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Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, using a community-powered approach to deliver high-performing Linux, cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies. Red Hat® certifications differ from other IT certifications. To earn a Red Hat certification, you must pass a hands-on, practical exam in which you must complete real-world tasks using Red Hat technologies rather than just being asked Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) about the technology. 

Edoxi Training Institute provides Red Hat certification courses in Dubai that will help you build skills and knowledge through flexible training options, real-world content and validation of skills through hands-on certification exams. If you are looking to validate and expand your skills in Linux, enroll in our Red Hat Training Courses in Dubai and earn a Red Hat Certification. 

How Red Hat Certifications Can Help Your Career?

Red Hat Certifications prove that you have the skills open source enterprises want. It will validate your skill as an IT professional and prove that you are ready to take on the most ambitious projects in the face of evolving technology challenges. Here are some benefits you will enjoy after acquiring Red Hat Certifications. Let us check it out. 

Benefits of Red Hat Certifications

Becoming a Red Hat certified professional proves your worth as a professional having real-world skills. 

  • It will boost your bottom line by delivering business value through productivity gains and operational efficiencies.
  • Red Hat Certification will help build your resume and your team by filling in the skills gap. 
  • It will validate your knowledge through hands-on, real-world skills. 
  • Certifying with Red Hat will bolster the readiness of your team and mitigate the risk involved in new projects. 
  • Certification will help you maintain, configure and update Linux systems and servers with expertise. 
  • Red Hat Certifications will give you preference among employers who are looking to increase productivity. 

Job Opportunities and Career Growth After Red Hat Certifications

As more and more companies and global organizations look to add more efficiency and productivity to their firm’s IT practices and services, there is no shortage of jobs globally for Red Hat certified professionals. Red Hat Certified individuals can earn good salaries in the starting phase of the career. System engineers and administrators can expect to receive great opportunities worldwide in the IT field. The only thing is you just need to have enough skills in the Red Hat environment and Linux operating system to give wings to your career on a global level.

In the starting phase of your career, you can expect to work as a Linux System administrator.  Gradually, you can move on to secure many important and beneficial roles in the company. With enough experience and growth of your Linux skills and expertise, you can secure the much higher positions such as Information Systems Engineer, Linux support systems engineer, senior systems administrator, Linux systems engineer, and various other roles. After acquiring the Red Hat credentials, you can easily fit in the roles of:

  • Linux System Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Linux Systems Engineer
  • Linux Support Systems Engineer
  • Senior Systems Administrator

Red Hat Courses Career Path & Opportunities

Job Role Average Salary Top Recruiters Key Skills
Linux System Administrator AED 215,500 Group Three IT Consultants, Emaratech, Al Jalil International, Albinora Consulting MySQL, Linux, shell scripting, Apache HTTP Server, Python.
Systems Administrator AED 61825 Injazat, Omnix International, Etisalat, Transguard Group, IBM, du, ENOC, Halian, Raqmiyat LLC Windows operating system, Linux, virtualization, Internet information server, VMware ESX and others.
Linux Systems Engineer AED 282,999 GWC Networks LLC, Unified Microsystems, Adcon Computers LLC, Honeywell, Xad Technologies, Micronet Technology Java, HTML, SQL, Linux, and others.
Senior Systems Administrator AED 130000 Centuary Financial, Agroshipping LLC, Majid Al Futtaim, Group Three IT Consultants, Parker Connect VMware ESX, Virtualization, Linux, Windows Support and others.

Red Hat Training Courses in Dubai

Whether you’re updating your expertise or learning new skills, this is where it all begins.Here are the top Red Hat Courses in Dubai,

Red Hat System Administrator I  5 days Edoxi & KHDA Classroom / Online
Red Hat System Administrator II  5 days Edoxi & KHDA Classroom / Online
Red Hat System Administrator III  5 days Edoxi & KHDA Classroom / Online

What Will You Learn From Edoxi's Red Hat Courses in Dubai?

The major objectives of our Red Hat training in Dubai are to: 

  • Bring confidence to individuals and organizations alike
  • Make you a Red Hat certified professional who can show the value of hands-on certifications. 
  • Help individuals, teams, and organizations validate the knowledge needed to stay ahead of the technology curve. 
  • Prepare you with required technical competencies to get a job and embark on a growing career as Linux System Administrator. 
  • Enable you to assimilate and master the latest technologies like cloud[OpenStack, OpenShift], virtualization, DevOps[Ansible] etc.

Who Can Attend Edoxi’s Red Hat Certification Training in Dubai?

  • Any Graduates or undergraduates from any stream/branch who want to pursue a career in system administration
  • Experienced working professional who wants to multi-skill oneself in the Red Hat Linux domain
  • A passionate individual who wants to have a career in system administration and networking
  • Experienced professionals who want to pursue a career in advanced IMS technologies like OpenStack, OpenShift, Virtualization, DevOps- Ansible

Why Choose Edoxi for Red Hat Certification Training in Dubai?

According to a recent report, in the private cloud adoption space, Red Hat OpenStack has grown 24% in comparison with last year and bagged the second position. Red Hat® certifications differ from other IT certifications. Whether you’re looking to take the next step in your career or trying to fill skills gaps in your company, Edoxi is the one and the best IT training Institute in Dubai to validate your knowledge of Red Hat technologies. We have different professional certificate programs and exams that match your needs.

Edoxi training institute successfully combines all the features such as top-notch faculty, world-class infrastructure, professional and trained trainers support, and a strong industry interface. The recognition you will get from Edoxi for offering quality training in Red Hat Certifications will enable you to boost your commitment to excel in this field. If you’re looking for authority in the system administrator role of any reputed organization, enroll in Edoxi's Red Hat Certification Courses in Dubai. 

Why join the Red Hat Training Center in Dubai? 

Get upskilled in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system with the help of the Red Hat training center in Dubai. By joining this course you will gain knowledge on development tools, utilities, and services in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). RHEL supports all leading hardware platforms and many custom and commercial applications. The Red Hat training center helps you orchestrate the hardware resources for a variety of basic computing requirements in your organization.   

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