Overview of Revit Architecture Course in Dubai  

Autodesk Revit is a building information modelling software for architects, structural engineers, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineers, designers and contractors. The software allows users to design a building and structure and its components in 3D, annotate the model with 2D drafting elements, and access building information from the building model's database. BIM is reshaping every aspect of the design and construction industry. The BIM market is expected to be valued at $15 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 13.7%, and opening up a range of job opportunities. The Revit Architecture course becomes vital as the Dubai government issues new guidelines that have made architectural and structural BIM mandatory for several projects. 

Edoxi is an Autodesk-authorised training centre in Dubai imparting world-class training in Revit Architecture for individuals and organisations interested. With EDOXI’s Revit Architecture Course, you will learn to design, document, coordinate, manage and deliver architecture projects using the Revit software. Our Autodesk Revit Architecture course spans 35-hour hours and will equip learners with the skills and knowledge to turn their concepts or ideas into stunning designs. With EDOXI’s Revit Architecture course, you will learn;

  • How to use parametric components
  • How to import and export from different formats
  • How to use different developer tools and solutions
  • Launch Lumion directly from Revit
  • Evaluate and compare design alternatives
  • How to work with Revit project collaboration
  • How to communicate effectively a centrally shared model
  • How to evaluate and compare design alternatives
  • How to develop and share standard and custom family content.
  • Advanced Rendering with Enscape (Complementary) 

Upon completion of the course, you'll receive a tripartite Revit Architecture Course completion certificate, jointly awarded by Autodesk, KHDA, and Edoxi. This demonstrates your commitment and newly acquired expertise.

Benefits of the Revit Architecture Course

  • Higher Salaries: Dubai's booming architectural scene thrives on BIM expertise. Revit proficiency makes you a highly sought-after candidate, with starting salaries ranging from 10,000 AED to 20,000 AED per month. 
  • Future-Proof Your Career: BIM is the future of architecture, and Revit is the industry leader. This course equips you with the most in-demand skillset, ensuring long-term career stability and growth potential in Dubai and globally.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Revit facilitates seamless collaboration within architectural teams. You'll learn to communicate design intent clearly and effectively to clients and stakeholders, streamlining project workflows.
  • Effortless Design Exploration:  Revit empowers you to explore diverse design options with ease. Generate complex architectural forms and variations automatically, saving design time and resources.
  • Stunning Visualisations:  Impress clients with photorealistic renderings created directly within Revit. This powerful tool allows you to showcase your designs in the most captivating way.
  • Enhanced Efficiency:  Revit automates many BIM tasks, streamlining your workflow. Generate documentation, create schedules, and manage data efficiently, saving time and minimising errors.
  • Smooth Transition from AutoCAD:  If you're already familiar with AutoCAD, this course provides a smooth transition path to Revit. Leverage your existing knowledge to quickly master BIM workflows and enhance your skill set.
  • Reduced Rework: Revit's integrated design environment minimises design conflicts and the need for rework, saving time and project costs.

Revit Architecture Course Features

  • 35-hour Intensive Training

    EDOXI’s Revit Architecture course spans around 35 hours equipping learners with a complete understanding of how to use Revit efficiently. 

  • Project-oriented training

    You will work on projects on Revit Architecture under the guidance of industry experts. This will help you gain practical skills and knowledge on the subject matter.

  • Course customisation

    Our Revit Architecture training is tailored to your Autodesk experience, future project type, workflow integration, and other architectural and personal needs.
  • AutoDesk certified trainer

    Our Revit trainer is AutoDesk certified with 6+ years of experience as an Autodesk trainer. He has experience as a civil engineer as well. 

  • AutoDesk Authorised Centre

    Edoxi is an Autodesk authorised Training Center, imparting world-class Revit training programs. 

  • Study Materials

    During or after the course, you can polish your Revit Architecture skills with the exclusive study material provided by the trainer. 
  • Course customisation

    Our Revit Architecture training is tailored to your Autodesk experience, future project type, workflow integration, and other architectural and personal needs.

  • Interactive One-to-One Sessions

    Our project-oriented and personalised one-to-one training sessions span around 35-hour classes, equipping you with Revit Architecture skills.

