Lumion Training in Dubai

Build your skills in Lumion, the real-time 3D architectural visualization tool to generate expert visualizations.

  • Generate amazing top-notch videos swiftly 
  • Produce motionless and animated renders
  • Learn the tools to generate expert visualizations
  • Earn a certificate on course completion
Lumion Training

Lumion Course to Get you Started

Lumion is an amazing real-time 3D visualization tool that is leveraged by architects, designers, etc. To be specific, it is inordinate for candidates who wish to append realistic 3D visualization to their SketchUp projects. If you desire that visualization should not be your main profession, then you required software that is simple to pick up. As it’s easy to use, Lumion is an amazing product. So, if you are looking for a training institute, Edoxi Training Institute is offering Lumion training in Dubai for those who are eagerly looking to have a career in it. Our expert professionals are on the brink of making you hit the nail with effective training practices.

One can easily think that they can learn Lumion, but learning the fundamentals of learning the core concepts and advanced techniques isn’t that easy. For architects, we begin our Lumion Classes in Dubai with an expectation that you shall understand the fundamentals by getting a grip on few tricks that will truly take your renders and animations to the preceding level counting the grid method as well because it allows the building phasing and various animations, videos of time-lapse, and how to utilize innovative move for practical animations. So, get to our experts for some amazing training and professional course mastery now and we shall take care of the rest.

Objectives of Lumion Course Training:

  • Generate amazing top-notch videos swiftly.
  • Appending 3D visualization to SketchUp and Revit projects using Lumion.
  • Learn the ideas of Lumion and the tools to generate expert visualizations.
  • Understand how to begin Lumion projects, append cameras and environment, direct decorations, and more.
  • Learn how to build landscapes, and generate animations, etc.

What you learn?

Our Lumion Classes in Dubai will help you master many things. These are some among them:

  • You will be capable of comprehending various procedures of getting models into Lumion from Sketchup
  • Build and concentrate scenes
  • You can easily append grass to your model
  • Candidates can attach fittings and other substances to your scene
  • Animate automobiles and individuals
  • Utilize the network procedure for joining buildings you wish to animate
  • It’s simple for you to utilize layers
  • You will be highly capable of touching your models
  • Generate a building phasing animation leveraging three diverse methods
  • One can easily build a time-lapse video
  • You can produce motionless and animated renders
  • Most importantly, you will be capable enough to append weather and new effects

Target Audience:

  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Civil Engineers
  • BIM Modellers

The Lumion training course is an important tool for everyone who desires to visualize their building designs. It generates amazing, top-notch videos swiftly and is tremendously easy to learn.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction of Lumion and Uses
  • Introduction of Interface
  • Views and Selection of Views
  • Loading Models
  • Importing Models from Revit, 3DS Max, SketchUp etc.
  • Placing Objects and Components
  • Moving, Rotation Height, Scaling Objects
  • Selection of Object
  • Placing Effects
  • Setting of Objects
  • Landscape Modification
  • View Creation (Beach, Hills, Waterfall Etc.)
  • Sun Setting and Its Direction
  • Materials
  • Custom Material
  • Fixing Camera and Creating Views
  • Rendering Effects
  • Modifying Effects
  • Rendering Video
  • Moving, Flying, Sound Effect
  • Realistic Video Rendering

Why Choose Edoxi for Lumion Training in Dubai? 

We are different from the remaining institutes in various ways. Listed below are a few:

  • When we offer training to our students, we ask them to work on real projects, which will help in the easy learning of concepts.
  • We provide effective training with limited seats and individual focus.
  • As our training is according to the present industry standards, you will get a job with handsome pay offers easily.
  • Our reviews on Google and social media are top than our competitors.
  • We always offer flexible training which is given by our specialized experts
  • Our training center provides customized training for both students and corporate companies.
  • We comprehend the increasing demands and needs of today’s companies. So, we understand their unique needs and thus we customize the training to suit their product, and hence we come up with new ideas and design the course to suit the needs of the company.
  • Our main strength is the word of mouth and more than 30% of students who join us are from the reference of previous students.

These are some of the finest ways we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors.


So, if you are looking for Lumion training in Dubai, then we are here! We are the best Lumion training center in Dubai now and we shall help you in guiding effectively to learn the course within no time. Our Lumion training institute is one of the best institutes and getting trained here will help to move your career in a positive direction. Our experts each have decades of expertise in their respective fields and can give assistance to complete the course in the shortest time possible equipping you with the complete course. Many of our students are now well settled with respective positions in their careers. So, join us today and our experts will help you pave your way for a bright future.

Course Duration:

Lumion training course is 30 hours program. This course can be completed in one month. Fast track training also available up on the request of students.

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