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Get Oracle HRMS Training to enable you to comply, automate, measure and align critical human resources programs that result in workforce excellence. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Manage a globally integrated workforce.
  • Empower managers with accurate information.
  • Recognize the Oracle HRMS products and applications infrastructure.
  • Adapt to changes in business conditions. Identify gaps between requirements and skills.
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Oracle Human Resource Management System is also called Oracle HRMS. The efficient areas of Oracle Human Resource Management System are to create a standard platform of the Organizations in addition to people structures. Edoxi training institute is providing the best Oracle HRMS training in Dubai for people who want to build a career by learning this course. This course will also make you a professional in running a payroll, payroll for certain employees, etc. Besides these, you will also be equipped with learning management templates, fast formulas, etc.

Oracle HRMS is an element of the Oracle E-Business suite of applications. Previously, human resources were managed in detached and duplicate systems. With the change of times, the demand for more unified information management has increased. The solution may be to create interface products that allow specialists to move information between two systems. Oracle HRMS offers an incorporated system that both functions can authentically share with complete security and access control. So, we will assist you in learning about various other things and master the course effortlessly.

Course Topics:

  • Overview of Oracle HRMS
  • Building Application Users
  • Intro to Alerts and Workflow
  • User Information Tables
  • Detailed explanation on SOE
  • Oracle HRMS Solutions
  • Check and renew reporting employees Information
  • PYUGEN architecture
  • Oracle HRMS Information Model
  • Defining Descriptive Flex fields
  • Acclimatizing the Predefined Accrual Formulas
  • Accrual and PTO processing
  • Assignment Sets building and using
  • Representing Financial Reporting Structure
  • Location Hierarchies
  • Retro Pay
  • Describing Lookups and Values
  • Vital SSHR related profiles
  • Learning the Accrual Plan Structure
  • Describe Value sets
  • Reviewing Manager Self Service
  • Running External Payments
  • Functions and Characteristics of SSHR
  • User Access and Security
  • Functions, Menus, and Responsibilities
  • Setting Up Absence Management
  • Configuring Web Page Layouts
  • Manager Actions
  • Termination
  • Important SSHR related profiles

These are a few of the course topics. More topics will be discussed once you join our Oracle HRMS courses in Dubai.


There are no such highly essential prerequisites but all the aspirants must have a fundamental knowledge of the ERP.

Course Objectives:

  • Here are a few objectives of the course:
  • Taping worker qualifications
  • Defining worker kinds
  • Identifying how Oracle Payroll incorporates with various products in the HRMS family
  • Describing goals in the objective library
  • Finding self-service HR abilities
  • Finding components as building blocks of HRMS information
  • Creating HRMS and HRMSi reports
  • Explain the hiring and staffing processes
  • Explaining collective agreements
  • Building people records
  • Recognize the vital characteristics of Oracle Fast Formula
  • Building vs supervising diverse HR assignments
  • Explaining the process of a person terminating
  • Finding diverse elements of an assignment
  • Entering disability data

Target audience:

Here are some people who can opt for our Oracle HRMS professional course:

  • System Analysts
  • Sales Consultants
  • Data Modelers
  • Project Manager
  • ERP students
  • End Users
  • Technical Consultants
  • Functional Implementer
  • Business Analysts
  • Oracle Consultants
  • HR professionals
  • Oracle advanced developers
  • App developers

The Oracle HRMS products grip vast amounts of HR information that is brilliantly ordered and represented and can make easy business management and vital decision making. Oracle Human Resource Management System intelligence is a tool that offers structured and complete access to HR information. For suppose, Human Resource Management System intelligence offers predefined reports which allow you to analyze budgets, get a view of employee growth and his performance metrics, trends in salary, check vacancies, recruit people, etc. One advantage here is, you have the chance to configure already existing reports and also classify your own reports.

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