Industries Looking for Revit Architecture Professionals



Interior Designs


Prerequisites For Revit Architecture Course

  • There are no specific prerequisites to enrol in EDOXI’s Revit Architecture Course in Dubai.
  • The course is suitable for architects, engineers and construction professionals. 
  • Students can also enrol in the course to gain practical knowledge of Autodesk Revit software. AutoCAD knowledge is an add-on.

Revit Architecture Course Modules

  • Module 1: New for Revit Architecture
    • New Features for Revit Architecture
  • Module 2: Introduction to Autodesk Revit Architecture
    • User Interface Tour
    • Browsers, Bars, Palettes and Windows
    • Revit Architecture Help
  • Module 3: Starting an Architectural Project
    • Starting a New Architectural Project
    • Navigation Tools
    • Configuring Global Setting
  • Module 4: Creating Walls
    • Creating Architectural Walls
    • Creating Architectural Walls II
  • Module 5: Using Basic Building Components-I
    • Adding Doors
    • Adding Windows and Wall Openings
  • Module 6: Using the Editing Tools
    • Working with Selection Sets
    • Editing Tools
    • Editing Tools II
    • Grouping Elements
    • Retrieving Information About Elements
  • Module 7: Working with Datum Planes and Creating Standard Views
    • Working with Levels
    • Working with Grids
    • Working with Reference Planes and Work Planes
    • Controlling the Display of Elements
    • Working with Project Views
  • Module 8 :  Using Basic Building Components-II
    • Creating Floors
    • Creating Roofs
    • Shape Editing Tools
    • Creating Ceilings
    • Adding Rooms
  • Module 9: Using Basic Building Components-III
    • Working with Components
    • Adding Stairs
    • Adding Railings and Ramps
    • Creating Curtain Walls
  • Module 10: Adding Site Features
    • Working with Site Features
    • Property Lines and Building Pads
    • Adding Site Components
  • Module 11:  Using Massing Tools
    • Understanding Massing Concepts
    • Creating Massing Geometry in the Family Editor
    • Editing Massing Geometry in the Family Editor
    • Massing in the Conceptual Design Environment
    • Creating Massing Geometry in a Project
    • Creating Building Elements from Massing Geometry
    • Creating Families
  • Module 12:  Adding Annotations and Dimensions
    • Adding Tags
    • Room Tags
    • Keynotes
    • Adding Symbols and Dimensions
    • Dimensioning Terminology and Dimensioning Tools
    • Adding Alternate Dimension Units and Spot Dimensions
  • Module 13: Creating Project Details and Schedules
    • Project Detailing in Autodesk Revit Architecture
    • Crop Regions, Fills Patterns, and Detail Components
    • Adding Text Notes
    • Creating Drafting Views
    • Revision Clouds
    • Working with Schedules
  • Module 14: Creating Drawing Sheets, and Plotting
    • Creating Drawing Sheets
    • Creating Duplicate Dependent Views
    • Printing in Revit Architecture
  • Module 15: Creating 3D Views
    • Three Dimensional (3D) Views
    • Dynamically Viewing Models with Navigation Tools
    • Orienting a 3D View
    • Generating Perspective Views
    • Using a Section Box
  • Module 16:  Rendering Views and Creating Walkthroughs
    • Rendering in Revit Architecture
    • Working with Materials
    • Lights, Decals and Entourage
    • Rendering Settings
    • Creating a Walkthrough
    • Autodesk 360 | Rendering
  • Module 17:  Using Advanced Features
    • Creating Structural Components
    • Generating Multiple Design Options
    • Using Area Analysis Tools
    • Masking Regions
    • Creating Displaced Views
    • Color Schemes
    • Working with Project Phasing Tools
  • Module 18:   Using Advanced Features II
    • Work-sharing Concepts
    • Elements Families, Browsers, Generating Shadows
    • Creating Solar Studies
    • Working with Point Clouds
    • Revit Architecture Interoperability
    • Linking Building Models and Sharing Coordinates
    • Working with Linked Models

About the Revit Architecture  Project

  • You will start working on the full-fledged Revit project while learning the tools and techniques. 
  • In the course, you will work on a Villa project, from start to end by implementing all the interior, exterior, furnishing, lighting, landscaping, vertical circulation detailing, etc.
  • You will learn documentation of the Villa in sheets.
  • You will learn renders with Revit and advanced rendering with Enscape.
  • In the same project, you will go through case studies on Roof, curtain, wall and conceptual designs.
  • In the end, you will work on advanced modelling of organic shapes and customised family creation. 

