Overview of Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification in Dubai

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is globally recognised in project management, offered by the prestigious Project Management Institute (PMI) based in the USA. This certification is ideal for any project-leading professional working in any industry, anywhere in the world. It provides a framework for managing projects, and mastering project management skills can increase your career prospects in today’s world.

Edoxi offers Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Training in Dubai, designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills to become an efficient Project Manager. Our PMP course has a dual focus - preparing you to pass the PMP exam on your first try, as well as providing practical insights through examples and scenarios that apply to real-life projects.

PMP training participants involved in group mapping, flashcards, team Q&A Sessions

The course covers all knowledge areas, including Integration, Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality, Resources, Communication, Risk, Procurement, and Stakeholder management, along with Agile project management topics necessary for the PMP exam. The exam comprises 50% Predictive project management and 50% Agile/Hybrid project management concepts, so the course prioritises both approaches.

Edoxi is a PMI Authorised Training Center in Dubai, offering comprehensive support to guide individuals towards their certification success. The course starts with an assessment of eligibility by the course Advisor, followed by detailed course slides covering the content outline of the PMP examination.

Participants who completed Edoxi’s PMP Certification Training

The PMP certification has international acceptance across various industries, making it a valuable credential for project managers worldwide.

 Benefits of PMP Certification in Dubai

  • Strengthens Your Project Management Skills: PMP aids in enhancing your project management skills by emphasizing scope, schedule, cost, quality, and other knowledge areas while integrating all processes.
  • Improves Your Project Performance: PMP assists in improving your overall project performance by applying the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) framework.
  • Help In Gaining Global Industry Recognition: PMP is a globally recognised credential from the global leader in project management, the PMI. It can give you an edge over other candidates when leading challenging projects and applying for job positions. 
  • Help In Gaining Domain Knowledge: The PMP exam covers the People, Processes and Business environment. Knowledge in these domains would be of great value in your professional career. 
  • Increases Your Network Connections: PMP certification can help you expand your network connections and your company’s network, as it is valued in countries around the world. 
  • Helps You Speak A Global Language: The PMP enables you to speak the global language of project management. The current version of PMP covers both the Predictive and Adaptive (Agile) project management approaches, which are highly relevant to all project professionals.
  • Make Your Resume Stand Out: PMP certification can increase your chances of getting job interviews and improve your job prospects.
  • Helps You Earn Higher Salary: PMP certification can increase your earning potential. According to a report from the Project Management Institute (PMI), PMPs in the U.S. earn a median annual salary of $123,000.

Unique Features Of Our PMP Course

  • PMI Authorised Training Center:

    We are a PMI Authorised Training Center in Dubai that offers training aligned with PMI standards. Our PMP Certification Course equips you with the necessary skills to excel in project management and pass the PMP certification exam.

  • 35 Hours of Comprehensive Training: 

    We offer 35 hours of extensive training covering all the essential topics to enhance your knowledge and skills in project management.

  • Industry-expert Trainers: 

    Our skilled trainers with vast industry experience and subject-matter expertise will lead you through your certification journey. They will establish a pace for the course that suits you and regularly gather feedback to ensure all participants in your batch have a clear understanding of the concepts. 


  • Post-Training Support: 

    We conduct follow-ups after training and provide online Q&A sessions periodically to keep our participants on track, assess their exam readiness, and consistently guide and motivate them!

  • Hybrid Learning To Combine Online and Classroom Learners: 

    Our batches are converted to a hybrid model when necessary (combining classroom and online participants). This ensures that if a participant is unable to attend a classroom session, they can sign in online and participate remotely, engaging with the trainer and the batch. We want to make sure you don't miss anything from our valuable PMP course.

  • Interactive Learning Through Collaborative Exercises:

    We offer collaborative exercises like process group mapping, flashcards, team Q&A Sessions, etc. to enrich the course with team activities and creative thinking. These exercises boost the conceptual understanding of PMP concepts and make our course engaging and interesting!

  • Sessions Covering Specific Topics with Examples: 

    Each day of your training session will focus on specific topics. Examples will be provided for an easy understanding of the concepts. At the end of each section, questions and answers will be given to ensure your understanding of the topics. This will prepare you well with the PMI mindset from the start of the course and throughout.


  • PMP Exam Application Support: 

    We offer guidance and support when needed for your PMP Application process, encouraging you to submit it promptly after completing the course for PMI review and approval, after which you can schedule your exam!

  • Course Completion Certificate: 

    You will receive a course completion certificate upon successful completion of the course, validating your expertise in project management.

  • Comprehensive Post Training Mock-Exam:  

    We also offer a comprehensive mock exam after the training for participants to practice in the comfort of their homes.


