CRISC Training in Dubai

If you are interested in leading enterprise IT Risk Management, join the CRISC Course. By enrolling in CRISC Training in Dubai you will learn

  • To evaluate risk management
  • To implement security measures & control
  • Access to knowledge resources from experts
  • Get ISACA Certified
  • Become a certified professional
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CRISC course in dubai to start your career in cybersecurity field

Overview of CRISC Course in Dubai

Information Technology has become so integrated into our personal and professional lives that it touches upon every aspect of our lives. A setback, error, risk, or threat in IT can affect every facet of the business. To mitigate these negative outcomes IT Risk Management has become crucial in today’s world. 

As a result, individuals with expertise in IT Risk Management are in huge demand. ISACA’s  CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control) Certification is one such course that will give you expertise in IT Risk Management. 

Why is CRISC Course Important?

Data breaches could often lead to huge financial losses which could affect the reputation of the organization and makes it untrustworthy in the eyes of stakeholders. CRISC Professionals establish a common language to facilitate communication and understanding between IT groups and stakeholders.

Why Get CRISC Certification?

CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control) Certification is an earned qualification that verifies your knowledge and skills in Risk Management. CRISC Professionals create a greater understanding of Information Technology risks and how they affect an entire organization. 

Professional Outcomes & Benefits of CRISC Training

  • Gets Professional acknowledgment: CRISC helps you achieve professional acknowledgment and enhances your position on the professional front.
  • Enhances leadership skills:The CRISC emerged worldwide as a designation of executive leaders who can address the emerging threats to information security using tough strategies. 
  • Become capable of implementing IS Controls: You will acquire knowledge critical to evaluating risks and implementing Information Security Controls.
  • Career advancement: The CRISC Certification will definitely improve your career prospects and  enhance your earning power.
  • Real-world applicability:Subject matter expert ensures that the training not only has academic vigor but also has real-world applicability.  

Prerequisites for Joining CRISC Training in Dubai

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer science or Computer Application from a recognized university. 
  • A reasonable amount of work experience in IT and Cyber Security is recommended. 

CRISC Certification Career Path & Opportunities

ISACA’s (Certified in Risk and Information Sytems Control) CRISC Certification grants you access to ISACA's global community of knowledge including the latest updates and ideas in IT Risk Management. 

Formed in 1967 and earlier known as Information Systems Audit Control Association, ISACA now goes only by acronym and has more than 110,000 constituents worldwide, in more than 180 countries. Having a CRISC Certification opens the door to various career opportunities across the globe. 

  •  Risk Analyst
  •  Business Analyst
  •  Chief Data Officer
  •  IT Director
  •  Risk Manager
  •  Chief Risk Officer  

Industries looking for CRISC Certified Individuals

  • Tourism
  • Oil Industry
  • Banking & Finance
  • IT industry
  • Cybersecurity Department
  • Crime Investigation Department

CRISC Course Syllabus

  CRISC Course Content: 

  •  Governance
  • IT Risk Assessment
  • Risk Response & Reporting
  • Information Technology & Security

CRISC Training Options

Choose the best training options to suit your needs

Training Options Features

Classroom Training

  • Instructor-led Classes
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Lecture-Based Presentation
  • Video and Audio Inserts
  • Simulated Exams and Exam Practice

Customized Corporate Training

  • Customized learning (digital/ instructor-led)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • Learners assistance and after-support

How To Get CRISC Certification?- Follow These Three Simple Steps 

CRISC Certification is a tangible indicator of your knowledge and expertise as a risk professional and is a proof that you have passed CRISC Training. If  you believe you have some expertise in four domains of CRISC and you want to expand your knowledge base further, follow these steps to get CRISC Cetification. 

  • Get professional training in CRISC 
  • Appear for CRISC Examination 
  • Submit CRISC Certificate application


Why Choose Edoxi for the CRISC Training in Dubai? 

CRISC Training in Dubai gives you a competitive edge over other candidates who are applying for a position in IT Risk Management. The CRISC Course prepares the candidates to pass the CRISC Examination using proven instructional design techniques and interactive activities. 

With the help of our excellent trainers you will be able to upskill yourself by learning the best practices in continuous risk monitoring. The CRISC Certification will help you gain and maintain a high standard of professional conduct.            

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What steps should I follow after the completion of Edoxi’s CRISC Training in Dubai?
  • Pass CRISC Examination
  • Gain a minimum of 3 years professional experience in at least two of the four CRISC Domains
  • Submit application for CRISC Certification within 5 years from passing the examination
  • Adhere to code of professional ethics 
  • Adhere to the continuing professional education
What are the 4 domains covered by Edoxi’s CRISC Training in Dubai?
  • Governance (26%)
  • IT Risk Assessment (20%)
  • Risk Response & Reporting (32%)
  • Information Technology & Security (22%)
What should I know about the CRISC Examination?

 CRISC Examination is a 4 Hour test with  150 Multiple Choice Questions covering appropriate job areas. 

How much should I score to pass CRISC Examination?

The CRISC Examination is scored in a scale fom 200 to 800, where 800 being the perfect score. One should score 450 in order to pass CRISC Examination.

What should I do to adhere to (Continuing Policy Education) CPE?

It requires an annual minimum of 20 contact hours of CPE plus maintenance fees. Certified CRISC Professionals must log a minimum of 120 required contact hours during a fixed 3 year period.

What is the average salary of a CRISC Professional in Dubai?

The average base salary of  CRISC Professional in Dubai is 360k per year.