All You Need To Start a Career In Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is defining our world in ways never imagined before. The moment you open your smartphone and receive personalized recommendations, that's AI for you! From virtual assistants, smartphones, smart devices to security solutions and production lines, Artificial Intelligence is everywhere & it's growing at a mammoth scale. Over 50% of FORTUNE 500 companies already have a dedicated Artificial Intelligence strategy in place, and several thousand other companies are using AI for daily tasks.

With an average salary of $140,000 USD, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engineers are some of the highest-paid technical professionals. The AI-ML domain is growing at a 40% CAGR. The niche is a high demand for people due to a multitude of applications. Being a skill of the future, AI and ML can help you make a lucrative career due to their ever-increasing growth. An AI engineer gets to work on real challenges and create solutions that impact businesses as well as people!

Benefits Of Python Artificial Intelligence Course In Dubai

If you're looking to have an exponential career graph, then a Python AI certification course can help you kickstart your endeavours into the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Before approaching ideal employers of this HOT domain, one must possess a state of the art AI skills. You should have an in-depth understanding of Probability, Statistics, System Design, ML Algorithms, Data Modeling, and Programming. The AI Python course will help you learn to code from scratch and excel towards creating innovative and futuristic software solutions.

Once you accomplish the course and become a master of Python and AI, you can pursue multiple career opportunities in AI such as Data Scientist, AI Data Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer, Robotics Scientist, production Manager, and more. According to the World Economic Forum, there will be more than 58 million new jobs in the AI niche by Financial Year 2022. The domain has been given the name- 'The Future Jobs'! Hence, the AI Python course can help you quickly start your learning and become industry-ready in time.

Why Choose Edoxi for the Python AI course? 

Edoxi Training Institute is a leading provider of Python and Artificial Intelligence (AI) training in Dubai. We ensure success for you with our Python Artificial Intelligence course and help you master concepts of Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks & Natural Language Processing. The Python Artificial Intelligence course features interactive learning through practical labs, projects, and regular sessions. You can master Python, several industry-specific libraries, know how the language interacts with AI, and invoke business workflows.

Edoxi thoroughly understands the job outlook in terms of Artificial Intelligence. Hence, our Python AI certification has been specifically designed to meet industry standards and provide you with the right skills. If you're looking to excel in the field of AI, ML, Big Data, and Analytics, we can be a worthy companion throughout your journey. Our instructors are certified and qualified professionals who can pave the way for you towards AI excellence. Get in touch with our experts today and know more about our AI courses.

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Course Advisor

Jothi Kumar

Software and IT Trainer

Jothi is a Microsoft-certified technology specialist with more than 12 years of experience in software development for a broad range of industry applications. She has incomparable prowess in a vast grouping of software development tools like Microsoft Visual Basic, C#, .NET, SQL, XML, HTML, Core Java and Python.

Jothi has a keen eye for UNIX/LINUX-based technologies which form the backbone of all the free and open-source software movement. As a Big data expert, Jothi has experience using several components of the Hadoop ecosystem, including Hadoop Map Reduce, HDFS, HIVE, PIG, and HBase. She is well-versed in the latest technologies of information technology such as Data Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning.

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How does the AI with Python course work?

The AI with Python course ranges from beginner to advanced levels. Created by industry professionals, the course helps you understand the theory behind Artificial Intelligence. Know how neural networks work, solve real-world problems and empower AI workflows.

Develop an in-depth understanding of Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Q-Learning, Convolutional Networks and more. We also help you boost your ability for logic building, self-awareness, emotional knowledge, creativity, problem-solving and understanding.

Which companies can I try applying for after completing the course?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest segments in the IT industry today. Google, Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Intel, and thousands of more players are putting their best foot forward with AI. 

Our Python Artificial Intelligence course is one of the best Python AI courses providing you with the knowledge needed to ace recruitment interviews. You can easily switch your job profile and transform into a fully-functional ML engineer, IoT Architect, Big Data Scientist, and more.

Will I get a certificate from Edoxi Training Institute?

Once you finish the course successfully, Edoxi provides a certificate proving your mettle in the subject matter. You can share the certificate on social networks and along with your CV, job applications for higher recognition.

The certificate proves your expertise in Artificial Intelligence and associated niches such as reasoning, problem-solving, analytical thinking and learning.