Certified Purchasing Professional Course in Dubai

Learn to analyse the quality of the goods and services and develop exceptional analytical skills to optimise the company's expenditure with the smooth functioning of operations and supply chain management. By the end of this course, you will:

  • Learn all the fundamental aspects of the purchasing environment
  • Gain all the skills needed to become a purchasing professional
  • Attain the ability to understand the depth of supply chain management
  • Earn the Ministry of Education, UAE approved certification to validate your skills 
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Everything you Should Know About the Certified Purchasing Professional Training

The Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) designation offered by Edoxi Training Institute for the purchase management course is considered the most respected credential in Supply Chain management. Globally recognised and serving as a benchmark for recruiters, this certification is more than an indicator of one's competence in purchasing and procurement. It also reflects one's dedication to their profession.

The Certified Purchasing Professional course is one of the most popular certifications for companies hiring managers in the Supply Chain Industry, especially strategic sourcing. They will be expected to handle products and services worth billions of dollars. The responsibility of a Manager in this area includes reducing or optimizing a company’s spend utilizing strategies developed through research.

Certified purchasing professional, also stated as the certified procurement professional develops one's responsibility and skills to better expenditure strategies that benefit their organization. In addition, Edoxi Training Institute provides a purchase management course for those eager in purchasing and procurement as a career. In this course, you can recognize your skills to be good with crunching numbers and team handling.

How Certified Purchasing Professional Certification can Help Your Career?

On passing the exam for Certified Procurement Professional, you will have the opportunity to join an elite group of professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in Supply Chain Management. The CPP designation can be mentioned after your name, just like a PhD. It will also provide proof of your technical expertise that could enhance credibility with clients or colleagues alike.

Benefits of Certified Procurement Professional Certification

Purchasing agents, procurement specialists, and purchasing managers avail the following benefits on being accredited in Certified Procurement Purchasing Certification:

  • Skills pertaining at various levels of purchasing
  • Promotes validation, reliability and professional dedication
  • Increases earning potential and credibility in the job market
  • Provides a common standard of supply chain understanding, vocabulary, resources and frameworks
  • It gives organisations more profitable, reliable, and sustainable logistics operations
  • Better response to significant disruption to the global supply ecosystem
  • It helps you to stay ahead in today's competitive global business environment

Certified Procurement Professional Job Opportunities and Career Growth

Being certified in purchasing professionals or procurement professionals opens up abundant job opportunities and career growth. There are many jobs with overlapping responsibilities. Many jobs have overlapping responsibilities, such as locating suppliers, buying goods and services, creating a delivery flow that reduces the cost, and saving cash invested in inventory.  

It is also extended to various fields such as sales and marketing, logistics, health, education, hospitality, travel and tourism, banking, engineering, manufacturing and construction sectors, etc. Some of the typical job roles for purchase management course includes:

  • Buyer agent
  • Purchasing assistant
  • Purchasing clerk
  • Logistics manager
  • Supply chain manager
  • Procurement manager
  • Operations manager
  • Procurement specialist
  • Supportability engineer

What Will you Learn From our Certified Purchasing Professional Training?

Given below are some of the extravagant skills that you will obtain from our expert-led certified purchasing professional certification:

  • Purchasing performance metrics
  • Critical aspects of purchasing environment
  • Enhance purchasing personnel productivity
  • Learn about purchasing department structures, their advantages and disadvantages
  • Various ways to allocate buyer responsibilities
  • Dangers of picking the wrong purchasing profit centre models
  • Building purchasing dashboard
  • Setting goals for purchasing departments
  • Establishing a standard sourcing process
  • Knowledge to progress in compliance with purchasing schemes

The Major Objectives of Our Certified Procurement Professional

The learning objectives of Edoxi's Certified Procurement Professional include:

  • Exploring the latest trends of digital procurement
  • Gathering insights on cost optimisation
  • Sourcing strategies and governance
  • Establishing fundamental techniques for enhancing purchasing techniques

CPPM is a superior course where the proficiency of Purchase Managers is polished and they build up an insight into the industry challenges which they are occupied in. This certification is vital towards your way to a top-notch purchasing professional. Employers decline to reward their workforce for their past skills. They stipulate that purchasing professionals should utilize the latest skills and attain extraordinary results. They desire that their purchasing professionals must save most of their money, accomplish the best operational performance, and also minimize the risk.

Edoxi training institute is offering fabulous coaching on procurement certification courses in Dubai. Through word of mouth, we have achieved a significant range of promotions. Our master leaders who give training to our students and professionals are highly experienced and they train you to achieve success. We are the only procurement training institute in Dubai who is providing this course training at a realistic price than others in the market. So, get to us and become a part of our incredible training sessions to master the Certified Purchase Professional training effortlessly.

Contract Management Course

Managing contracts is a crucial skill for any company to develop. Contract Management Courses train learners to employ negotiation and administrative skills to establish beneficial partnerships with vendors and get the best possible incentive while mitigating economic risks.

You will learn about contract law, managing contracts to make them lucrative, and how procurement plays an important role when it comes down to having or not having good relationships with vendors. This course will provide you with a solid understanding of how contracts work, as well as ways in which we can put them into action.

It includes a terrain of:

  • Role and value of procurement contracts
  • Creation of procurement contract
  • People, authority and third parties
  • Rules and regulations to govern business
  • Managing and identifying risks
  • Understanding the benefits of contract simplification

Why Choose Edoxi for the CPP Course in Dubai?

Edoxi Training Institute provides a fantastic, personalized experience for candidates seeking certification as Certified Purchasing Professionals. We provide training that focuses on emerging trends and the fundamental knowledge of purchasing management.

Edoxi Training Institute is a leading training institute that provides world-class procurement certification courses in Dubai. We offer all required assistance to our students. In addition, our trainers have years of experience with teaching individuals how to succeed in business purchasing.

Who Can Pursue Edoxi's Procurement Course in Dubai?

The eligibility criteria for Edoxi's procurement courses are:

  • Individuals who have completed the CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) exam or have a minimum of three years of work experience or are currently working at a senior level as a team leader in procurement, purchasing, warehousing, and supply chain distribution, logistics can apply for this course.
  • Individuals with work experience at a senior level looking to grow their career to the top level can pursue the CPP course.
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