Mobile Forensics Course in Dubai

Here’s a chance for you to become a certified professional in Mobile forensics by joining Mobile Forensics Course in Dubai. By enrolling in this course you will,

  • Learn about Mobile Operating Systems
  •  Learn about Android Forensics
  •  Ways to extract evidence from a phone
  •  Gain knowledge of mobile forensics tools  
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Mobile Forensics Training in Dubai to become a certified professional in Mobile Forensics

Overview Of Mobile Forensics Training in Dubai

Mobile devices store a massive amount of data which includes text messages, phone records, location of the device, etc. From identifying corporate fraud to tracking down terrorist activities officials seek the help of mobile forensics. Mobile Forensics Course in Dubai covers all the aspects of Mobile Forensics and gives you practical exposure with regard to real-life scenarios which will help you gain expertise in assisting and carrying out investigations. 

Why is Mobile Forensics Important?

In this technology-driven world individuals heavily rely on mobile devices for sending, receiving, and searching for data and information. The retrieving of data and recovery of evidences from devices such as smartphones and tablets is the prime focus of Mobile Forensics. 

Even though Mobile Forensics is a part of Digital Forensics, mobile forensics has got its own unique features that make law enforcement agencies rely on  Mobile Forensics to gather electronic evidence for cases ranging from intellectual property theft to homicide. 

Why Get Certified In Mobile Forensics?

Individuals certified in Mobile Forensics know about the scientific approach as well as the legal aspects of Mobile Forensics. Having certification in mobile forensics is proof that an individual has gained expertise in extracting digital evidence from mobile devices while maintaining forensic integrity by documenting how an evidence was collected, tracked, and safeguarded.

Professional Outcomes & Benefits of Mobile Forensics  Certification

  • Expertise in Mobile Forensics process: Mobile Forensics Certification signifies your expertise in carrying out the processes involved in Mobile Forensics. 
  • Develop skillsets in Forensic Reporting: Mobile Forensics Training will help you develop your skillsets in Forensic Reporting right from the seizure of the electronic device. 
  • Better Job Prospects:A Mobile Forensics Certification definitely adds credentials to your resume and improves your job prospects in Cyber Forensics.
  • Higher salary:A Mobile Forensics Certification will garner your respect as a certified professional in Cyber Forensics and will help you land jobs with higher pay. 
  • Gain knowledge on risks associated with Mobile Forensics:A person with Mobile Forensics Certification has insight on risks and challenges associated with Mobile Forensics. 

Prerequisites For Joining Mobile Forensics Training in Dubai

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer science or Computer Application from a recognized university. 
  • A reasonable amount of work experience in IT and Cyber Security is recommended. 

Mobile Forensics Certification Career Path & Opportunities

There are various career opportunities available in the ever-growing field of Mobile Forensics. These are the different job titles available once you get Mobile Forensic Certification. You can choose the one based on your skill set and area of interest.

  • Mobile Forensics Consultant
  • Cyber Forensic Investigator
  • Mobile Forensics Technician
  • Security Forensics Analyst
  • Android developer

Industries looking for Mobile Forensics Expert

  • Tourism
  • Banking & Finance
  • IT industry
  • Law Firms & Government Agencies
  • Private Investigating Agencies
  • Police Stations
  • Crime investigation departments

Mobile Forensics Course Syllabus

Mobile Forensics Course Content

  • Mobile Operating Systems
  • Forensics Methods
  • Mobile Networks 
  • Cell Phone Hardware
  • Coverage of MobileEdit Forensics 
  • Coverage of BlackBag Forensics
  • Coverage of Android Forensics with ADB (Android Debugging Bridge) 
  • Over of JTAG  

Mobile Forensics Training Options

Choose the best training options to suit your needs

Training Options Features
Classroom Training
  • Instructor-led Classes
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Lecture-Based Presentation
  • Video and Audio Inserts
  • Simulated Exams and Exam Practice
Customized Corporate Training
  • Customized learning (digital/ instructor-led)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • Learners assistance and after-support

How To Get Mobile Forensics Certification?- Follow These Three Simple Steps 

Earning a Mobile Forensics Certification is not an easy credential to add to your resume. However, it becomes easy if you follow these three simple steps. Here you go!

  • Get professional training
  • Apply for the Mobile Forensics Certification Exam
  • Get Certified in Mobile Forensics


Why Choose Edoxi for Mobile Forensics Training in Dubai?

Edoxi’s Mobile Forensics course in Dubai will help you gain knowledge right from the architecture of mobile devices to various tools used for mobile forensics investigation. Our experienced trainers will introduce you to the set of guidelines and the methods to be followed in Mobile Forensics. So get ready to learn the precise standards to be applied in Mobile Forensic techniques. Enroll Now!

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What will I learn from the Mobile Forensics Course in Dubai offered by Edoxi?
  • Mobile Operating Systems
  • Forensics Methods
  • Mobile Networks 
  • Cell Phone Hardware
  • Coverage of MobileEdit Forensics 
  • Coverage of BlackBag Forensics
  • Coverage of Android Forensics with ADB (Android Debugging Bridge) 
  • Over of JTAG  
What are the benefits of joining Edoxi’s Mobile Forensics Course in Dubai?
  • Expertise in Mobile Forensics process
  • Develop skillsets in Forensic Reporting
  • Better Job Prospects
  • Higher salary
  • Gain knowledge on risks associated with Mobile Forensics
What are the stages in Mobile Forensic Process taught by Edoxi’s Mobile Forensics Course in Dubai?
  • Seizure & Isolation
  • Identification
  • Acquisition
  • Examination & Analysis
  • Reporting
What is Forensic Reporting?

The document that shows the seizure, custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of a physical and electronic device can be referred to as Forensic Reporting.

What is the duration of Edoxi’s Mobile Forensics Course in Dubai?

The duration of this course is 32 Hours.