  • Exam Readiness Build-up : 

    At the end of the course, we will also offer a summary of the "Key points to remember", exam strategy development, and ongoing assistance until you achieve your PMP objective!


Industries Looking for PMP Certified Professionals



Finance and Insurance

Healthcare Administration

Oil and Gas


Information Services and Technology



Management and Professional Services






Prerequisites for PMP Course

  • Four-Year College / University Degree
  • 36 months of experience leading projects within the past eight years
  • 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM® certification



  • High School or Secondary School Diploma
  • 60 months of experience leading projects within the past eight years
  • 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM® certification

PMP Course Modules

  • Module 1: Examining Professional Project Management
  • Identify Project Management Processes.
  • Identify Professional and Social Responsibilities.
  • Identify the Interpersonal Skills Required for a Project
  • Manager.
  • Module 2: Initiating a Project
  • Examine the Project Management Context.
  • Examine Project Selection.
  • Prepare a Project Statement of Work.
  • Create a Project Charter.
  • Identify Project Stakeholders.
  • Module 3: Planning Project Work
  • Identify Elements of the Project Management Plan.
  • Document Stakeholder Requirements.
  • Create a Scope Statement.
  • Develop a Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Module 4: Developing Project Schedules
  • Create an Activity List.
  • Create a Project Schedule Network Diagram.
  • Estimate Activity Resources.
  • Estimate Duration for Project Activities.
  • Develop a Project Schedule.
  • Identify the Critical Path.
  • Optimize the Project Schedule.
  • Establish a Schedule Baseline.
  • Module 5: Developing Cost Estimates and Budgets
  • Estimate Project Costs.
  • Estimate the Preliminary.
  • Cost Baseline.
  • Reconcile Funding and Costs.
  • Module 6: Planning Project Quality, Staffing, and Communications
  • Create a Quality Management Plan.
  • Document the Project Roles, Responsibilities, and Reporting
  • Relationships.
  • Create a Communications Management Plan.
  • Module 7: Analyzing Risks and Planning Risk Responses
  • Examine a Risk Management Plan.
  • Identify Project Risks and Triggers.
  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis.
  • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis.
  • Develop a Risk Response Plan.
  • Module 8: Planning Project Procurement
  • Plan Project Procurement.
  • Prepare a Procurement Statement of Work.
  • Prepare a Procurement Document.
  • Module 9: Executing Project Work
  • Identifying the Direct and Manage Project.
  • Execution Process.
  • Execute a Quality Assurance Plan.
  • Acquire the Project Team.
  • Develop the Project Team.
  • Manage the Project Team.
  • Distribute Project Information.
  • Manage Stakeholder Relationships and Expectations.
  • Module 10: Managing Project Procurement
  • Identify the Conduct Project Procurements Process.
  • Obtain Responses from Sellers.
  • Determine Project Sellers.
  • Module 11: Monitoring and Controlling Project Work
  • Identify the Monitor and Control Project Work Process.
  • Develop an Integrated Change Control System.
  • Utilize the Integrated Change Control System.
  • Review Deliverables and Work Results.
  • Control the Project Scope.
  • Module 12: Monitoring and Controlling Project Schedule and Costs
  • Control the Project Schedule.
  • Control Project Costs.
  • Module 13: Monitoring and Controlling Project Performance and Quality
  • Perform Quality Control.
  • Report on Project Performance.
  • Module 14: Monitoring and Controlling Project Risk and Procurements
  • Monitor and Control Project Risk.
  • Administer Project Procurements.
  • Module 15: Closing the Project
  • Close Project Procurement.
  • Close the Project or Phase Administratively.

How to Get PMP Certified?

Certification Image
Get PMP Training from Edoxi
Do Thorough Preparation
Apply with PMI Approved Training Partner and Appear For the Exam
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Get PMP Certification from PMI. 

PMP Training Options

Choose the best training options to suit your needs

Live Virtual Training

  • 35 hours of Authorised Instructor-led Classes
  • Weekend/Weekday Hybrid Classes
  • Interactive Learning. 
  • Q & A Sessions
  • Free Mock Tests
  • Exam Readiness Buildup
  • Post Training Support
  • Exam Application Support.
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Classroom Training

  • 35 hours of instructor-led classes
  • Online and offline combined classes
  • Interactive learning.
  • Q & A Sessions
  • Free Mock Tests
  • Exam Readiness Buildup
  • Post Training Support
  • Exam Application Support.
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Customized Corporate Training

  • Customised learning (digital/ instructor-led)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise-grade Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • Learner's assistance and after support.
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Locations Where Edoxi Offers PMP Certification Course

Here is the list of other major locations where Edoxi offers PMP Certification Course

 PMP Certification in Qatar   | PMP Certification in Muscat  | PMP Certification in London   | PMP Certification in Amsterdam | PMP Certification in Sharjah | 

Course Advisor

Muhamad Thasveer Arafath

Project Management Consultant and Trainer

Muhamad Thasveer Arafath is an engineer with a post-graduation MBA who possesses 20+ years of industry work experience in Project Management. To name a few of his area expertise, he has worked in various multi-million construction/development projects and programs in the UAE concerning project planning, project controls, project advisory/valuations, as a project lead, etc. 

