We Transform Your Career To Make A Difference!

We are Edoxi Training Institute, an established professional education training center in Dubai. We aim for the evolution of Professional Training Education in the Middle East to transform people’s careers and industries. Guided by our purpose and promise, we deliver professional training to every Student or Individual, Professional or Business as per global standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help students to become pioneers in the future economy. We earnestly work to guide our students to make the right career choices and become professionally successful. We impart a learning environment where our students can discover the knowledge and values for a better future.

Our Vision

We want to head the growth of professional training education in the Middle East and enhance the lives of the students with the highest quality training from industry experts. We expect to make value-added contributions to learning that meet the needs of the global community. Expanding our frontiers, our essential goal is to deliver consistent results, earn loyalty, and empower students to grow as creative individuals and become the most trusted institute for quality training.

Edoxi offers Customised and High-Quality Training with Professional Trainers

Founded in 2018, we serve individuals and corporates to develop their skills and to become successful in today’s competitive economy. We are driven by the passion and the experience drawn from our sister concern, Time Training Center, pioneering the education and training industry for over 28 years in Abu Dhabi. We won the “Outstanding Organisation Award” 2022 At Education 2.0 Conference for our contributions to the field of education. Together, we transform an individual’s passions and careers, industries, and growing economies, lift societies, and sustain our environment.