How to Get Revit Architecture Certified?

Certification Image
Enrol in Edoxi’s Revit Architecture Course.
Practice and Build Projects under expert guidance
Complete Edoxi’s Revit Architecture Training
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Become a Certified Revit Architecture Professional.

Revit Architecture Training Options

Edoxi provides the following training options to our participants for the Revit Architecture Course In Dubai.

Live Virtual Training

  • 35 contact hours 
  • Autodesk Authorised Instructor-led Class
  • Weekend/Weekday Classes
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Classroom Training

  • 35 contact hours 
  • Autodesk Authorised Instructor-led Class
  • Weekend/Weekday Classes
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Customized Corporate Training

  • Customized learning (digital/ instructor-led)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • Learner assistance and after-support
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Upcoming Batches

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What are the Key Capabilities of Revit Architecture?

  • Design to documentation: You can translate conceptual designs into BIM Data in Revit moving from sketching to detailed design to documentation. You can place walls, doors and windows and automatically generate floor plans, elevations, sections, schedules, and different models.
  • Detailed Analysis: In Revit, you have the feature to analyse your building performance throughout the project. You can save costs, and modify your designs any time during the project. This helps you find solutions for the problem before construction and rectify mistakes at a lower cost than if discovered during actual construction.
  • Top-notch Visualisation: You can generate photorealistic visualisation. You can create documentation with cutaways, 3D views, and stereo panoramas to extend your design to virtual reality.
  • Coordination and collaboration: In Revit, you can share, sync, and iterate architecture designs with engineers, contractors and clients in a unified project environment.

What are the benefits of joining Edoxi’s Revit Architecture Course in Dubai?

Some of the benefits are below:

  • Learn tools and techniques in Revit Architecture for BIM projects.
  • Land on high-paying jobs in engineering and architectural fields.
  • Get promotions in your jobs
  • Gain expertise in universal standard designs. 
  • Produce accurate and detailed structures.
  • Automate several of your modelling works.
  • Validate your core skills to reach the epitome of your profession.
What are the activities that you can carry out after the completion of Edoxi’s Revit Architecture Course in Dubai?


  • Apply for BIM (Building Information Modelling) and related jobs in the UAE
  • Create 3D architecture models
  • Generate construction documents
  • Collaborate with other project team members
  • Create photorealistic visualisation
  • Improve design process by automation
What are the job opportunities that you can look into after the completion of Edoxi’s Revit Architecture Course in Dubai?

  • BIM Manager
  • BIM Coordinator
  • BIM Modeler
  • BIM Specialist
  • BIM Architect
  • BIM Engineer
What will you learn from Edoxi’s Revit Architecture Course in Dubai?


Mentioned below are the areas covered in Revit Architecture Training in Dubai, 

  • Autodesk Revit Architecture basics
  • Starting an Architectural Project 
  • Creating Walls 
  • Using Basic Building Components 
  • Using the Editing Tools 
  • Working with Datum Planes and Creating Standard Views 
  • Adding Site Features 
  • Using Massing Tools 
  • Adding Annotations and Dimensions 
  • Creating Project Details and Schedules 
  • Creating Drawing Sheets, and Plotting 
  • Creating 3D Views 
    Rendering Views and Creating Walkthroughs 
  • Using Advanced Features of Revit Architecture

Why choose Edoxi for the Revit Architecture Course in Dubai?

Edoxi is an Autodesk-authorised training centre in Dubai that provides Revit training specifically for architecture. The training encompasses basic to advanced levels of Revit application. In the course, you will work on a project that can give you real-world experience in Revit Architecture. Edoxi is equipped with an Autodesk-certified trainer.