Overview of Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA) Training in Dubai

Imagine being the one who paves the way for healthcare providers to optimize their services while ensuring proper medical billing practices. This vision can become your reality with our Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA) course. 

A CPMA plays a critical role in healthcare, ensuring that medical claims are accurately billed and compliant with healthcare laws and regulations, protecting providers from potential fraud and abuse allegations.

Our CPMA course is more than just lessons—it’s a comprehensive training program that delivers a deep understanding of medical documentation, fraud, abuse, and penalties for documentation and coding violations based on governmental guidelines. You’ll gain hands-on experience reviewing medical records with precision and professionalism.

Choosing Edoxi for your CPMA course is an investment in your future. Edoxi is recognized for its dynamic teaching methods that seamlessly blend theory and practical knowledge. We have certified mentors who ensure that you not only understand the concepts but can also apply them in real-world scenarios. Our interactive classes, case studies, and collaborative learning experiences make the learning process engaging and fruitful.

So, are you ready to step into a future-proof, engaging, and crucial role in the healthcare industry? Sign up for our CPMA course in Dubai and kick-start your journey toward a rewarding career. 

The time to act is now—let us help you become the best version of your professional self.

CPMA Course Highlights

  • Comprehensive CPMA training for expert medical auditing proficiency.
  • Master essential auditing techniques, documentation, and compliance standards.
  • Learn from experienced professionals in a hands-on, interactive environment.
  • Apply knowledge to real-world medical audits through practical exercises and simulations.

CPMA Course Features

  • 28  Hours of Engaging Online Sessions

    Join our interactive training sessions, led by certified educators who’ll thoroughly explain the theoretical and hands-on aspects of the CPMA course in a simple style.

  • ive Comprehensive Practice Exams

     Our course includes five extensive mock tests designed to enhance your understanding and confidence, preparing you to pass the actual certification exam.

  • 3 Dynamic Classroom/Online Learning Environment

    We don’t limit ourselves to conventional teaching methods. Our course encourages active participation through relevant case studies, meaningful discussions, and group learning activities.

  • Practical Learning Through Real-life Projects

    Get a feel for real-world applications of your CPMA skills with our project-centered teaching approach. This method ensures you gain practical, hands-on experience.

  • Curriculum by Industry Experts

    The course content is carefully constructed by experienced CPMA professionals, giving you the advantage of their industry knowledge and practical insights throughout your learning journey.

  • Certificate upon Course Completion

    On successfully completing the course, you’ll earn a globally recognized certificate. This will enhance your professional image, showing your CPMA expertise and proficiency

Industries Looking for Certified CPMA Professionals





Health Informatics

Medical Equipment Manufacturing

Clinical Research Organizations

Public Health Administration

  • Health and Wellness Firms

Regulatory Bodies (FDA, CDC, etc.)

Prerequisites for CPMA Course

To enroll in a Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA) course, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. Prior Knowledge: Have fundamental knowledge of coding.
  2. Work Experience: At least two years of experience in medical coding, billing, or a related field. This will ensure that you have a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to build upon during the course.

How to Get CPMA Certified?

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Get professional & comprehensive training.
Schedule the exam dates at your convenience.
Prepare for the exam with confidence & ace it.
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Become a certified professional in CPMA.

CPMA Training Options

Choose from the best training options to suit your needs

Classroom Training

  • Instructor-led Classes
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Lecture-Based Presentation
  • Video and Audio Inserts
  • Simulated Exams and Exam Practice
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Customised Corporate Training

  • Customised Corporate Training
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • Learner assistance and after-support
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Live Virtual Training

  • 28 Contact Hour classes
  • Authorised Instructor-led Classes
  • Weekend/Weekday Classe 
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What is the CPMA Course?

CPMA (Certified Professional Medical Auditor) course is a program designed to elevate the competencies of medical auditors. The course provides knowledge about medical documentation, fraud, abuse, penalties for documentation, and coding violations based on governmental guidelines. 

It also covers audit scope, statistical sampling methods, medical record standards, and more.

Who is the ideal candidate for the CPMA Course?

The CPMA course is ideal for professionals in the healthcare industry who wish to advance their careers by attaining specialist knowledge in medical auditing. This may include coders, medical providers, compliance officers, auditing professionals, and anyone interested in medical auditing.

What is the course structure of the CPMA Course in Dubai?

The course structure includes modules that cover various aspects of medical auditing, including types of audits, compliance, medical documentation, fraud, abuse, and penalties, audit scope, statistical sampling methods, and medical record standards.

What is the prerequisite for enrolling in the CPMA Course?

A candidate must have a minimum of two years of experience in healthcare, with expertise in healthcare coding being a vital asset. Understanding medical coding and medical terminology is strongly recommended.

What are the benefits of obtaining a CPMA certification?

CPMA certification opens up various career advancement opportunities within the healthcare industry. It validates one’s knowledge and skills in medical auditing, which can increase job opportunities, promotions, and higher salaries.

Why choose Edoxi Training Institute for the CPMA Course in Dubai?

Edoxi Training Institute is renowned for its comprehensive and practical approach to professional courses. We employ experienced instructors, adopt the latest teaching methodologies, and provide a conducive learning environment. 

With our track record of success, Edoxi is an excellent choice for those seeking the CPMA Course in Dubai.

Does the CPMA certification have international recognition?

Yes, the CPMA certification is internationally recognized. This signifies the high level of competence the holder has in medical auditing.

How will this course help to enhance my career prospects in the healthcare industry?

CPMA certification makes a candidate highly desirable to employers within the healthcare industry. This is due to the stringent compliance regulations that healthcare facilities must adhere to. Therefore, a certified professional medical auditor ensures compliance and saves costs.

How does Edoxi Training Institute support students after completing the CPMA Course?

Edoxi provides ongoing support to students even after they have completed their course. This includes guidance in career development. We also offer updates on industry advancements and refresher sessions, ensuring students remain up-to-date with the latest practices.

Why is Edoxi Training Institute’s CPMA course highly recommended?

The CPMA course at Edoxi is comprehensive and tailored to meet the needs of the students. It provides them with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their career as a medical auditor. 

The teaching staff comprises experienced professionals dedicated to guiding students to succeed. Our commitment to high-quality training makes Edoxi the best choice for the CPMA Course in Dubai.