating text
  • Using the puppet tools to build animated characters and effects
  • Distorting objects with the puppet tools
  • Advanced Editing Techniques
  • Extracting and removing objects from layers

We walk you through more such topics and advanced topics too in our After Effects training in Dubai.

Course requirements:

This course does not ask you to have previous experience in any field or area but you must have knowledge of Adobe After Effects CC.

Course duration:

The duration of the course will be 30 hours, which will be completed within a month.

Finally, this an incredible course to better your career and we are the best After Effects Training center in Dubai where you will get quality training from industry experts with decades of experience.

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