Overview Of Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Course 

Crisis management and Conflict Resolution play an important role in our professional and personal lives. The existence of crisis and conflict between teams or individuals in the organisation could lead to several negative consequences. Conflict is often a natural byproduct of the work process as teams strive to fulfil business goals and meet a variety of individual and collective needs. Having employees equipped with crisis management creates a healthy and positive environment in the workplace. 

Finding resolutions to conflicts is a part of crisis management. Having expertise in crisis management and conflict resolution can help you achieve your professional goals as well as organisational goals. Edoxi's Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Course in Dubai provides hands-on training that will help you become skilled at negotiating, mediating, resolving disputes and managing crisis.  

Why Do You Need Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Certification?

Conflict occurs every day, all over the world, and it is important to have the skills necessary to resolve these problems as they arise. The Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Certificate Program offers skills-based training to business professionals, HR Managers and other authoritative and managerial roles. A conflict resolution and crisis management certification helps you to have the skills necessary for the workplace, community, or family.

Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Training Outcomes and Professional Benefits 

  • Effectively Resolve Workplace Conflicts

    The training can help you resolve workplace conflicts efficiently, helping employees to get on with their jobs, while saving you time, money, and workplace relationships. 

  • Build Relationships

    Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Training can help you build personal and professional relationships which may otherwise suffer from unresolved arguments. 

  • Achieve Goals

    Ongoing conflict may stand in the way of completing goals, particularly in business relationships. Resolving these issues at the root can lead to greater efficiency and in achieving goals..

  • Pass Personal and Professional Milestones

    In order to pass these milestones, it’s important to use conflict resolution skills, such as the ability to compromise, negotiate, and move forward after a disagreement.

  • Enhance Commitment

    Conflict resolution can help bring people together once an issue is put to rest. This technique will enhance your team’s commitment to the process and avoid greater feelings of defensiveness.

  • Generate New Insight 

    Resolution is important, but so is conflict. When people have differing perspectives, this can open the door to new ideas, innovations, and ways to solve a problem. 

  • Ability to Communicate During Crisis

    Communicating during a crisis is a vital element of managing an emergency. Our Crisis management training helps you gain adequate knowledge to communicate during an emergency. 

  • Emergency Preparedness and Response

    Emergencies can cause different hazards for individuals within a community. The training program prepares and trains you to deal with these hazards and emergencies by providing adequate knowledge. 

  • Ability to Operate Technology for Emergency Situations

    Technology can affect every phase of an emergency. The right training will teach you to leverage the latest technologies and social media for effective communications during emergencies.

Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Certification Career Path & Opportunities

Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Skills are key to landing careers that aim to drive and maintain peace. If you are interested in pursuing a speciality in conflict resolution, it’s important to consider the many possible career paths. You may choose to work for a government, a non-government organisation (NGO), in the private sector, or for a think tank. Let us check out the career paths and various opportunities Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Skills certified professionals can get.

Job Roles Yearly Salary
Conflict Resolution Specialist AED 252346
Program Analyst AED 217,908
Certified Business Continuity Professional AED 264000
Deputy Director AED 3,60,000
Director/Vice President AED 6,00,000
Certified Emergency Manager AED 6,42,000
Crisis Manager AED 1,87,224
Hazardous Materials Manager AED 1,80,000
Business Continuity Manager AED 264000
Disaster Recovery Coordinator AED 331157


Industries Looking for Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Skilled Professionals

Litigation and criminal justice

Mediation or arbitration


Social work


Human resources

Public Safety 


Public Health

Prerequisites for Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Course

To join Edoxi’s Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Training in Dubai, you don’t need any particular requirements except you must be: 

  • An individual, corporate, or business group who is interested in expanding your understanding and skills in crisis management. 

How To Get Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Skills Certified?

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Get Professional Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Training
Apply For Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Certification Exam
Demonstrate your skills
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Become A Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Skill Certified Professional

Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Training Options

Choose the best training options to suit your needs

Live Virtual Training

  • 35 Contact Hour classes
  • Authorized Instructor-led Classes
  • Weekend/Weekday Classes
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Classroom Training

  • Instructor-led Classes
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Lecture-Based Presentation
  • Video and Audio Inserts
  • Simulated Exams and Exam Practice
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Customized Corporate Training

  • Customized learning (digital/ instructor-led)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • Learners assistance and after-support
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Why Choose Edoxi for the Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Course in Dubai? 

