Master Data Science, Web Development, Scientific Computing and System Automation Through Advanced Python Training 

Python refers to a high-level performing, multi-purpose, and object-oriented programming language. It has incorporated dynamic semantics mainly utilized for app development as well as web development. It offers dynamic typing and binding that makes it appealing in the Rapid Application Development field. Cyber-attacks have become an international concern with high-profile breaches giving rise to serious cyber threats. Python proves a beneficial programming language for managing cybersecurity. 

It performs multiple cybersecurity functions like scanning, malware analysis, and penetration testing functions. Thus, possessing advanced knowledge of Python programming can train you to administer your firm’s cybersecurity effectively. Edoxi provides one of the best Python for cybersecurity courses in Dubai. Training with Edoxi’s advanced Python course can make you instantly popular among recruiters. You can build your career in the fast-growing cybersecurity organizations globally by learning at the Cybrary python level. 

Data Structures & Algorithm in Python 

Among all the technological trends, Data Science has grabbed the centre stage in the businesses of the 21st century. What exactly is data science? It refers to the utilization of algorithms, scientific methods, and systems for extracting insights from structured and unstructured data. Learning Python for Data Science has become mainstream. Every big or small company is using Data Science to predict future trends and solve current issues based on predictive statistics. 

In the modern world, quintillion bytes of data get processed every day. A data scientist organizes and analyzes this large amount of data making it accessible to lead a profitable business. For example, a company may leverage data science to track habitual purchases of their customers. Thus, our advanced Python training holds the ability to teach you everything about Data structures and algorithms for you to have a booming career in data analysis. 

Here are a few job profiles in Data Science that professional with Advanced Python knowledge can take up:

  • Data Analyst
  • Statistical Analyst
  • Data Science Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Corporate Strategy Analyst
  • Data Visualisation Analyst

Hundreds of today’s new-age successful tech firms are leveraging Data Analytics like Instagram, Netflix, Reddit, Google, and Spotify. This course is the perfect choice for you to move a few steps ahead of basic Python programming. Get entitled to great salary perks and corporate benefits by learning advanced Python. Edoxi hails a premium training for Python data structures course in Dubai. Our advanced Python training centre can render you a pro in Python in no time. 

Python for Cyber Security Course in Dubai

Python is a leading and advantageous choice when it comes to cybersecurity, thanks to Python's cyber security-specific libraries, functions, and other features. The user-friendliness of the programming language has made the preferred choice for cybersecurity professionals around the world. Some of the leading cyber security-oriented libraries in Python are Scapy, Nmap, Beautiful Soup, Yara & Requests. 

Python brings aboard exclusive programming capabilities and lets you create cyber applications for port scanning, web cloning, web server fingerprinting, attack simulations and much more. The language also takes care of socket programming, network port scanning, geolocation extraction, and packet sniffing. A Python for cybersecurity course will help you master the programming language, associated libraries and create a lucrative career in cybersecurity.

Why do firms around the world choose Python for Cybersecurity?

  • Python makes debugging easier
  • Availability of numerous cybersecurity tools in its library
  • It encompasses features like host discovery, malware analysis, network scanning, etc. 
  • The quick development of Scripts in Python

Python Course for Network Engineers in Dubai

This training by Edoxi also embodies a comprehensive python networking course certification. Network engineers are technical specialists who handle the controlling, planning, designing, taking care of computer networks. The demand for network engineers is on the rise in this fast-paced world. Coding is a crucial skill for network engineers. However, you need not dive into complex languages like Java or C++. Mastering the Python programming language can take your career to new heights.  

Python lets network engineers build scripts for automating network configurations. It is among the most broadly used programming languages for networking professionals today. Network engineers with Python knowledge are the most sought-after specialists by organizations. Thus, taking this advanced Python training will prove to be quite beneficial to network engineers.

Here are a few job profiles that every network engineer with Python knowledge can take up:

  • Python Developers
  • Network Specialists and Designers
  • Network Security Engineers
  • Network Architect Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • Network Administrators

Customizations Available!

Whether you are a fresher looking to cover Python end-to-end or an experienced professional seeking a customized advanced Python course, Edoxi Training Institute provides you with an exclusive option to get enrolled in customized courses. We let you garner knowledge as per your custom requirement. Get in touch now to know more about course customizations.

Course Advisor

Jothi Kumar

Software and IT Trainer

Jothi is a Microsoft-certified technology specialist with more than 12 years of experience in software development for a broad range of industry applications. She has incomparable prowess in a vast grouping of software development tools like Microsoft Visual Basic, C#, .NET, SQL, XML, HTML, Core Java and Python.

Jothi has a keen eye for UNIX/LINUX-based technologies which form the backbone of all the free and open-source software movement. As a Big data expert, Jothi has experience using several components of the Hadoop ecosystem, including Hadoop Map Reduce, HDFS, HIVE, PIG, and HBase. She is well-versed in the latest technologies of information technology such as Data Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning.

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Who should join Edoxi’s Python training in Dubai?

This training by Edoxi is perfect for everyone looking to master our beginner to advanced python course. Our advanced Python coaching specializes in every skill that you need to develop intelligent and complex Python applications. This course is ideal for:

  • Fresh graduates who need advanced Python knowledge
  • Current developers who need career growth
  • Candidates looking to Boost their Networking Career
  • Candidates seeking to Build and advance their career in Data Science
  • Cybersecurity Professionals 
  • System Developers
  • Aspiring Machine Learning engineers
  • Web programmers
  • Any professional looking to advance their knowledge of Python
What are the prerequisites of Edoxi’s Advanced Python course?

There are no particular prerequisites to attend our Python training, but candidates seeking this course must possess basic knowledge of programming concepts. Elementary knowledge of Python will come in handy to those desiring to excel in this course.

Organizations around the world are hiring Python programmers with advanced skill-set. Our Advanced Python course can help you gather insights and increase your job prospects. If you’re a beginner, we have a Python for Beginners Course in Dubai. 

Will I receive an approved certificate for the advanced Python coaching from Edoxi?

Yes. Edoxi provides the best Python course for intermediate to advanced levels. We will grant you a certificate authorized by KHDA and QA QC upon your training completion.