Digital Painting Course in Dubai

Master The Digital Painting Skills and Kickstart Your Career As a Professional Digital Painter.

  • Master digital painting techniques
  • Learn character designing
  • Acquire drawing fundamentals
  • Paint photorealistic digital artwork
  • Grasp knowledge of digital painting tools like Adobe and Procreate
  • Get skilled by industry-trained designers
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All you Need to Kickstart Your Career in Digital Painting

In this age of digitization and technology, the significance of digital artists cannot be overlooked. Digital art is the modern age form of painting. Do you love to paint but cannot find the skills with a traditional paintbrush? Do you aim to succeed in the field of digital artistry to design games with your tech-savviness? Then, Edoxi’s digital painting classes are perfect for you. 

What do digital painters do? Digital painting is a form of sketching that creates art not a physical canvas but utilizes digital tools and techniques to display their artwork digitally. Digital artists professionally employ diverse computer software to develop interactive games, characters, website graphics, 3D animation, and digital photos. All you need is a virtual brush, a computer, and the knowledge of digital painting software. Some essential skills that every digital painter must possess are:

  • Painting and drawing fundamentals
  • Skilled in digital painting software and tools
  • Creativity and eye for detail
  • Critical Thinking 
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Composition and Color knowledge
  • Ability to express emotions in digital characters 

Benefits of Digital Painting Course in Dubai

The world of digital painting is an exciting and fast-paced growing industry globally. It holds a career that involves the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, painting skills, and creativity. Employment for digital painters expects to progress by a whopping 6% for the 2016-2026 decade. Therefore, Digital painting certification can come in handy for designers of all niches looking to create marvellous digital artistry. 

Once mastered the art of digital painting, you can pursue roles in Animation, Character Design, Game Designing, build 2D and 3D set-ups, etc. Digital Painting Training is the most sought-after trait by organizations offering great pay-scale and numerous job benefits. Give your resume an edge with all-inclusive Digital Painting certification and grab the opportunity to boost your design career. Thus, with a cut-throat competition among designers today, digital painting skills are your sure-shot way to climb up the corporate ladder.

Why Choose Edoxi for Digital Painting Classes in Dubai

Edoxi Training institute offers one of the top-notch Digital Painting Courses in Dubai. Our comprehensive curriculum trains you to get skilled in Digital Painting with a best-in-class and all-inclusive short term training program. Interactive classes, hands-on experience, and job-oriented training render us the first choice among digital artists. Based on state-of-the-art technological tools, Edoxi ensures to offer you the best Digital Painting training.

Learn from our professional digital artists with years of experience in digital painting. Leverage Edoxi’s practical and step-by-step approach to ace your digital painting skills with an exhaustive knowledge of all the essential software. We assure you to provide you with rigorous digital painting practice and doubt-solving sessions. Become a certified digital painter and master your design potential. Our professional instructors will guide you to:

  • Make a master in digital painting tools like Adobe Photoshop
  • Learn the use of digital brushes
  • Gain the concept of space and perspective
  • Attain proficiency in character and creature design
  • Grasp technical knowledge of software like Photoshop, Clip Studio, and others
  • Get skilled in painting with diverse colors, textures, and lighting
  • Learn faster editing 
  • Create fantastic digital image prototypes
  • Develop soft skills like communication and collaboration
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Who can join Edoxi’s Digital Painting course in Dubai?

Edoxi’s Digital Painting course is ideal for people looking to expand in the field of digital designing. Meticulously fabricated, learn digital painting from us to harness your full designing potential. Our course of digital painting course is ideal for:

  • Gaming Developers
  • Gaming Designers
  • Graphic and Web Designers
  • Visual Designers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Students and professionals seeking a career in digital designing
  • Any individual looking to advance their digital painting skills to the next level
  • Any individual having a keen interest in learning digital painting
What are the prerequisites to join this Digital Painting course?

Edoxi’s Digital Painting course provides you with an ideal scope to develop your passion for gaming and design. All you need are essential computer skills and a passion for gaining expertise in digital painting. 

You will learn to digitally sketch characters, fantasy worlds, and creatures with expert guidance from our professionals. Even if you do not possess any painting skills, we ensure to train you from a beginner level and render you a pro at an advanced level.

Will I get a certificate after this training?

Yes. Leverage one of the best digital painting courses with Edoxi’s unique digital painting course in Dubai approved by KHDA. Edoxi will bestow you with a certificate upon the course completion.