Google Workspace Training in Dubai

Master everything included in Google Workspace and learn to properly deploy and manage G Suite for your organization!

  • Expert-led technical in-lab training sessions
  • Learn basic to advanced level features
  • Learn to use Google Docs, Mail, Calendar, G-Drive, and more
  • Learn to arrange, store, and share information in a secure and professional way
  • Get an industry-recognized G Suite certificate
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Google Workspace Training

Google Workspace Courses to Get you Started

Google Workspace Training in Dubai

Learn how to use Google Workspace; Google Docs, Mail, Drive, and more

This Google Workspace Training will make you an expert in using Google Workspace (G Suit) applications and their features whether they are of basic level or advanced level.

Edoxi Training Institute will help you to master the Google Workspace (G Suite) application so that you can do well in related tasks and stay ahead of the competition.

It does not matter whether you are looking to attain G Suite certification to your portfolio, or want to be an expert in a specific G Suite application like Google Docs or Google Drive, or you want advanced level training in G Suite, our team has specifically designed these G Suite courses that will help you stay updated in this digital world.

You will learn the following from Google Workspace Coaching Centre in Dubai  

  • Comprehend G Suite Features
    You will learn all of G Suite features, from Google Docs to Google Drive and more. Learn where they can be applied and increase your organization’s productivity.
  • Master the usage of G Suite
    We will train you to use basic to advanced level features of G Suite, you'll be able to compose, manage, save, and present information in a secure form.
  • Add G Suite Skills to portfolio
    We will make your work on portfolio-worthy projects during a training session, it will improve your professional skills and help you kick-start your career as a Google Workspace expert.

Edoxi Training Institute, Dubai will help you to put yourself on the list of best Google Workspace experts.

Ready to kick-start your career?

Browse through our Google Workspace (G Suite) Courses and choose the one to fit your skill level.