Architectural Design Course in Dubai

Learn to create innovative, interesting and sustainable building designs with Edoxi’s Architectural Design Courses in Dubai. By the end of the course you will;

  • Gain creative and analytical architectural skills
  • Understand professional architectural values 
  • Learn the fundamentals of architectural design
  • Learn about architectural operations
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How Architectural Design Courses Can Help Your Career? 

Architectural Design Courses equip students with skills and knowledge about design and construction principles. Students in Architectural Design Courses also gain experience in using software programs that are essential for the profession. With a strong foundation in architectural design, students can pursue exciting and rewarding careers in this ever-changing field. Architectural Design Courses in Dubai can help you: 

  • Learn the design process and various principles of architecture
  • Learn to think creatively and analytically
  • Learn to use various designing tools
  • Give you an edge over other candidates
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Better job satisfaction and opportunities for career advancement
  • Be up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry

Benefits of Architectural Design Certifications

Architecture is a competitive field, but it still offers long-term career prospects. An architect gets the opportunity to shape the world by creating and designing spaces that we live in. Architectural Design Certification can open up many opportunities for designers. Some of the major benefits of Architectural Design Courses are to;

  • Help you demonstrate your work calibre and creative skills
  • Make you stand out when applying for jobs
  • Help designers hone their skills and knowledge 
  • Get up to date about the latest industry trends.
  • Give architects the chance to build a network of contacts and colleagues

Architectural Design Courses Job Opportunities and Career Path

Starting a career in Architecture is challenging, fascinating and also inspirational. The demand for professionally trained architects is increasing exponentially as the public becomes more aware of the importance of neat, well-lit living spaces in urban habitats. Listed below are some of the job opportunities out there for you;

  • Architectural technologist
  • Interior and spatial designer
  • Building surveyor
  • Town planner
  • Production designer
  • Historic buildings inspector
  • Structural engineer

What Will You Gain From Edoxi’s Architectural Design Courses in Dubai?

Creating a design and building for the 21st century focuses not only on architecture but also on sustainability, energy efficiency, and green society. At Edoxi Training Institute, Dubai we’ll give you the training to develop transferable skills that are valuable across the built environment industry. If you wish to become an architect or designer, then this course can help you learn technical instructions and applications. Other features of Edoxi’s Architectural Design Courses include;

  • Guidance of industry-led experts to strengthen your skills
  • Immersive training sessions from basic to advanced level
  • Design innovative, sustainable and unique buildings using the latest technology
  • Add more skills to your portfolio and kick-start your dream career

The Major Objectives of Architectural Design Training

Architectural designers create functional and practical spaces in urban and rural settings using a variety of tools. Designers can benefit from Architectural Design Training in a variety of ways. Below given are some of the major objectives of the Architectural Design Training;

  • Develop the ability to apply creativity, technical knowledge, and practical skills to the design of built environments.
  • Develop competencies necessary to be employed in the field of architecture
  • Develop creativity and individuality in problem-solving and performing tasks
  • Improve skills and knowledge related to specific job positions individually
  • Enable students to create their own unique designs and concepts
  • Enable individuals to use software and tools 

Why Choose Architectural Design Training Institute in Dubai?

Edoxi is one of Dubai's top professional Architectural Design Training Centres, which provides advanced training solely focused on building your career in the architectural industry by enhancing your skills and knowledge. Our professional courses, such as Architectural Design Courses, are backed up by industry experts. You will be taught with a comprehensive customisable course structure with hands-on training to improve your practical knowledge.