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OET or Occupational English Test is an exclusive English language test specifically designed for healthcare professionals. The Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment conducts the OET exam. Healthcare professionals who are looking to work or study in the healthcare sector in the UK, the USA, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Dubai, Singapore or Namibia are required to qualify for the OET test. The OET exam has explicitly been designed for 12 healthcare professions.

What Are the Benefits of Taking the OET Exam? 

The Occupational English Test features 12 specializations, each of which matches up to a particular profession: speech pathology, optometry, podiatry, dentistry, pharmacy, medicine, radiography, occupational therapy, dietetics, nursing, physiotherapy, and veterinary science. An OET Certification can help you to: 

  • Validate your English language skills and expertise with an OET score 
  • Learn the language skills needed in a healthcare job as OET is the only exam validated by the healthcare sector
  • Learn how to communicate with patients in a safe, controlled environment.
  • Build confidence as OET uses real healthcare scenarios in the exam
  • OET is also accepted as proof of English proficiency for visas, study, registration, and employment in healthcare.

At Edoxi, we help you with tailor-made classes to improve each section of the OET test. In addition, we help enhance your skills to make clear communication in the academic setting. Here’s our major OET Course Outline. 

The primary objectives of our OET Training are to help you:

  • Understand the exam pattern and format
  • Gain confidence in attending the exam 
  • Learn good written communication skills in English
  • Understand the listening tasks
  • Learn tips and tricks to speak confidently
  • Enrich and improve your vocabulary in English
  • Build complete language skills required for a healthcare environment
  • Understand the pattern of exams and practise with mock tests

What is the OET Exam?

To precisely measure each individual’s knowledge, the OET test is divided into four subsections that focus on diverse language skills. Here are the four sections:

  Sections Duration
  • Listening
  • 50 minutes
  • Reading
  • 60 minutes
  • Writing
  • 45 minutes
  • Speaking
  • 20 minutes

To crack these four sections, our OET training in Abu Dhabi will be of sure-shot help. Here are the different formats of each section:

  • OET Listening:

This section has two parts. In Part A, the aspirant must listen to a conversation between a patient and a professional and take notes on that interaction. In Part B, you will hear a lecture from one person. Then, you will be requested to answer the questions in the form of multiple choices about what you have heard.

  • OET Reading:

This section is also of 2 parts. Part A is of 15 minutes duration and needs the aspirant to see 3 or 4 passages. Then, the aspirant will be given a paragraph summarizing the text with words removed. Again, you must use your skill to fill these blanks. Part B is of 45 minutes duration, and the aspirant will need to read passages related to common healthcare topics and answer multiple choices.

  • OET Writing:

This section is necessarily an imitation of certified encounters precise to an occupation. The aspirant has 45 minutes to write professional correspondence. This can generally take the form of a letter of referral, but other jobs might contain a letter of release or expert advice.

  • OET Speaking:

This section is done with the support of an interviewer. The aspirant begins after being provided with a summary of their professional background before going to the role-play section. Role-play scenario intended for this section is based on standard communications that happen in a profession such as an interviewer in the field of veterinary science will be taking the position of an animal owner; the aspirant must have to display a blend of professional expertise and interpersonal skills to deal with the circumstances.

OET Pulse – A New Healthcare Specific Placement Test

Doctors, Nurses, and other healthcare professionals who wish to assess their current level of English language can take OET Pulse. OET Pulse assesses your current English language level and gives feedback on how to prepare for the OET test. OET Pulse will assess your:

  • Reading 
  • Listening skills 
  • Language knowledge

Remember, this is not an OET test. OET Pulse is the language assessment test specifically for healthcare professionals for your personal language improvement. OET Pulse takes around 30 minutes that can be accessed at any time anywhere.
The test will be highly beneficial for OET preparing candidates as:

  • Provides feedback on how to prepare for OET
  • You get the results quickly
  • It’s a key preparation tool for better understanding of English level
  • OET Pulse test assessment is based on healthcare-specific scenarios

Who Can Pursue Our OET Training in Abu Dhabi?

The following are the prerequisites to pursue our OET Training in Abu  Dhabi:

  • Healthcare Professionals who want to migrate to another country.  
  • Anybody who wishes to pursue a healthcare profession in the OET accepted countries. 

Our professional course aims to help aspirants build a successful healthcare career. 

Why Choose Edoxi for OET Training in Abu Dhabi? 

Edoxi Training Institute, Abu Dhabi, is one of the professional training institutes delivering the best OET training. Our OET classes in Abu Dhabi will help you improve your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. We have industry-leading professionals who offer tailored courses to aspirants. At Edoxi Training Institute, we provide multiple study aids to the students and impart skills to enhance their healthcare workplace competency. So if you want to get certified, start preparing with our OET classes in Abu Dhabi to stay ahead of others.

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