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Gain an in-depth understanding of MySQL architecture and MySQL for diverse operating systems

  • Learn about the core database administration topics
  • Understand MySQL products and operating systems
  • Develop and manage MySQL applications efficiently
  • Earn the certificate approved by the Ministry of Education, UAE
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SQL Server Courses to get you started

If you're prepared to study how to connect Microsoft SQL Server to provide mission-critical enactment, gain quicker insights on information or initiate your cross-cloud strategy, then you are in the right place. Our learning choice will assist you in getting started easily and quickly from product examination to deep training and certification. Edoxi training is the best MS SQL Server training in Dubai that can serve all the needs of the individuals with its unique training. We are offering our students with programming development MS SQL Server Programming. Our experts can help you crack this course within no time.

This SQL Server courses in Dubai is a fabulous professional course taught by our experts and is meant to help the developers to become skillful in the evocative learning language on database ideas for working on personal databases. The significant ideas comprise SQL introduction, joins, queries, Subqueries, relational databases, and unions. Individuals will get substantial skills in the theory of optimization, database management, installation of SQL server, indexing, transactions, and gathering. More and more topics will be discussed in our training and we make you know them.

Course Outline:

  • Overview of SQL
  • Recovering Data
  • Apprising Data
  • Introducing Information
  • Erasing Information
  • Categorization and Filtering Information
  • Progressive Filtering
  • Briefing Data
  • Alignment of Information
  • Utilizing Subqueries
  • Joining Tables
  • Handling Tables
  • Utilizing Views
  • Deposited Procedures
  • Utilizing Cursors
  • Utilizing Transactions

These are some of the course topics. More topics will be known once you join our SQL Server Training in Dubai.

What you learn?

  • Understand SQL architecture, server relations, etc.
  • Position diverse functions and operators to strategize relational records.
  • Alter information utilizing T-SQL, Stored processes.
  • Candidates will also be acquainted with few essential ideas of SQL.
  • Ideas of Trigger and formation of Triggers.
  • Individuals will understand about temp tables and its benefits.
  • Know how to build, change, and fall Trigger and its benefit.
  • Utilize records for finding, categorization, indexing, and grouping.
  • Understand administrators, kinds, SQL Server tools and services, and more.
  • You will understand about few string functions and system functions.
  • Candidates will understand how to introduce, update, and erase records from tables.
  • Backup and rebuilding.

Who can take this course?

  • IT professionals, Developers
  • SQL programmers
  • Project Managers
  • Managers and Analysts of Business
  • Business Intelligence professionals
  • Hadoop professionals
  • Those hoping for a career in SQL development
  • Big data professionals


There are no specific prerequisites for taking this course in our SQL Programming training institute in Dubai.

You will also learn to label diverse kinds of functions that are accessible in SQL: such as number functions, date, conversion functions, character functions, and other functions. Use date functions, character, in SELECT statements, nesting functions, etc. You will learn how to explain the utilization of conversion functions such as automatic data type conversions. You also learn how to write SELECT statements to gain admission to information from more than one. Know how to utilize tables using equijoins and non-equijoins. Utilization of table aliases, kinds of joins such as an inner, multi-table, outer joins, natural joins, etc.

Target audience:

Our experts have designed the best MS SQL training classes in Dubai and these classes will be beneficial to:

  • Beginners who want to learn MS SQL Server Programming from scratch.
  • Individuals who like to learn how MS SQL programming works.
  • Candidates who want to improve their career in MS SQL.

Why Choose Edoxi for MS SQL Training in Dubai?

Finally, we can say that our MS SQL server programming training center is the best one in Dubai. Our experts understand that today employers seek productivity from their employees and so we give this training looking in that direction to satisfy the ever-growing demands of the organizations and the present market. We resolutely believe that if the training is properly given, only then the rest of the things will go well. Also, all these things will directly or indirectly result in increased revenue for a business.

Edoxi training institute guarantees that the training the individuals get will offer much more value than you even believe after its completion. This will no doubt set a career path that is very bright. Also, we are offering training at a very reasonable price compared to the rest of the others in this very competitive industry. So, get to us and gain the best expertise and skill on this course and lead your way to success easily.

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