Deep Learning Training in Dubai

Develop an in-depth understanding of deep learning, neural networks and become a successful AI engineer with Deep Learning Training. By the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of deep learning
  • Learn to code neural networks from scratch
  • Know basic building blocks of deep learning
  • Familiarize yourself with TensorFlow
  • Gain expertise in NumPy, Keras, Scala, R, Python, Scipy & Pandas
  • Earn a certificate of completion
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Students start to learn about Deep Learning

Everything you Need To Start Your Career in  Deep Learning 

Deep Learning is everywhere from Market Analysis, Speech Recognition, Anomaly Detection, Finding Cures target Advertising. -. The technology is the subset of Machine Learning that is enabling 'Feature Engineering'. Today, you are no longer required to manually extract features from data, Deep Learning takes care of it. With the advent of ML technologies, libraries and frameworks, Deep Learning today is bringing a revolution through Natural Language Processing, Automated Speech Recognition, Language Translation, Multi-object Classification/Labelling.

Today, a career in Machine Learning is one of the hottest and most market disrupting. Companies of all scales around the world are making efforts to gain technology supremacy by investing significantly in AI and ML. With that comes a surging demand for AI and ML professionals. A career in AI/ML sounds lucrative enough now? You can enrol in Deep Learning training in Dubai and gain skills that allow you to work in one of the hottest tech roles in the world.

Benefits of Deep Learning Courses Training in Dubai

Machine Learning is one of the best career choices of the century. Deep learning compounded with ML can help you bring a drastic change around you professionally. You can enrol yourself in Deep Learning courses that won't only widen the career scope for you but also make you a high earning Information Technology professional. The neural network is the powerhouse of Machine Learning algorithms. An in-depth understanding of Deep Learning can help you architect and develop models that are incredibly fast, accurate and generate real-time inference in a breeze. 

The software industry around the world is moving towards machine-generated intelligence. From the collection, parsing of data to making intelligent decisions, Deep Learning is the enabler of the 'Big Data Era'. The right learning taken through a Deep Learning course can help you understand the fundamentals of the concept including, neural network tuning, regularization and optimization. Understand how more data leads to bigger models and how these models require more computation. It is the efficiently created Deep Learning neural networks that help you get better results at minimalistic costs.

Why Choose Edoxi for Deep Learning Training in Dubai?

Edoxi is a premier training institute providing industry-oriented and knowledge-packed Deep Learning courses in Dubai. The course is carefully designed by experts covering Deep Learning frameworks, Neural Networks, ML algorithm implementation in the purview of Artificial Intelligence. Our training institute's Deep Learning Training can be a stepping stone in your journey to becoming an AI & ML expert. Our certified trainers offer industry-friendly training that ensures quality learning and real-time project experience.

In our course, you will learn about the building blocks of Deep Learning, gain rich experience with neural networks, and understand how to code successful machine learning models and algorithms. Moreover, you will also explore advanced concepts such as RNNs, LSTM, Convolutional Networks, Sequence Models and much more! By the end of the course, you will know how to build ML models for natural language, numerical and other sequence data.

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Will Edoxi provide job assistance after the Deep Learning course?

No, Edoxi doesn't offer job assistance per se! However, we provide around-the-clock support in the subject matter. The course is one of the top Deep Learning courses, ensuring rich learning. You can gain technical skills like never before.

Not just that, we make you industry-ready! So, by the time you are done with the course, you will have sufficient knowledge of Deep Learning to ace professional goals.

What are the prerequisites for attending Deep Learning certification?

Our Deep Learning course exposes you to fundamentals, terminologies and methodologies used in AI & ML. The course is suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals. However, if you have some experience in Python, that's a definite plus.

Don't worry if you don't have any previous experience with programming or machine learning. The course content has been designed in such a way to ensure maximum learning with minimal prerequisites. Plus, our instructors are always available at your disposal.

Is this a certificate course which I can show to potential employers?

Yes! Once you learn deep learning with us and finish the course, we will award you a certificate upon successful completion. Edoxi’s  Deep Learning certification training can benefit your career and job search.  You can increase the value of your resume and gain preference for job positions in the AI and ML niche.

Both freshers and experienced professionals can enrol with us for Deep Learning training and earn their certifications. The document is proof of your sheer competence in Machine and Deep Learning and showcases your industry readiness as well.