R Programming Course in Dubai

Launch your career in Data Science with the powerful statistical programming language- R. The R Programming course will help you:

  • Learn the fundamentals of R language
  • Learn to write complex R programs for industry scenarios
  • Become a Data Consultant, Engineer, or Scientist
  • Create and configure statistical programming software
  • Know how to use R operators, functions, and debugging tools
Students Learning About R Programming

All The Info You Need To Kick Start Your Data Scientist Career

R is one of the most popular languages in the Data Science niche. The language is used heavily in data analysis by the likes of Google, Facebook, Bing, Accenture, and more! 

Today, the use of R is not only limited to Information Technology. The language is also positioning itself in sectors such as Banking, eCommerce, and Finance. Data Science is the new 'HOT' in the markets across the world. It is R that is enabling institutions to carry out data-intensive tasks. Be it risk measurement, forecasting, adjust risk performance, data visualizations, regressions, time-series analysis, and much more.

What can a career in R programming make you?

  • An expert in data science and statistical analytics. 
  • You can shine in job roles like Data Scientists, Statisticians and Data Analysts 

As of now, R is used by over 2 million developers around the world. Therefore, the language enjoys a rich community of developers and encompasses promising growth in the Big Data era. Apart from a rich working environment and around-the-clock learning, R programmers earn over $90,000 annually. If you have a knack for numbers and data patterns, R Programming Courses in Dubai can bring a plethora of opportunities for you.

Benefits of R Programming Training in Dubai

When we talk about cross-platform compatibility, statistical programming features & captivating visualizations, R tops the charts. Today, R is used for an array of use cases including, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Data Wrangling & Academia. With a massive business adoption of R, job prospects are promising as well. 

An R applicant can enter industries such as;

  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Academia
  • Manufacturing, etc. 

If you wish to build strong fundamentals in the language, then R programming training is a worthy investment. Learn how R loops, functions, and conditional data types work. Know how to implement Data Structures in R. Understand the graphics and grammar of ggplot2 and other R packages. The training equips you with the skills to play with data. Thus, become a data scientist, generate inference from the data and make decisions backed by the same.

Why Choose Edoxi Institute for R Programming Training?

Edoxi Training Institute is a Dubai-based leading professional course training provider. Our R programming training is one of the most sought-after courses. We help both- freshers & experienced professionals broaden the skillset. Our students are mentored by industry leaders. At Edoxi, you get to learn from the best in the field. Our instructors are all professionals having years of experience in their niche. The curriculum is designed by the same experts as per the current and updated advancements in the R programming language. 

We help our students build a solid foundation and then advance from basics towards sheer competence. If you're on the path to a career in data science, analytics, or statistics, R should be at the top of your list. Our course helps you foster a lucrative career in data science. Take the course today and add R experience to your resume. Let Edoxi be your companion and guide you from scratch.

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What skills do I need to learn the R programming language?

R is an easy-to-go programming language. Having basic mathematical, statistical, and programming knowledge is enough to kickstart your R programming career. If you have an understanding of reporting tools and different graphs for visualizations, that's a plus point.

What would be covered in the course?

The course has been created to cover the R programming language inside out. Right from the introduction, data frames, data cleaning, data visualization fundamentals to aggregates, and hypothesis testing, we cover it all. By the end of the course, you'd have superior knowledge of the language, and you'd be able to perform efficient programming in R.

Will I be provided with a valid course completion certificate?

Yes, once you finish your R programming training, you will be awarded a course completion certificate approved by KHDA and QAQC. The certificate can be shared across professional networks, job applications, and resumes. Thus, Edoxi brings you a learning experience that is efficient, market-friendly, and the best way to learn R.

What practical skills can I garner from the R language certification?

The certification helps you gather an in-depth understanding of the R programming language. You will know how to use the language inside-out and its environment. You will also understand how to use R functions, data types to manipulate data. The language helps you transform yourself into a full-fledged data scientist.