Microsoft Word Training in Dubai

Learn how to leverage Word with help from experts at Edoxi to write, edit, and design documents by using beginner and advanced features.

  • Master the basics of Microsoft Word in the latest version of Word 2019. 
  • Highly interactive and informative Lessons Delivered by Experts
  • Learn how to use tables and create professional-looking documents. 
  • Manage your workspace to view multiple documents and customize your version.
  • Format your document including character formatting, paragraph layout, spacing, and alignment

All You Need To Know To Get Started With Microsoft Word Course

Microsoft Word is a word processing system developed by Microsoft. This can be used for both business and personal use. This has already been rich in features and very critical nowadays for increasing productivity in companies. Hence, Microsoft is continuing its efforts on enhancing Word with every new release. So, how can you learn, understand and adapt to the changing trends and features? Edoxi training institute in Dubai is offering MS word training to those who are eager to learn and increase their productivity in their workstation.

Benefits of Getting MS Word Certification

Edoxi training institute is the best MS Word training center in Dubai as of now. I would like to list down a few wonderful benefits you receive after getting MS word training in Dubai in our institute.

  • You can create wonderful documents for your office purposes, which helps your career prospects.
  • You will get that knack to build great charts. Every job at some or the other point asks you to learn these skills, which are a must to present great-looking documents.
  • Ease of work is very important when you are in the office! Productivity will be increased if you are an expert in MS Word and your future career prospects will also look wonderful.


Besides individuals, Microsoft Word is also used by many organizations. Hence, most of the organizations give greater significance to Microsoft Word training and certification and believe that individuals having this certification are qualified professionals compared to non-credential peers.

Overview of Edoxi's Word Training in Dubai

From beginners to experts, our certification course has many things to learn. It has beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons to train you effectively at each phase.

Here are a few highlights of our word training course in Dubai:

  • You can create, save, and also share documents.
  • Apply various fonts, create numerous styles and designs, and improvise text and present the document well with indents, bullets and line spacing.
  • MS word helps you insert comments to the already prepared document, track changes and also evaluate documents. Also, there are Mail merge to envelopes, labels, emails, and form letters.


Whether you use MS Word for preparing study purpose documents, for leisure, or for work purposes, our tutorials will assist you in transforming your blank page into a good-looking professional document.

Microsoft Word Course Topics:

  • All the updated features of MS Word
  • How to create new documents (creating, editing, and saving in various formats)
  • How to work with tables, columns, and a few other formatting features?
  • How to insert Graphics, charts and WordArt effectively along with creating custom graphic elements.
  • You will learn in-depth about document templates, formatting text and also paragraphs.
  • Our experts will give you complete knowledge on advanced features, which include document versioning, proofing tools, mail merge, macros and many more.

These are just a few of the basic topics we cover in our course training, you will know what all we give training on, once you visit our office location in Dubai.

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