ETABS Training in Dubai

Build your expertise on ETABS, the 3D structural software to handle the largest and most complex building models and configurations

  • Gain in-depth knowledge to use ETABS
  • Understand the graphical interface of ETABS
  • Work with concrete and steel structure
  • Earn certificate upon course completion
ETABS Training

ETABS Course to Get you Started

ETABS stands for Extended 3D Analysis of Building Systems. It is an authoritative 3D structural software. ETABS builds and internationally markets engineering imitation software and services utilized by designers and engineers transversely in a range of industries, comprising of aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and defense. Edoxi training institute is providing premium ETABS Training in Dubai for those who are highly interested. ETABS is also laying more emphasis on building flexible solutions that permit individuals to examine designs on the desktop, offering a mutual platform for product development.

With its incorporated system and the capability to lever the major and most compound building models configuration, it guarantees:

  • Authoritative CAD-like illustration tools in a graphical and object-based boundary.
  • Augmented productivity of mechanical engineers in the construction industry.
  • Important savings in time and competence over wide-ranging resolution programs.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction of ETABS
  • Introduction of Graphical Interface of ETABS
  • Basic Modelling of Structure Frame
  • Working with Element
  • Meshing and Material Properties
  • Modeling of Floors and Slab
  • Loading and Moments
  • Typical floor plan
  • Analysis of Structure
  • Advanced Analysis of Structure
  • Working with Concrete Structure
  • Working with Steel Structure
  • Design Beam and Column as per standard
  • Design Shear Wall and Composite Structure
  • Foundation Design
  • Create Graphical Custom Section Design
  • Reporting of Structure

Target Audience:

Civil Engineers, who need to understand Response Spectrum Analysis and Response History Analysis in the CAD industry.

Learning Objectives:

At Edoxi training institute, we will assist you in improving proficiency in the subsequent aspects of ETabs:

  • Modeling: How to toil with the corporal member-based items and thus necessitate less time in the construction of the model and understanding of the results.
  • Tangible Casing Design & Describing: Relevant to line objects and the program regulates the suitable design process when the examination is running.
  • Steel Frame Plan & Describing: How to aspect the process utilizing several design code procedures for steel member assortment, anxiety checking and drift optimization.
  • Steel Linking Design: The design of steel contacts is flawlessly incorporated within the program.
  • Complex Beam: Auto select-section assets can be defined as bonded beams to define their sizes for examination.
  • Active Analysis: Several choices from reply variety breakdown to large distortion nonlinear time study.

Outcomes of learning:

  • You will be able to effortlessly build models utilizing objects and can learn the ideas when editing and building complex models.
  • Individuals get the capability to identify the story levels and will be capable enough to input building information in a logical and simple manner.
  • You will be a creative, advanced, and outgoing engineer, with an aptitude to work with individuals spanning dissimilar disciplines.
  • You will produce only one model of the floor systems and the upright and together systems of framing to be talented enough to evaluate and design the complete construction due to the incorporated system of ETABS.
  • You can put your design information and design intelligent property in graphics, horizontal form or direct it to a printer or transfer it to a catalog file or even bar it as an ASCII file and accomplish them in a secure, consolidated place. You can permit your team to cooperate with you at any level of product development.

These are a few outcomes of the ETabs training course. You can learn more and that depends on your level of understanding and how you perceive things.


ETabs can assist you in changing your concepts into product designs swiftly and successfully. It improves your skill to understand the geometry of building systems. In ETABS, model building and writing of results are achieved at the object level. It allows the designer to put more effort into macroscopic presentation targets. ETABS is well-appointed to lever basic lateral procedures, Push-over analysis, Response Range Examination, and Response History Investigation.

The Information output choices are more favorable to lateral design in special resolution software like ETABS. ETabs can also be exploited for supervising extensive seismic projects counting those that comprise Non-Linear Modelling. It comes with references to diverse pre-designed code-reliant preparations so that the employer doesn’t have to define again the fundamental parameters contingent on the circumstances.

Why Choose Edoxi for ETABS Training in Dubai? 

Finally, all we can say is that Edoxi training institute is the best ETABS training center in Dubai at present who can give you the finest training on this course. Our ETABS classes in Dubai are considered the best and incredible as they are taught by industry experts with enough skill and experience under their belt. So, get to our ETABS training institute in Dubai today and learn the course from our expert professionals with ease.

Course Duration:

The time span of the ETABS certification course offered by Edoxi institute is 30 hours. You will get a comprehensive idea of ETABS software within this period. 30 hours can be completed in one month. Fast track classes also offered by the institute as per the requirement of students.

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