English Writing Course to Get You Started 

The English language is the official language of 53 countries and 400 million people.  It’s the most widely spoken language in the world. English skills are very important to communicate personally and professionally today. An English Writing Course is perfect for you if you want to improve your overall written communication skills in English. Whether you want to build your language skills to the next level or meet your career goals by making effective communication, English Writing Course in Dubai can help you. 

 How an English Writing Certification can Help Your Career? 

English Writing Certification can prepare you for a full range of skills and workplace efficiency. It can help you to enhance your knowledge, boost your career and develop your skillset to perform at your best. An English Writing Certification can help you to: 

  • Validate your skills and expertise in using English writing skills 
  • Help you earn a considerably higher salary than other employees 
  • Advance your career with greater career prospects
  • Build a career in the world’s biggest news outlets, including TV, newspapers, and radio
  • Conduct research, market or communicate and develop connections effectively
  • Business English Certification can effectively increase your office productivity by communicating with different clients.

What Will You Learn From Our English Writing Course in Dubai? 

Our English Writing Training in Dubai can help you to learn & build the essential qualities, and develop skills needed to work as a competent Professional across multiple industries. We concentrate on delivering the training through a unique learning approach that is more acceptable to our learners, and, this includes: 

  • 40 hours of classroom training with flexible classes
  • Course material as per the industrial standards
  • Tips and Tricks to improve the quality of videos
  • Personalized Training with Industry-leading Instructors 

At Edoxi, you can study English Writing skills to make clear communication across all levels of your company. We also intend to meet the various objectives through Business English Course. Here’s our English Writing Course Outline. 

English Writing Course Outline

  • Professional Email Writing
  • Report Writing
  • Email writing etiquette
  • Resume/ CV writing format
  • Report Writing skills
  • Formal writing in English
  • Excellent vocabulary in English

The major objectives of our English Writing Course are to help you:

  • Gain confidence in writing without making mistakes
  • Learn good written communication skills in English
  • Know how to write informal English effectively
  • Learn Email writing targeting the proper audience
  • Learn Report Writing in English
  • Write essays and other assignments perfectly
  • Enrich and improve your vocabulary in English
  • Improve business writing skills, including email, memos, contracts, etc

Who Can Pursue Our English Writing Training in Dubai?

The following are the prerequisites to pursue our English Writing Training in Dubai:

  • Professionals who want to improve English Writing for efficient business communication
  • Anybody who wish to advance their writing skills in English

Our course aims to help aspirants build a successful career with great knowledge of English Writing Skills. 

English Writing Course Training for Corporates 

The English Language is the most commonly used professional communication language with potential clients. Effective communication will have the power to create trust among your customers. Our English Writing Training in Dubai will help boost your company's potential to engage new customers.  

When you make a written communication, you must ensure it has: 

  • Key business English vocabulary
  • Proper grammar
  • Devoid of miscommunications 
  • Good workplace expressions 
  • Manage demanding clients and customers 
  • Correct punctuation and sentence structure
  • Clear phrases and sentences

Your language must have the ability to communicate ideas clearly to clients. Our Corporate Training for English Writing Course will train you on the established rules for writing effective reports and data. Grammar, vocabulary, tone of messages, and workplace expressions are significant in the corporate world to increase productivity and a competitive edge. 

Our training can help you excel in using powerful methods to communicate beneficially to the targeted audience. Get started to learn Advanced English with our English writing Training in Dubai. 

Why Choose Edoxi for English Writing Training in Dubai?

Edoxi Training Institute, Dubai is one of the professional training institutes delivering the best English Writing course. Our English Writing classes in Dubai will help you improve business writing skills, including email, memos, contracts, etc. We have industry-leading professionals who offer tailored classes to aspirants. At Edoxi Training Institute, we provide multiple study aids to the students and impart skills that enhance their workplace competency.  If you want to get certified, start preparing with our English writing courses to stay ahead of others.

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Course Advisor

Julie Archer

Chief Consultant Corporate Trainer

Julie Archer is a Corporate Training Professional with more than 15 years of experience in training and development. Hailing from Newcastle, United Kingdom, Ms. Archer established her authority in the field of corporate training and business skills development in the UAE and now with Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai. She has critical exposure in designing and delivering training programs for the top business organisations in Dubai. Her drive to transform employees and contribute to their company is the secret behind her excellence in this profession. To make a positive change in the lives of people is what she finds most fascinating about her job.

She enjoys the challenges that come with building a vibrant and efficient workforce. Her rich knowledge in the domain comes to the rescue when situations prove to be demanding. She commits much of her efforts to transforming education spaces into smart learning environments.

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