Salesforce Administrator Training in Dubai

Learn all aspects of Salesforce Administration like administration, integration, and Visualforce framework to become a Salesforce Administrator or Developer. With Edoxi Training Institute, you will learn:

  • To maintain and import clean data.
  • Responsibilities of a salesforce administrator and developer
  • Master data models and security models
  • Gain in-depth knowledge in configuring Salesforce
  • Acquire and maintain Salesforce Administrator credentials
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 Everything you need to know about the Salesforce Administrator Course in Dubai

Salesforce is a complete, unified system that combines CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications with Sales, Service Cloud, and marketing solutions to provide an end-to-end platform for customers. Salesforce has been the sales leader for so many years because it provides you with everything you need to get your sales team or company running.

With Edoxi Training Institute's Salesforce Administrator Certification, you become a Salesforce administrator who can construct and maintain Salesforce accounts. Salesforce Administrator training is designed for non-technical people who want to gain technical knowledge about Salesforce Service Cloud.

Sales Cloud is a set of pre-built applications and tools which are built on top of Salesforce technology. With our Salesforce Administration Certification training course, you will learn how to master the administration features of how Salesforce implements sales. It also teaches you about configuring and managing Sales and Service Clouds.

How our Salesforce Administrator Certification can help your career?

Edoxi Training Institute provides Salesforce Administrator Training in Dubai to help you become a Salesforce administrator who can manage the Salesforce platform. It also allows you to become a Salesforce certified professional with upgraded skills, knowledge and abilities.

Our Salesforce Administrator Training in Dubai is conducted by highly knowledgeable Salesforce professionals and trainers with immense industrial experience.

The Salesforce certification is the key to setting yourself apart as a Salesforce professional and gaining recognition in your current field. Candidates with a Salesforce credential are highly sought after by employers because they possess deep knowledge of the program and quickly adapt to new technologies. In addition, a Salesforce certification provides you with an edge over other applicants because it proves your knowledge of a specific system, and employers value that depth of understanding.

The Salesforce certification is the best way to prove your skills as a Salesforce professional. The certificate provides you with limitless opportunities in your career while also showing high demand for professionals with the credential.

Benefits of Salesforce Administrator Certification

Salesforce is a cloud-based integration platform used to connect multiple applications to improve and streamline processes throughout any business organization. Salesforce provides you with the opportunity to learn how to intricately use the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics & Data Warehousing and AppExchange.

As a Salesforce Administrator, your main task is to ensure that all staff work efficiently and effectively utilizing all of their resources and make the company efficient in its daily functions.

Edoxi's Salesforce Administrator Course will benefit you in numerous ways:

  • Gain Salesforce credentials that will upgrade your career path
  • Increase your career prospects and make you a subject expert
  • Gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience from certified professionals
  • Massive scope for success and career growth

Job Opportunities, Future Growth Expectation, and Career Path

The Salesforce Administrator is an in-demand Salesforce certification, especially when you have certifications such as Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultation, and Sales Cloud Professional Certification.

Our Salesforce training will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to meet your goals in your career. In addition, we ensure technical support while supporting the sales & marketing team in holding different events and sessions.

As Salesforce is one of the leading CRM organisations providing a broader spectrum of facilities to its users, aspirants' pool of job opportunities keeps on increasing. Some of the prominent career paths of certified Salesforce Administrator are:

  • Advanced Administrator
  • Configure, Price, and Quote Specialists
  • Platform App Builder
  • Marketing Cloud Administrator
  • Business Administration Specialist
  • Security Specialist

What will you learn from our Salesforce Administrator Training in Dubai?

Salesforce Administrator training is a Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Communities certification course focusing on Salesforce implementation. It will provide you with the knowledge to manage all of the Salesforce sales and service processes. Edoxi Training Institute will teach you to:

  • Set up Salesforce for your organisation
  • Create master data, business processes, custom objects by using configuration tools like Workflow Rules, Process Builder and Approval Processes
  • Customise Salesforce for specific business needs using visual editors such as Apex Triggers, Visual Flow, Lightning Component Builder and Lightning Design System.
  • Automate end-to-end activities through Salesforce Workflows.

Objectives of our Salesforce Administrator Training

Edoxi's Salesforce Administrator training focuses on helping businesses to increase sales efficiency, customer retention, implementing the mobile strategy efficiently, and improving sales performance. The training is designed for IT professionals who have previous experience with technology and wish to pursue a rewarding career as Salesforce administrators by learning the certification exam topics from highly skilled professionals. 

The core objectives of our training include:

  • Practical sessions on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud and Sales Analytics functionalities
  • Provide a complete understanding of how all business processes can streamline using the software.
  • Differentiate the building blocks of salesforce
  • Define business process automation options
  • Learn the deployment of next-generation cloud applications

Why Choose Edoxi for Salesforce Administrator Courses?

Edoxi Training Institute provides Salesforce administrator courses using the Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam as a start for your Salesforce Career. Salesforce administration is an industry on its own. As you receive training from highly skilled certified professionals, you will have the opportunity to explore the vast Salesforce industry.

Edoxi's Salesforce Administration certification allows you to prove your knowledge, practical abilities, and skills in SalesForce Administration, and industry-specific skills that you can apply directly to your workplace or a future career path.

Who Can Pursue Our Salesforce Administrator Training in Dubai?

Edoxi Training Institute's Salesforce Administrator Course can be pursued by those aspirants who have no prior knowledge of Salesforce. The training for the salesforce administrator certification exam will allow you to build your career as a developer, administrator, or consultant.

Those who are passionate about Customer Relationship Management and Cloud Computing can pursue Edoxi's Salesforce Administrator Course. Profiles like system administrators, sales operator professionals, IT managers, and product managers can highly benefit from this course.

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