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Understand & Generate Insights From Data and Upskill Yourself as a Data Visualization Expert. Edoxi’s Tableau Certification Training Helps You:

  • Master Tableau Software
  • Data Blending in Tableau
  • Visualize Time Series Data
  • Create Data Hierarchies & Intuitive Dashboards
  • Create Maps, Pie Charts, Storylines, Area Charts & Scatterplots
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Everything You Need To Make a Career In Data Visualization With Tableau Training

Today, data is important for companies to find hidden opportunities to scale their business. The success of Google can be accredited to the massive amount of data it gathers every single minute. According to the study conducted by the International Data Corporation(IDC), the data generated today is 50 times more than the data generated in the past decade combined. Hence, top companies are in urgent need of Tableau professionals who can analyze and manage big data. Tableau is a robust Business Intelligence tool for Data Visualization. Its drag-and-drop feature allows it to sort, compare and analyze data from various sources. 

Top companies such as Amazon, Unilever use Tableau to explore and visualize business data as workbooks and dashboards. There is an ever-growing demand for data professionals to visualize a company's data. If you can fill this gap, you become an asset to the company. By learning Data Visualization using Tableau, you can scale your career growth in this data-hungry world. Our Tableau certification allows you to stand against competition and use the in-demand skills in the current industry. Some of Edoxi's Tableau Certification features are:

  • Prove your skills and expertise
  • Blended learning( mix of self-paced and instructor-led learning)
  • Cutting Edge Curriculum to develop job-ready skills
  • Projects based on real-life problems
  • 24X7 guidance from instructors and industry experts

How a Tableau Certification Can Help Your Career?

Analytical Reasoning is the third most popular skill according to LinkedIn. Using data you can help businesses make proper decisions, devise business strategies and support them in growing the business. E-commerce, business, finance, advertising, technology fields generate tons of data. This data can be then used for identifying customer's pain points, improving business models, and driving conversions.

However, the Data collected from sources is complex. It is rarely clean or useful. It is not ready for visualizations or finding hidden insights. Thus, companies hire data analysts or business intelligence professionals to take data and visualize it for business purposes. 

To extract insights from the data, proper tools are needed. One such tool is Tableau. One of the most useful features that differentiate Tableau from other tools is its drag-and-drop interface. You do not need to have a technical background or deep knowledge of coding to use Tableau. You can master its user interface to create and analyze data and build dashboards.

As per PayScale, the average salary for Tableau professionals is around $85,297 per annum. The salary is on a higher spectrum than that of other fields. 

According to Glassdoor, the companies below have regular openings for Tableau professionals:

  • Amazon
  • Nike
  • Dropbox
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • General Motors
  • Bank of America

So if you want to work in these top organizations, Grab our certification and start your career as a Tableau professional.

What Will You Learn From our Tableau Course?

Edoxi's Tableau certification course helps you kickstart your endeavours to the world of data visualization. The course trains you from scratch and helps you generate business intelligence that is highly beneficial for companies. Decision-makers around the world are looking for talented data visualization professionals who can parse raw business data, refine it, generate valuable insights and aid in the decision-making abilities of the corporate. 

With Tableau training, you can develop faster analytical skills and analyse data better than before. Data-driven business decisions are critical for organizations of all scales. Since it is only then companies can outsmart the competition, improve organizational efficacy, discover new areas to grow and provide improved customer care. With Tableau, you can create interactive visualizations that make understanding raw, analytical data much easier. Edoxi Tableau course also helps you grasp:

  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Advanced visualization
  • Heat and Flow Maps
  • Trend lines and analysis
  • Import data from multiple sources, such as Google and SQL databases.
  • Prep conductor and nested sorting
  • Build Interactive Dashboards
  • Clustering forecasting techniques

The Major Objectives of Our Tableau Course

  • Understand the fundamentals of Tableau
  • Build and Customize Visualizations
  • Create dashboards
  • Learn to forecast and presenting data in an easy-to-understand form
  • Build projects based on real-life events 

Why Choose Edoxi for Tableau Certification Training?

Edoxi Training Institute is a leading Tableau Training provider in Dubai. We have partnered with 100's of corporate organizations and individuals. We help them to achieve their career goals by providing up-to-date and expert-led training programs. Furthermore, Edoxi is accredited with KHDA, Autodesk, Quality Assurance and Quality control certification, and many more. We assure top-quality learning and expert guidance in every training we provide.

In this course, our Tableau experts will teach you how to effectively use the platform for uncovering hidden data insights. You will learn how to connect live databases to manipulate data to build the visualization. Several concepts such as dimension, measure, the difference between discrete and continuous aggression are also covered. You will also learn how to export data and share insights with your peers. By the end of the training, you will confidently use Tableau and build impactful dashboards

Who Can Pursue Edoxi's Tableau Training in Dubai?

Our Tableau certification is suitable for professionals willing to gain expertise in analytics. 

  • IT Professionals
  • IT Testers
  • Reporting Professionals
  • Data Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Data Scientists
  • Project Managers
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