EmSAT Math Preparation course in Dubai- Everything You Need To Know 

Emirates Standardised (EmSAT) Math test is a national test in the UAE that aims to evaluate a student’s mathematical skills in Algebra, Geometry and Statistics in a computer-based exam. It also helps students better understand their personal skills as they progress to the next level in education. Colleges in the UAE consider clearing the EmSAT test as a preliminary stage for the admission process of students.

Edoxi’s EmSAT Math Training assesses the extent to which the test taker is ready to face EmSAT Math Test. EmSAT Math Test is a computer-based test where all the test sections, questions, and options are randomized. The test is entirely computerized and timed by the computer. As a result, the test taker can see how much time is left for the person to complete the test. Our EmSAT Math classes are very flexible in nature. 

Why is EmSAT Achieve Math Test Important? 

EmSAT Math exam is adaptive. The exam content and difficulty are altered according to the test taker's capacity. This means if the test taker answers a question correctly, they will be given more challenging content. In contrast, if the test taker answers the question incorrectly, they will be given straightforward content. The continuous adjustment provides the test takers with optimised content throughout the exam. This allows them to perform at their best, thus providing an accurate measure of their skills and ability.

What Will you Learn from EmSAT Chemistry Training?

The curriculum of the EmSAT Math exam is divided into three sections

1.Algebra Section 

The content of the Algebra section covers 60% to 70% 

  • Interpret the structure of expressions
  • Perform arithmetic operations on polynomials 
  • Understand the relationship between zeros and factors of polynomials        
  • Create equations that describe numbers or relationships
  • Solve systems of equations 
  • Analyse functions using different representations 
  • Build a function that models a relationship between two quantities 
  • Build new functions from existing functions
  •  Prove and apply trigonometric identities  

2. The Engineering Department 

The content of the engineering department covers 15%-25%

  •  Prove geometric theorems 
  •  Prove theorems involving similarity 
  •  Apply trigonometry to general triangles 
  •  Understand and apply theorems about circles 
  •  Use coordinates to prove simple geometric theorems algebraically   
  •  Explain volume formulas and use them to solve problems 

3. The Statistics Section 

The content of the statistics section covers 5%-15%

  •  Summarise, represent, and interpret data on a single variable 
  •  Interpret linear models 
  •  Use the rules of probability to compute probabilities of compound events in a uniform probability model 
  •  Calculate expected values and use them to solve problems 
  •  Use probability to evaluate outcomes of decisions

EmSAT Math Score

If you are planning to do your further studies on medicine, engineering or computer science, you need to score at least 900 to1500 on the EmSAT Math Test to be eligible for the same.

Score range Description
1750 to 2000 A student at this level has demonstrated sufficient mastery of higher-level algebra, geometry, and basic calculus to be considered for entry into a second calculus course.
1500 to1725 A student at this level has demonstrated sufficient mastery of algebra and geometry to warrant being considered for direct entry into a university-level calculus course.
1100 to 1475 A student at this level has demonstrated sufficient understanding of algebra and geometry to be able to engage in pre-calculus or similar courses of bachelor level instruction. Additional preparation would be recommended for those seeking a STEM major.
700 to 1075 A student at this level has demonstrated some understanding of algebra and applied geometry. A student at this level should consider enrolling in mathematics preparation courses before enrolling in year one bachelor-level mathematics courses.
500 to 675 A student at this level has demonstrated some numerical understanding but a limited understanding of basic algebra and geometry concepts. This student needs additional instruction and support in basic numeracy, algebra and geometry prior to engaging in tertiary-level mathematics instruction.
<500 A student at this level has demonstrated little or no ability to apply basic mathematical concepts at tertiary entrance level. Students in this level would need to significantly improve their mathematical understanding before engaging in any tertiary-level mathematics instruction.

How to Prepare for EmSAT Achieve Math Test?

  • Refer through various educational and scientific materials thoroughly to gain knowledge and crack the test.
  • Depending on your academic level, be qualified to pass the Mathematics test according to the stages.
  • By taking part in various experimental models of the Mathematics exam.

Prerequisites for joining this training:

  • High school students who are interested in pursuing higher studies in Mathematics.
  • Students who completed their High School.  

Why Choose Edoxi for EmSAT Math Training in Dubai? 

Edoxi’s Training Institute is the foremost Exam Training Institute in Dubai. By signing up in Edoxi, students can acquire the best coaching in EmSAT Math Test. Our expert trainers in Edoxi will cover all the major areas and will help you attain the desired scores for EmSAT Math Test.There will also be interactive sessions that will help you clear your doubts. Thus, innovative EmSAT Math Training in Dubai offered by Edoxi can help you get admission to your dream institution by attaining the top scores in EmSAT Achieve Math Test. 

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