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Enhance your skills in healthcare practices and begin your career as a successful medical auditor with CPMA Training in Dubai

  • Affordable Fees
  • Learn From Experienced AAPC Certified Coders
  • Real-World Coding Scenarios and Exam-Taking Techniques
  • Mock Assessments to Crack the Exam
  • Training Certificate Upon Completion
Start your career in CPMA

Start Off your Career As a Certified Medical Auditor with Our CPMA Course in Dubai

Certified Professional Medical Record Auditor (CPMA) is a highly honored certification. This certification makes you eligible as an auditor to work across Medical coding, Auditing, HEDIS, HCC Coding, and data abstraction work.

If you wish to work in the healthcare sector as a certified medical auditor, to perform audits, and review clinical documents, Edoxi can help you pursue this career. Coding records, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, and maintaining quality assurance are supposed to be your key skills. 

Our certification course concepts assist in a smooth workflow from scheduling the patient visit to the practice being paid for the visit. Get prepared for the AAPC Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA®) exam with Edoxi Training Institute. 

What you will learn from Edoxi’s CPMA Course in Dubai

Our training is designed on Coding and documentation compliance which are the key to a successful practice of an auditor. We help you understand audit scope and receive the most benefit from audits. Learn with us to:

  • Understand the concepts that reduce overhead and reduce turnaround time for payment of services
  • Understand medical record abstraction and identify risk areas to practice.
  • Understand what provider documents are and what will improve the provider's documentation
  • Learn to improve the financial well-being as well as the compliance of provider practices
  • Get prepared for the AAPC Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA®) exam.
  • Learn Medical records in detail, ICD-10 Auditing and CPT Auditing
  • Gain knowledge on EM Auditing as per CMS and AAPC.
  • Update your knowledge on RAT STATS and PATH Audits. 
  • Gain knowledge of medical coding and billing systems, medical terminologies, regulatory requirements, auditing concepts, and principles.
  • Identify medical record documentation standards.
  • Identify record retention standards
  • Identify and understand National Correct Coding Initiative and Medically Unlikely Edit risk areas
  • Understand the steps of the audit process and identify statistical sampling types and factors

CPMA is valuable to healthcare practices and organizations. They help keep healthcare providers out of fraudulent activities.

Who can pursue CPMA Course?

  • Aspirants seeking to work in the healthcare sector 
  • A minimum of two years of coding experience. 
  • Certified coders with experience can attempt the CPMA Exam.

Why Choose Edoxi for CPMA Training in Dubai? 

Edoxi Training institute provides CPMA Training in Dubai. Learn the Scope and Statistical Sampling Methodologies that will help you to stand out in today’s competitive job market. Here is why you should choose Edoxi. 

  • We offer objective and hands-on interactive education for candidates. 
  • We have expert AAPC certified trainers. 
  • We provide extensive ideas to maintain Time management during the exam for candidates.
  • We provide training for the multifaceted components of medical auditing. 
  • Our training center offers a course that covers medical record standards and documentation guidelines
  • We give a course completion certificate that adds value to your career. 
  • We offer flexible learning with affordable fees.
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What is the benefit of pursuing Edoxi’s CPMA course?

We ensure candidates learn to communicate with medical professionals and assess medical documents. 

What are the prerequisites to pursue the CPMA course in Dubai?

There are no prerequisites to take this course. Knowledge of medical terminology and anatomy is recommended.

What are the instructional materials included for this course?
The instruction materials and curriculum include Medical Auditing Training: CPMA®, CPT® Professional Edition, ICD-10-CM Code Set, and HCPCS Level II.
Does Edoxi’s CPMA Course prepare you for a certification?
Yes, you will be prepared for the Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA®) Certification Exam offered by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).
What is the pattern for the CPMA exam?

The CPMA® Exam consists of 150 multiple choice questions (proctored). The duration of the exam is 5 hours and 40 minutes.