AWS Certifications in Dubai

Learn AWS Cloud Concepts or validate your AWS Cloud skills with AWS Training in Dubai. Earn an industry-recognized credential and enhance your credibility as an AWS Certified Professional. AWS Training in Dubai includes:

  • Cloud fundamental and best practices
  • How to develop applications for the cloud
  • Designing, deploying, and managing AWS Cloud Systems.
  • The processes and best practices for securing the AWS platform 
  • Methods to clear AWS Certification Exams. 
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AWS Courses in Dubai

Build Your Future In Cloud Computing With AWS Training in Dubai

Creating solid foundational skills and upskilling your knowledge and expertise with AWS Certification Training is the best practice to stay ahead of the game. It will help in transforming your dexterity into cloud computing. AWS Certification Training opens new vistas and prospects in your career. 

Whether you are looking to add AWS skills to your portfolio as your teams' role has changed or mastered a specific AWS technology, our AWS courses will help you and your organization remain up-to-date in the digital evolution.

To be a successful AWS Professional, it is essential to have credibility and trust. With our exquisite AWS certification courses, your knowledge and expertise will be validated by industry experts. 

Start Upgrading Your Skills And Earn An AWS Certifications

With the best AWS Training Institute in Dubai, you will earn the certification that validates your skills to design, develop and operate applications on the cloud platforms. As you train with our AWS experts, you will learn to use and implement industry-standard AWS and gain a competitive edge in this competitive market.

AWS Courses in Dubai

AWS skills can open up new career opportunities, including cloud architect, cloud developer, and cloud engineer. With AWS courses, you can enhance your security skills, increase your career prospects, keep up with technology, and gain business experience. Edoxi Training Institute offers the following professional courses led by industry experts to aspiring professionals.The following is a list of AWS courses in Dubai,

AWS Courses Certification Level Duration Corporate Days Certification Body Modes of Training
AWS Cloud Practitioner Foundation 24 Hours 3 days Edoxi & KHDA Classroom
AWS Solution Architects Associate 32 Hours 4 Days Edoxi & KHDA Classroom
AWS SysOps Administrator Associate 32 Hours 4 Days Edoxi & KHDA Classroom
AWS Developer Associate 32 Hours 4 Days Edoxi & KHDA Classroom
AWS Solution Architects Professional 32 Hours 4 Days Edoxi & KHDA Classroom
AWS DevOps Engineer Professional 32 Hours 4 Days Edoxi & KHDA Classroom
AWS Certified Advanced Networking Speciality 32 Hours 4 Days Edoxi & KHDA Classroom
AWS Certified Data Analytics Speciality 32 Hours 4 Days Edoxi & KHDA Classroom
AWS Certified Security Speciality 32 Hours 4 Days Edoxi & KHDA Classroom
AWS Certified Machine Learning Speciality 32 Hours 4 Days Edoxi & KHDA Classroom

Job Opportunities and Future Career Growth

With the number of businesses adopting AWS technology growing every day, qualified professionals have plenty of opportunities to learn this new platform. It has moved towards various industries like E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Education, and more.

Some of the job opportunities that you can pursue after being certified in our Amazon Web Services Courses include:

  • AWS Cloud Architect
  • AWS Networking Specialist
  • Operation Support Engineer
  • AWS System Integrator
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer

How Can AWS Certifications Help Your Career?

AWS certifications have become a must-have for any IT professional. Not only do they provide an in-depth understanding and mastery over the AWS platform, but these credentials also give you more opportunities with better pay than those without them. It boosts your resume and plays a vital role in the hiring process as it catches the eye of your potential employer. Being a certified AWS professional increases your market value and helps open doors to better-paying jobs.

Benefits of AWS Certifications

Our AWS certifications possess various benefits. Some of them include:

  • Prepares you for the future with the upcoming trends
  • Expansion of professional networks
  • Career advancement in the IT industry
  • Exhibits your dedication level and expertise
  • Better job opportunities
  • Boost in remuneration

What Will You Learn From Our Amazon Web Services Courses?

As to cater to the most well-known cloud computing software, Amazon Web Services, Edoxi will teach all the fundamentals, and industry-level practises such as to:

  • Design and deploy the AWS System
  • Recognizing the global AWS infrastructure
  • Understanding the AWS Cloud Architectural principles
  • Finding the perfect solutions based on computational. database and security needs

Why Choose Edoxi For AWS Training in Dubai?

Edoxi Training Institute is one of the most exemplary professional training institutes, where our industry expert trainers focus on inculcating AWS solutions and best practices to enhance your career. You will find the best exercises to upskill yourself and pave a path for a better, successful, and flourishing career. You can avail of online live training or offline training according to your convenience and opt for customizable courses. Our certification courses will enable you to take your career to the next level.

Why Choose the AWS Training Center?

Training centres for AWS will help you master the basics of AWS cloud computing. The course designed by AWS institutes helps you become a part of the AWS Community, and you will get lifetime access to AWS course materials. Find the right solutions based on computational, database, and security needs with the help of the AWS training centre.  

Ready to kick-start your career?

Browse through our AWS Courses and choose the one to fit your skill level.