Overview of Incident Handling Courses in Dubai

The National Cybersecurity Strategy of the UAE aims to create a safe and strong cyber-infrastructure in the nation that enables citizens to fulfil their aspirations and empowers small and big businesses. With the help of sufficient Incident Handling Service, an organisation can outline a remediation process that can mitigate the damage of a potential security breach.

What is Incident Handling?

In cybersecurity, Incident Handling is the response plan developed by the user/ organisation to counter the cyberattack. Incident handling involves preparation, identification of cyber attacks, containment of attacks, recovery, and analysis.  The aftermath of a security breach can be disastrous for an organisation, which can range from increased downtime to financial & data losses.

How Can Incident Handling Training Help Your Career? 

An IBM Survey reports that it takes on average 287 days to detect and contain a data breach. The report also mentions that organisations that respond quickly to cybersecurity/ data breach incidents save up to 30% in costs. A Certification in Incident Handling holds great value.

The professionals in Incident Handling are in great demand as their Advanced Incident Handling services will help the organisation in achieving a higher level of cyber resilience by analyzing and documenting the details of the breach to strengthen systems against future cyberattacks.

Benefits of Incident Handling Certifications

Incident Response is one of the widely used threat prevention and response strategies adopted by organisations. The first step towards becoming a professional in Incident Handling is to get Certified in Incident Handling, which garners lots of  benefits such as, 

  • Validate your skills- The certification helps you meet the industry demand with verifiable skills as an experienced Incident Handling Professional, which will help you validate the skills you possess.
  • Higher annual pay- If you get certified in Incident Handling you will receive higher annual pay than your non-certified counterpart. This certification helps you embark on a successful career path that will grow exponentially. 
  • Become a globally recognized professional- The Incident Handling Certifications will help you become a part of the next-gen/new age global community of cyber security professionals, with opportunities across the globe in various sectors.
  • Learn about tools and techniques in Incident Handling- The Incident Handling courses introduce you to tools and techniques used in Incident Handling such as IBM QRADAR. Apply these advanced analytics to detect and track threats as they penetrate and propagate through the system.
  • Enhance your knowledge- The Incident Handling training will help you stay updated with the latest cybersecurity threats and you can get ahead of your peers with your knowledge base in this field. 

Job Opportunities and Career Prospects in Incident Handling Courses

A career in Cybersecurity is a lucrative option with diverse job opportunities. Incident reporters can work as consultants or as employees of a large firm with Computer Security Response Teams. The salary varies depending on skills, experience, organization, and geographic location. Following are the job roles you expect with Incident Handling Certification. 

  • Response Engineer
  • Cyber Incident Responder
  • Forensic Intrusion Analyst
  • Security Architect 
  • Threat Researchers
  • Incident Response Manager

List of Incident Handling Courses in Dubai

Following are the customizable Incident Handling courses in Dubai,

Certified Incident Handler (ECIH) 40 Hours EC Council 5 Days Classroom/Online
Certified SOC Analyst (CSA) 24 Hours EC Council 3 Days Classroom/Online
Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA) 24 Hours EC Council 3 Days Classroom/Online

Prerequisites for joining Incident Handling Courses

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer application from a recognized university. 
  • Having a reasonable amount of work experience in Cyber Security will definitely benefit you.

What Will You Learn From Incident Handling Courses?

The Incident Handling Courses cover all the stages involved in the Incident Handling and Response process. Our Incident Handling Courses in Dubai also cover the following aspects:

  • Incident Handling Lifecycle Review
  • Data loss prevention techniques
  • Advanced persistent cyber threats 
  • Artifact and malware analysis, techniques, and overview 
  •  First response procedures, including evidence collection, static evidence collection, etc.

The Major Objectives of Incident Handling Training

Professionals in Incident Handling improve the overall security, financial position, and reputation of the organisation. They develop systems and plans for identifying security breaches and conduct an in-depth risk analysis. They also educate other employees in the organisation about cyberattacks and cybersecurity. The Incident Handling Training is given with the following objectives.

  • Develop and execute cyber threat-hunting goals
  •  Learn the fundamentals of incident management, including the signs and costs of an incident
  • Master all incident handling and response best practices, standards, cyber security frameworks, laws, acts, and regulations.
  • Understand anti-forensics techniques used by attackers
  • Understand the key issues currently plaguing the cyber world.

Why Choose Edoxi for Incident Handling Courses in Dubai?

By choosing the Edoxi Training Institute, you can become a certified expert through quality and effective classroom-delivered training and online training. Incident Handling Course is a comprehensive program that provides adequate knowledge and skills that an organisation needs to effectively handle post-breach by reducing the impact of the incident. 

Through interactive sessions and group discussions, our expert instructors help the participants to identify and analyze a set of events and to implement effective strategies. This will give you exposure to real-world incident handling and response requirements. So why wait? Enroll Now!

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