Advanced Excel Courses in Dubai

Build a solid understanding on all aspects of Advanced Microsoft Excel to harness the full power of Microsoft Excel by automating your day to day tasks through Macros and VBA.

  • Learn the most advanced Excel functions used in the Office
  • Learn Through Classroom/Online Classes
  • Learn From Industry Experts
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Advanced Excel Courses

Master the Advanced Level of Excel with the Best Training in Dubai

This advanced Microsoft Excel instructional training classes will show you how to utilize the superior attributes of Excel in any interpretation to their full degree. Before the finish of this course, you will understand the whole of Advanced Excel and you know how to provide details regarding information in a rundown utilizing PivotTables, alter and investigate complex information utilizing advanced features, for example, worksheet, work with controls and dashboards. Edoxi training institute in Dubai is ready to offer Advanced Excel Classes in Dubai for those individuals who are ready to join this course.

This professional course includes a bunch of illustrations and activities like a workshop environment. The course is driven by exceptionally experienced Microsoft Excel coaches with numerous years of hands-on experience at our training institute. You are sure to understand a lot about Excel in addition to the valuable tips that we provide.

Course Details:

Some of the things that you learn in the course include:

  • An Overview of the Excel 2016 Interface
  • Using Templates and Workbooks
  • Advanced Formulas and Functions in Excel
  • Multiple Sorting & Advanced Filter Functions
  • Common Text and Numeric Functions
  • Working with Cells, Sheets and Workbooks
  • Working with Conditions
  • Naming Cell Ranges and Miscellaneous Functions
  • Look Up Functions: (Lookup, Vlookup, Hlookup,
  • Tips and Tricks for Advanced Visualizations In
  • Waterfall Chart In Excel 2016
  • Data Management Features
  • Protecting a Worksheet and Setting Permissions
  • Data Management and Analysis Tools in Excel
  • Working with Dates and Times
  • Highlight Rows Based on a Cell Value in Excel
  • Forecast with scenarios using what-if analysis
  • Creating Formulas for Financial Applications
  • Loan calculation in Excel
  • Getting Data from Other Programs
  • Automating Activities by Using Macros
  • Build Interactive Excel Dashboards
  • Implementation of Power Pivot
  • Advanced Reports and Data Visualizations Using power pivot and power view.

Objectives of Advanced Excel training course:

  • Work with a valid function in Excel
  • Utilize a range of data validation practices
  • Comprehend and build PivotTables
  • Build and employ definite names in a workbook
  • Import and export of data from and into Excel
  • Execute a range of logical tasks using PowerPivot
  • Create recorded macros in Excel

These are some objectives of the course. The course has some prerequisites like; the student must already be familiar using the fundamental features of Microsoft Excel. So, it’s better to get the basic and intermediate Excel training to get yourself a grasp of Advanced Excel training.

Course Duration:

The duration of the course will be for 20 hours and it will be completed within 3 weeks period. Fast track courses are available as per the request of the students.

Why is Advanced Excel training necessary?

Today, there is a major shift of businesses using spreadsheets to make easy the representation of wide-ranging financial models. Besides these, the spreadsheets concept is outstanding and the software also permits powerful presentations by making use of various visual elements through. Advanced Microsoft Excel is also a feature-rich software that is used mostly for spreadsheet-based modeling. So, if you understand this, then your work life will surely be fabulous. Get to Edoxi training institute, the best Advanced Excel training center in Dubai to get the most of it.

Our Advanced Excel training in Dubai by experts will also be useful in increasing your productivity. It comes in handy when you want to evaluate, analyze, store, and manage data. Many of you might have lost large volumes of data because of so many issues like for example, files being corrupted. But Excel comes in handy in these situations because it’s also online now and you can work effectively on your files from anywhere.

Our experts understand the changing trends of this competitive world and work on new ways to give training to the candidates. So, for cost-effective and job-oriented training in Advanced Excel, we are the best choice always. If you are based out in Dubai, then you are lucky. We have our institute here, which has been offering quality training from years together.

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