Crises and conflicts can happen in any organization at any time. Instead of panicking about it, managing these situations very well is a skill. Many organisations lack these skills and there won’t be proper personnels to handle such situations. Having trained and certified crisis management professionals or conflict resolution professionals can help in easily navigating through such difficult situations. At Edoxi Training Institute, we provide Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Training in Dubai to help companies or individuals to identify, prevent, plan and mitigate worst-case scenarios. 

From the reputation of a small business to natural disasters and even the conflicts between two or more individuals, our crisis management and conflict resolution trainers prepare you for any challenge. 

If you need to achieve conflict resolution for a situation you're dealing with, the right conflict management resources can help. Equipped with actionable tips and proper training in conflict resolution techniques, you'll become skilled at negotiating, mediating, and resolving disputes. Get started with Edoxi’s crisis management and conflict resolution training in Dubai to help you take the lead in promoting a safe and caring work environment.

Upcoming Batches

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Course Advisor

Julie Archer

Chief Consultant Corporate Trainer

Julie Archer is a Corporate Training Professional with more than 15 years of experience in training and development. Hailing from Newcastle, United Kingdom, Ms. Archer established her authority in the field of corporate training and business skills development in the UAE and now with Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai. She has critical exposure in designing and delivering training programs for the top business organisations in Dubai. Her drive to transform employees and contribute to their company is the secret behind her excellence in this profession. To make a positive change in the lives of people is what she finds most fascinating about her job.

She enjoys the challenges that come with building a vibrant and efficient workforce. Her rich knowledge in the domain comes to the rescue when situations prove to be demanding. She commits much of her efforts to transforming education spaces into smart learning environments.

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What is Conflict Resolution?

Conflict resolution is more than just a single technique for understanding the difference between mediation and arbitration.

How does Edoxi Training Institute help you master conflict Resolution skills?

Conflict resolution is a skill that benefits professionals across all types of career paths. Conflict can occur in virtually any setting, from office jobs to in-field work. Understanding how to deal with conflict, reconcile emotions and reach an understanding are valuable practices that boost well-being and productivity of an individual as well as an organisation. Edoxi has trained and certified professional trainers to help you master the conflict resolution techniques. This complex skill set can lead to a rewarding career.

What are the Conflict Management skills I will learn after the Conflict Resolution course?

The aim of the conflict resolution course and the skill for professionals in the workplace should not be to avoid conflict, but to resolve it in an effective manner. 

  1. If you have strong conflict resolution skills, you are able to effectively handle workplace issues. You can also master the conflict resolution skills through our training. 
  2. Also, you will learn to handle conflict in a respectful, optimistic way to create the chance for growth and learning within an organization.
  3. You learn to communicate clearly, empathetically, and patiently to lead to favourable outcomes and keep professional relationships strong.

What is Edoxi’s Crisis Management Training?

Edoxi’s crisis management is a specialized training for hazard mitigation and conflict resolution.Our Crisis Management Training equips learners with the skills to plan, manage, and respond to disasters, accidents, active shooter situations and terror strikes.

What do you teach through Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Training?

We help you learn about crisis intervention and conflict resolution through our online or classroom training. The lessons and quizzes will help you identify the appropriate response to a variety of different crises. You will learn about different types of crisis situations and intervention approaches. You will also study the steps to create safety plans and see how to respond to people during a crisis. 

Our lessons have been created with you in mind. The lessons are short yet engaging and informative so you can study however you want. The lesson quizzes allow you to check your understanding as you go and the dashboard lets you follow your progress.

What will I learn after completing the Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution course from Edoxi?

After completing this course with Edoxi, you should be ready to:


Identify examples of types of crisis situations and intervention treatment approaches

  1. Define counselling safety plans and explain their components
  2. Discuss therapeutic response to individuals or groups in crisis
  3. Describe anger management techniques and conflict resolution

How can conflict resolution skills acquired through Edoxi's Conflict resolution training help you?

Whatever the cause of disagreements and disputes at home or work, these skills you acquired through our conflict resolution training can help you resolve conflict in a constructive way and keep your relationships strong and growing.

What are the job roles you could take up after completing the crisis management training?

Some of the prominent job roles you could take up after you complete the crisis management training are: 

  1. Police Officer
  2. Crime Scene Investigator
  3. Environmental Prevention Agent
  4. Security Analyst
  5. Secret Service Agent
  6. Private Investigator
  7. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent
  8. FBI Agent
  9. U.S. Marshal