Overview of Juniper Security Specialist Training in Dubai

Computer networks often face threatening issues and security vulnerabilities exist in diverse areas like applications, devices, user data, etc. Hence, every organisation employs network security specialists to protect their information and users from any attacks or threats. Network security specialists are responsible for monitoring the  Network security and protecting organisational data.

Edoxi’s Juniper Security Specialist training in Dubai is a must for every network security professional to manage and encounter high-level threats. Our trainers impart essential skills to manage network security in general. Further, it makes you become an expert in managing the security of Juniper networks with specialised skills. Juniper Networks offers four levels of certifications in Network Security. 

We provide training for the Level 2 (JNCIS-SEC) Juniper Networks Certification exam and once you clear this level, you can pursue advanced-level certifications. Our training cultivates the best skills to report, manage, and troubleshoot security tasks that will help you prepare for the Juniper Security Specialist role.

 Juniper Security Specialist Course Highlights

  • We provide 32+ hours of training.
  • We offer flexible timing options to the participants.  
  • Our curriculum is based on the latest industrial standards.
  • Our expert trainers provide you with hands-on experience in Juniper networks. 
  • You will receive globally recognised credentials in network security.

Juniper Security Specialist Course Features

  • Acquire the latest knowledge

    Our extensive training will impart the latest knowledge and validate your skills in network security.

  • Hands-on Practice Sessions

    We offer hands-on training sessions that give learners valuable exposure to advanced network security tools. 

  • Gives a competitive edge to your resume

    Getting Juniper Security Specialist Certification will give you a competitive edge to your resume. 

  • Curriculum Designed by Experts

    Our curriculum is designed by experts in Juniper Networks and will help you stay updated on network security.

  • Contributes to your professional growth

    Our Juniper Security Specialist training enhances your career prospects and contributes towards your professional growth.

  • Interactive Learning Opportunity

    Our highly interactive training methodology offers an engaging and stimulating learning experience. 

  • Customisation Option

    We offer customised training options to participants for flexible learning.

  • Helps you pursue advanced-level certification

    Getting this certification will help you pursue advanced-level Juniper certifications.  


Industries Looking For Juniper Security Specialists 


Data Security

Cloud Computing 

Banking & Finance 


Prerequisites For Juniper Security Specialist Course in Dubai

  • Candidates who have completed Level 1- Juniper Certified Network Security Associate (JNCIA-SEC) Certification Training can join this course. 

Juniper Security Specialist Course Modules

  • Module 1: Application Security
  • Application Firewall
  • APBR
  • IPS Policy
  • Module 2: Advanced Security Policies 
  • Application Layer Gateways (ALG)
  • Unified Security Policies
  • Ways to troubleshoot security policies
  • Module 3: Advanced Threat Prevention
  • Encrypted Traffic Insights (ETIs)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) security
  • Adaptive threat profiling
  • Module 4: High Availability (HA) Clustering
  • HA features and characteristics
  • Deployment requirements and considerations.
  • Real-time objects and state synchronization
  • Module 5: Juniper Networks vSRX Virtual Firewall 
  • InstallationDeployment scenarios
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Module 6: Juniper Identity Management Service (JIMS) 
  • Ports and protocols
  • Dataflow
  • How to configure, monitor or troubleshoot JIMS

How to Get Juniper Security Specialist Certification?

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Get Professional Training From Edoxi
Do The Preparation
Appear For the Certification Exam
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Get Juniper Security Specialist Certification 

Juniper Security Specialist Training Options

Choose from the best training options to suit your needs.

Live Virtual Training

  • Authorised Instructor-led Classes
  • Weekend/Weekday Classes
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Classroom Training

  • 32-hours Instructor-led Classes
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Lecture-Based Presentation
  • Video and Audio Inserts
  • Simulated Exams and Exam Practice
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Customised Corporate Training

  • Customised Learning (Digital/ Instructor-led)
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Enterprise-grade Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Enterprise Dashboards for Individuals and Teams
  • Learner's Assistance and After Support.
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What are the 4 levels of Juniper Networks Certification?

Juniper Security Networks offers four levels of certifications:

  • Level 1- Juniper Certified Network Security Associate (JNCIA-SEC)
  • Level 2- Juniper Certified Network Security Specialist (JNCIS-SEC)
  • Level 3- Juniper Certified Network Security Professional (JNCIP-SEC)
  • Level 4- Juniper Certified Network Security Expert (JNCIE-SEC)

What will you learn from Edoxi’s Juniper Security Specialist Course in Dubai?

Our expert trainers will guide you to:

  • Learn Application Security Concepts- Application Firewall, APBR, etc.
  • Acquire concept of Security Policies- Logging, Session Management, ALGs
  • Learn configuration, monitoring, or troubleshooting application security
  • Advanced Threat Protection with Cyber Kill Chain, Traffic Remediation, etc.
  • Perform virtual security using sSRX & cSRX
  • Learn Juniper Identify Management Service
  • Benefits of SSL Proxy
  • Report Threats

What is the duration of the Level 2- Juniper Certified Network Security Specialist (JNCIS-SEC) exam?

The duration of this exam is 90 minutes.

How many questions are there for the Level 2- Juniper Certified Network Security Specialist (JNCIS-SEC) exam?

The JNCIS-SEC is a written exam with 65 multiple-choice questions.

How long is the Juniper Security Specialist Certification valid?

Once you get certified, the Juniper Security Specialist certification remains valid for 3 years. After that, you can attain recertification by taking an exam through Juniper Recertification Testing.

Why is the significance of Juniper Security Specialist Certification?

With the rise in internet technologies, networking has expanded to a greater level. Every home, office, and organisation demands efficiency with faster network technologies. In this era of technology, network security specialists hold a critical role in maintaining the security of networks to protect data and information. Getting  Juniper Security Specialist certification (JNCIS-SEC Level-2) validates your skills and increases your chances of getting hired by the best firms worldwide.

How can Edoxi’s Juniper Security Specialist Course in Dubai benefit network security engineers?

Network security engineers are one of the most sought-after professionals today by organisations across the globe. They aim to provide maximum protection to their vital data from any potential threats. With the rise in new technologies like AI and Big Data, organisations require upskilled network security engineers to build secure networks. 

Edoxi’s Juniper Security Specialist Courses in Dubai impart the latest skills and knowledge in Network Security and make them industry-ready. We impart the latest knowledge that will level up your resume and help in climb up the corporate ladder. Our experienced broad and skill-based curriculum prepares them for challenging roles that will help them receive Network Security jobs with higher pay scales

Why choose Edoxi for the Juniper Security Specialist Course in Dubai?

Edoxi Training Institute provides one of the best Juniper Security Specialist courses in Dubai. Our training center incorporates hands-on training that helps students understand any topic easily. Edoxi trainers are certified professionals who possess years of experience in network security and they provide constant guidance and rigorous practice that will help you get good scores for the JNCIS-SEC Level-2 certification exam. We provide hands-on practice with a blend of theory and impart confidence to take your first step towards becoming a Juniper Security Specialist.

What is the average salary of a Juniper Security Specialist in Dubai?

The average salary of a Juniper Security Specialist in Dubai ranges from AED 8000 to AED 26,400.