Business English Course in Dubai

Build your English skills to improve your communication and enhance your profession with our Business English Training in Dubai. In this course, you will learn to:

  • Master Polite English
  • Handle Meetings Easily
  • Use Workplace English Expressions
  • Build Business Writing Skills
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Better the communication, the more benefit you reap in your business. If you lack the skills to communicate effectively with your clients and customers, it impacts your career and your organization’s growth. Whether you’re an employee, a team leader, a project manager, a sales professional, or a job seeker looking to succeed in the corporate world, good language skills are very important. Business English language training will help you gain the language proficiency required for your career growth. You will learn new vocabulary and phrases to use at work with Business English Training in Dubai. Practice workplace English and learn English business expressions to enhance your organizational efficiency.

How our Business English Certification can help your Career?

A Business English Certification can prepare you for a full range of skills to improve your communication effectiveness. It can help you enhance your language, boost your career and develop your skillset to perform at your best. Here are some of the benefits of achieving a Business English certificate:

  • It is a valuable credential that validates your skills and proficiency in communication. 
  • It proves that you have better language skills to accomplish your work tasks easily with greater efficiency.
  • Business English Certification can effectively increase your office productivity by communicating with different clients.
  • The average salary of certified candidates is considerably higher than other employees.  You can earn a lucrative salary with your certification.
  • Language proficiency and communication skills are inevitable skillsets for various job roles. A Business English certification shows that you have mastered this critical skill.
  • It can also help you advance your career with greater career prospects.

What will you learn from Edoxi’s Business English Skills Training?

We have designed our Business English Skills Training to develop your skills based on real-life examples and your job sector. We help you to use the appropriate tone and style of Business English to improve your English for workplace efficiency with our certification course. Our dedicated and professional trainers will give the training to:

  • Make clear communication across all levels of your company.
  • Collaborate and communicate with a polite vocabulary 
  • Improve business writing skills, including email, memos, contracts, etc
  • Write emails professionally
  • Make suggestions, agreements, and disagreements effectively.
  • Proper usage of grammar and pronunciation in business meetings
  • Develop public speaking
  • Enhance accuracy during business discussions
  • Interact effectively in job interviews, research presentations, dynamic teaching, etc
  • Boost critical listening skills for professional contexts   


Course Details with Fee Structure For Business English Course in Dubai    
Course Name
Course Contents
Number of Hours
Business English
Developing Presentation Skills
30 Hours with Intensive Grammar
1800 Aed
Professional Email Writing
Effective Telephonic Communication
Interview Skills
Accent & Pronunciation
Practice Exercise

Business Writing Courses in Dubai can also help you build your skills in writing various business documents. 

Who can Pursue our Business English Course?

Edoxi Training Institute’s Business English Skills Training can be pursued by: 

  • Aspirants seeking training to improve Business English 
  • Business professionals who want to communicate globally with other companies/clients.
  • Job roles including directors, managers, or other employees who require proper communication skills
  • Job roles like sales, customer support, organization-client interfacing staff who constantly communicate with customers.
  • Corporates who want to advance Business English skills 

Business English Training for Corporates 

The English Language is the most commonly used professional communication language with potential clients. An experienced and effective communication will have the power to create trust among your customers. Our Professional Business English  Training in Dubai will help boost your company's potential to engage new customers.  

You must ensure your communication has: 

  • Key business English vocabulary
  • Proper tone and pronunciation
  • Resolve customer issues effectively
  • Avoid miscommunications in the workplace 
  • Manage demanding clients and customers 
  • Handle virtual teams through proper communication
  • Convey bad news in positive language

Your language must have the ability to communicate ideas clearly to clients. We provide the best Corporate Training for Business English Courses for a more productive workplace and will train you on the established rules for effective business communication (oral and verbal). Grammar, vocabulary, tone of the messages, softening a negative note, and handling conflicts are significant in the corporate world to increase productivity and a competitive edge. 

Our training can help you excel in using powerful methods to communicate beneficially to the targeted audience. Get started to learn Advanced English with our Professional Business English Training in Dubai. 

Why Choose Edoxi for Business English Training? 

Edoxi Training institute provides Professional Business English Training in Dubai for professionals who want to create effective and impactful emails. Here are the reasons why you should choose Edoxi: 

  • We offer objective guidance for candidates to acquire advanced English skills.
  • We have industry-leading professional trainers
  • Our coaching center offers customized teaching methods
  • We help you learn professional communication to impress your clients
  • We give a course completion certificate that adds value to your career
  • We offer flexible learning with affordable fees
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