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  • Understand the document lifecycle and document control features
  • Learn how to develop an effective document control system
  • Learn about the documentation necessities of ISO 9001
  • Earn a certificate approved by the Ministry of Education, UAE
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Document Control Course to Get you Started

Document Controller is the person who is accountable for controlling of filing, sorting, numbering, and recovery of hard copy documentation generated by technical departments. Edoxi training institute is offering Document Controller training in Dubai for interested candidates. This training will help you master the course easily and perform the necessary things required for this job. Training on this course will be given by experts who have plenty of expertise in their respective fields. We always care for quality and that is been our true success.

This course is focused mainly to meet the needs of diverse industries such as IT, Oil and Gas, Refinery, Chemical industries, etc. Our experts will be given quality training to professionals to perform the desired work efficiently and within the specified timeframe. Once you join our Document Controller Programming classes in Dubai, there is no looking back. We will make you an expert and you will have a successful career ahead.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to Document Controller
  • Document Type including drawings
  • Master, control, uncontrolled, and superseded documents
  • Understand the Correspondence Management Process
  • Control of document - ISO 9001:2015
  • Document consistency and referencing
  • Codes and standards
  • Controlled document list
  • Privacy and protection
  • IOSA Audit Standards
  • Process and document ownership
  • Client Documents
  • Defining a corporate standard
  • Able to manage records management activities
  • Information management strategy
  • What documentation means to auditors
  • Operational Management and Control Systems
  • Periodic review
  • Project filling system
  • Maintain Confidentiality and Security
  • Business case
  • Generate Reports
  • Know the difference between latest and superseded documents
  • Change management
  • Classification of records

These are a few course topics. Join our sessions to know more topics that you will be learning under our Document Controller courses in Dubai.

Course Objectives:

Before the completion of this course, the candidates who are taking this course will be capable enough to:

  • Develop a records management program to improve the worth of the organization’s data and minimize the threat and cost.
  • Extend document control processes to recognize, secure, guard, and keep hold of critical data.
  • Apply rules and standards to the organization of data for compliance.
  • Recognize the threats connected with the poor management of data to minimize penalties and price.
  • Develop a data asset register to recognize critical data within their organization.

What you will learn?

As part of our Docu2ment Management training courses, you will learn the following:

  • Create a document control system that pleases your quality management necessities.
  • Pursue a document throughout its lifecycle, right from its conception to retirement.
  • Ascertain guidelines for reliable document manifestation, entry, and circulation.
  • Build standards to sustain the reliability of your document control system and make documentation obtainable for auditors.
  • Give delegates concepts and instances of draft procedures.
  • Learn and decide the documentation necessities of ISO 9001.
  • Offer delegates with change control understanding.

Target Audience:

This course is planned for professionals in the early stages of training a management system or for the workforce who are needed to contribute to upholding or enhancing the management system and produce or control its documentation.

Course Duration:

The maximum time required to complete this certification course is 30 hours and will be concluded in a month’s time. The duration may vary if it is chosen under corporate training by business organisations. Fast track courses are also available as per the requirements of the students.

Skills required for a document controller:

  • Proven work experience in a similar role or in Document Controller itself.
  • You must have familiarity with project management.
  • You must and should have basic knowledge of labor and corporate law.
  • Practical experience with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel is necessary.
  • Sound knowledge of Electronic Document Management Systems is necessary.
  • Skill in editing and typing is mandatory.
  • You must also have information organization skills.
  • Attention to detail is another important skill that is necessary.
  • Basic analytics experience is also necessary.

Why Choose Edoxi for  Document Controller Training in Dubai? 

Finally, if you are searching for the best Document Controller training institute in Dubai, then you are definitely at the right place. You can confidently reach us and take up this training course with us. Edoxi training institute is the most excellent among every training center available at present. You can say that we are the most preferred because of our unique ways of learning and teaching methodologies. From ideas to the building, our professionals have done a lot of research on the Document Controller course to give comprehensive training to individuals who reach out to us.

We are ready to deliver tremendous results for our students now! So, if you are based out in Dubai and looking to take up this course, then reach us! We will deliver the best results by offering quality training.

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