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Write effective business emails to enhance your profession with our Email Writing Training in Dubai

  • Develop your overall English writing skills
  • Learn to write clearer & effective emails 
  • Get customized and high-quality training 
  • Earn a certificate on course completion 
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Business Email Writing Training Course to Get You Started

Clearer emails receive better responses. Lacking the knowledge to draft effective business emails can badly impact your profession and career growth. 

Whether you are an HR director, Recruitment Staff, Financial or Accounting staff, Edoxi can help you with Professional Email Writing Training in Dubai. Our email writing course delivered by recognized trainers can enhance your writing skills.

Improve your organizational efficiency by learning to write clear, concise, and courteous emails professionally with Edoxi Training Institute. 

What you will learn from Edoxi’s Professional Email Writing Training in Dubai?

Our training is designed to develop your skills based on real-life examples and your job sector. We help you learn and gain insights to improve your email writing skills in English with our practical writing certification course. Learn with us to:

  • Write emails professionally.
  • Avoid making mistakes.
  • Effectively manage email volume.
  • Understand how to use grammar and formatting in email writing.
  • Enhance email clarity to increase productivity
  • Structure emails using the SCRAP formula- Situation, Complication, Resolution, Action, Politeness.

Course Details with Fee Structure For Email Writing Course in Dubai        
Course Name
Course Contents
Number of Hours
Email Writing
Introduction to Email
12 Hours
800 Aed
Email Format
Types of Email
Phrases for Email Writing
Mostly Confused words
Practice Exercise

Who can pursue this Course?

  • Aspirants seeking training to improve email writing. 
  • Corporates who want to advance email writing techniques. 
  • Business professionals who use email as a system to communicate globally with other companies/clients.
  • Job roles including HR directors, Recruitment Staff, Accounting staff, Financial analysts, or Bankers who wish to draft effective business emails.

Business Email Writing Training for Corporates 

Email is the most common professional method of communication with your potential clients. A professional email and its content have the power to create trust among your customers. Our Professional Email Writing Training in Dubai will help boost your company's potential to engage new customers.  

You must ensure your email templates are in harmony with: 

  • Voice and tone
  • Personalization
  • Language and structure
  • Reference points
  • Values in your customer support process
  • Conveying bad news in positive language

Email as a major tool for Corporates

Business writers are supposed to write high-quality emails that affect readers. When writing an email, you must use key terms to make concepts clear for clients. Emails are short and every word can represent concepts.

Our business email writing corporate training will teach you on the established rules for effective business writing and business email etiquettes. Grammar and spelling tone of the messages, softening a negative message, and handling flame mails are very important in the corporate world to increase productivity and a competitive edge to the company.
Following specific email writing protocols are of prominence if the email is a major communication tool. If your staff sends emails that are too vague, too dense, or too frequent, it can dramatically reduce business communication.

Our training can help you excel in:

Using powerful methods and techniques to write beneficially to the targeted audience 

  • Writing clearly and concisely
  • Addressing the audience needs
  • Business Email Etiquette and General etiquette 
  • Responding and Organizing messages 
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Restructuring a writing 

As we know emails are a reflection of Professionalism and attention to detail. Write better email and craft messages that get read with our Professional Email Writing Training in Dubai. 

Why Choose Edoxi for Professional Email Writing Training? 

Edoxi Training Institute provides Professional Email Writing Training in Dubai for professionals who want to create effective and impactful emails. Here is why you should choose Edoxi. 

  • We offer objective guidance for candidates to learn advanced techniques in email writing.
  • We have industry-leading professional trainers.
  • Our training center offers customized teaching methods
  • We provide updated and creative writing methods to impress your clients. 
  • We give a course completion certificate that adds value to your career. 
  • We offer flexible learning with affordable fees.
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What is the duration of the training in Dubai?

The training duration is 16 hours. We tailor the content according to your industry. You will learn writing styles unique to different situations. 

Does Edoxi provide training on basics in email writing in Dubai?

Yes, Edoxi provides training on Formal, Informal and Semi-formal email writing. You can learn to write powerful emails for business and commercial purposes.

What syllabus does Edoxi follow for Business email writing in Dubai?

The syllabus for Business email writing includes General business emails, Request and Apology emails, Effective Complaint Letter, Report Writing, Event Invitations, Personal/Sensitive emails etc

Is Edoxi’s Professional Email Writing Training in Dubai a certification Program?

Yes, Edoxi’s Professional email writing training is a certification program. Upon successful completion of our course, you will be provided with a certificate.

What are the areas covered in Business Email Writing Training for corporates in Dubai?

The syllabus covers powerful techniques to write effectively to the targeted audience ensuring confidentiality and understanding commonly used mistakes. Our training covers building creative and results-oriented business emails.