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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a revolution in the field of technology. A growing number of companies are deploying AI and so the huge increase in demand for these professionals. Edoxi Training Institute is providing excellent Artificial Intelligence training in Dubai for those who are greatly interested in pursuing this course. As Artificial Intelligence is evolving, machines will gain an increased ability to physically act based on their intelligence, finally leading to machines that can better themselves. In this course, we will help you understand key concepts such as image manipulation, and processing, object detection, TensorFlow, Visualizing POS/NER, creating and deploying sales chatbot, and a lot more.

Not many institutes will offer Artificial Intelligence course in Dubai on the fundamental topics. But, in our Artificial Intelligence classes in Dubai, we provide training to cover each and every aspect of Artificial Intelligence. Our professionals are too good at helping you learn this professional course in the shortest time possible. Also, our training is as per the particular standards which we have set. There will be only a fewer number of students per batch and you can quickly ask queries after the training session is finished. All your questions will be answered by our experts in the same session so that you will gain an overall understanding quickly.

Objectives of our Artificial Intelligence training in Dubai:

A few objectives of our AI course training include:

  • You will learn the basics of deep learning techniques.
  • Understanding an Artificial Neural Network.
  • Learn how to train a neural network using training information.
  • Understand what is supervised and unsupervised learning methodology.
  • Gain complete knowledge about machine learning with Python language.
  • Significance of Python coding for information analytics.
  • Get a grip on Tensor Processing Unit and TensorFlow.
  • Understand the basic terminology utilized in the Artificial Intelligence space.
  • You will get complete knowledge about the Convolutional neural network and its applications.

These are some of the major objectives of our course training and there are many more which you would learn once you join our training sessions.


Anyone can join our AI training course and you don’t need any prior skills for joining our classes.

Who can do this course:

The target audience for this are professionals in:

  • Analytics
  • Data science domains
  • E-commerce
  • Search engine domains
  • Fresher graduates
  • Software professionals who are looking for a career switch

Why Choose Edoxi for Artificial Intelligence Training in Dubai?

If you are located in Dubai and looking for an Artificial Intelligence training Institute in Dubai, then we have got you covered. Our trainers are professional masters in giving quality coaching at a reasonable price range. We are no doubt the best Artificial Intelligence training center in Dubai right now and we can serve your needs effectively. Pursue this course without fail because there has been a huge increase in the need for experts in this field and there are not many professionals. We give you training that is as per the industry standards so that you can work in any organization and be highly productive in showcasing your skills. Want to join us? Give us a call on 058-1236600.

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