CISCO Training in Dubai

Launch and advance your IT Networking career by joining Cisco Training in Dubai. By enrolling in Edoxi’s Cisco Training in Dubai, you will:

  • Learn a wide range of network features
  • Attain expertise in OSI, TCP/IP, DNS, and ALCs
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of transport layer security
  • Design and support business-critical network switch
  • Learn to troubleshoot LAN/WAN Networks
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Cisco Courses

Overview Of Cisco Certifications in Dubai 

Cisco Systems Inc. is a US-based IT conglomerate corporation headquartered in California. Cisco also provides IT Certification, products & services across five important technical domains such Networking, IT Security, Systems collaboration, Data Centre, and the Internet of Things (IoT).  Cisco Certifications in Dubai help you get upskilled in handling Cisco products.

Cisco Courses in Dubai, UAE

Edoxi’s Cisco Certifications in Dubai will help you validate your ability to use the best networking and business communications devices from Cisco Systems. Here are the top Cisco Courses in Dubai, UAE

CCNP 5 Days EDOXI & KHDA Classroom / Online
CCNA 5 Days EDOXI & KHDA Classroom / Online
Cisco SD-WAN 5 Days EDOXI & KHDA Classroom / Online
Cisco Enterprise Advanced Infrastructure 4 Days EDOXI & KHDA Classroom / Online

How Can Cisco Certifications Help Your Career? 

Cisco Certifications help you to analyze network architecture that depends on virtualization, automation, cloud service management, and extensibility. Cisco certification is also proof that you have expertise in knowing the characteristics of network topology architectures and are capable of identifying interface and cable issues (collisions, errors, mismatched duplex, speed, etc) 

Benefits & Outcomes of Cisco Training

Following are the major benefits that you will avail from Cisco Training    

  • Globally recognized certification:Cisco certifications are globally recognized and accepted. As the IT job market is adapting to growing needs, there are tremendous job opportunities for Cisco experts globally. 
  • Gives you a career boost:Cisco certifications will give you the career boost you are looking for and will help you climb the ladder of success in your career. 
  • Higher pay scale jobs:Cisco certifications allow networking professionals to negotiate for a higher pay scale compared to non-certified counterparts. 
  • Enhances networking skills:You will be able to enhance your networking skills and can utilize the knowledge to explore different networking modules.  
  • Reduces capital expenditure:Cisco-certified professionals help reduce unnecessary capital expenditure of the organization and facilitate revenue growth. 

Cisco Career Path & Opportunities

Have a look at some of the job opportunities that await you after getting certified in Cisco 

  • Network Engineer
  • Senior Network Technician 
  • IT Support Engineer
  • IT Security Officer
  • Network Security Analyst 

What Will You Learn from Cisco Courses?

 You will gain knowledge in the following areas through the Cisco Courses: 

  • Network fundamentals
  • Network access
  • IP Connectivity and services
  • Network Security
  • Automation and programmability
  • LAN Switching technologies 
  • IP Routing technologies
  • Firewall features on Cisco ASA 
  • Wireless principles
  • Switching concepts and Interswitch connectivity 

Major Objectives Of Cisco Certification Courses

Cisco Certification courses have the following objectives:

  • To impart knowledge on various protocols used in communication
  • To implement and administer cisco solutions in the organization
  • To manage and optimize advanced networks
  • To support the ever-changing IT landscape 
  • To impart knowledge on next-generation firewalls
  • To know the impact of automation on network management
  • To impart knowledge on configuration management mechanisms
  • To impart knowledge on Network Security
  • To configure and verify access control lists
  • To protect the integrity of IT Enterprises 

Why Choose A CISCO Institute in Dubai?

Cisco-certified professionals are one of the highest-paid IT professionals in the world. Choosing a Cisco Training Institute in Dubai can help you enhance your industry knowledge in networking and gain in-demand skills in cisco that potential employers seek.  You will also get the opportunity to work on Cisco projects and gain experience that will help you get hired quickly. You can improve your performance in your chosen career by taking Professional Courses

Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai imparts you with skills in installing, operating, and troubleshooting Cisco Network products & systems. Cisco Training in Dubai will help you acquire the skills, credentials, and job-specific expertise in Cisco networking and make you a competent person in your workplace.

Ready to kick-start your career?

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