Muhamad is currently a project management consultant and trainer specializing in Project Management Institute (PMI) certifications. He has now completed training for  65+  batches for various PMI certifications, holding an excellent passing rate among his training participants. 

He holds eight certifications from PMI and is an Award winner from the PMI UAE Chapter in 2019/2020 for being the member with the highest number of PMI certifications in UAE. He is certified from PMI in PfMP, PgMP, PMP, RMP, SP, SP, PBA and CAPM. He is also a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Valuers (FIIV).

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What is the process of becoming a Certified Project Management Professional?

Getting project management professional certification involves several important steps that need to be followed sequentially. Here are the steps on how to get your PMP certification:

  • Meet the eligibility criteria
  • Complete the 35 hours PMP training program 
  • Submit your application
  • Application approval by PMI (Typically in one week from the Application submission to PMI) 
  • Pay the exam fee
  • Schedule the exam
  • Ensure exam readiness (Preparation including the mock exam preparation)  
  • Take the exam
  • Receive your results
  • Maintain your Certification by way of PDUs (Professional Development Units)

Who is eligible to get a PMP Certification?

The PMP® certification is a professional requirement for project manager roles across all industries. This course is best suited for: Project Managers, Associate/Assistant Project Managers, Team Leads/Team Managers, Project Executives/Project Engineers, Software Developers, and any professional aspiring to be a Project Manager.

How much does the PMP exam cost?

The PMP certification exam costs $405 for PMI members and $575 for nonmembers. Retakes cost $275 for PMI members and $375 for nonmembers.

Is a PMP the same as a master’s degree?

A PMP certification differs from a master of project management (MPM) degree. PMP certification is a professional distinction, and an MPM is an academic one.

Is the PMP exam hard?

This depends on how prepared you are. The PMP exam comprises 180 questions covering three domains: people (leading and building teams), process (seeing a topic through to completion) and business environment (compliance and delivering value). PMP test-takers get 230 minutes to complete the exam, plus two 10-minute breaks.

Why choose Edoxi for your Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification in Dubai?

You may choose Edoxi for PMP Certification training for the following reasons:

  • Our training focuses on two aspects - One is to prepare our PMP aspirants for the exam with a clear understanding of the concepts, and the other equally important aspect is to provide insights into the real-world application of PMP concepts! This way, you can get certified and significantly enhance your overall project management performance!
  • We focus on providing examples for conceptual understanding to help aspirants grasp the concepts easily without relying on memorisation.
  • We offer comprehensive course materials to assist you in preparing effectively for the PMP exam.
  • Throughout the course, practice questions will be covered, and we are committed to providing post-training support through regular interactions to help you achieve your PMP certification goals.
  • Our sessions are designed to be highly interactive, ensuring an engaging and informative exchange of information.
  • We incorporate collaborative exercises like project management process mapping and flashcards to keep the course engaging and focused. The process mapping exercise is a collaborative game to help you understand the flow of the project management processes as outlined in the PMI standards. This will be a useful collaborative exercise to help you understand it without needing to memorise the processes!  
  • Upon completion of the course, a mock exam will be given to assess the readiness of our PMP candidates.
  • Our goal is to deliver the best value for your PMP participation in our program!

What are the outcomes of Edoxi’s PMP Training in Dubai?

The following are the outcomes of Edoxi’s PMP Training in Dubai

  • Learn how to plan, budget, prioritise, and execute different projects. 
  • Build a high level of organisational and leadership skills that project managers require. 
  • Improve the quality of your work and gain expertise to lead multiple projects. 
  • Evaluate the risk factors involved in a project and manage them effectively. 
  • Learn different strategies and methods for completing a project. 
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of project management tools.  
  • Employ legal and ethical standards in the work environment.
  • Gain expertise to tackle challenges in each stage of the project lifecycle. 

What is the validity period for PMP Certification?

The PMP certification is valid for 3 years. Once you attain the 60 PDUs, you will be eligible to renew the accreditation for the next 3 years. This way, you can maintain the PMP certificate as long as you wish!