Overview of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training in Dubai

AWS is one of the leading cloud service providers globally. Businesses of all sizes and scales are migrating to the cloud for potential reasons, including the cloud's cost-effectiveness, flexibility, minimal maintenance, and advanced features. For anyone who is looking to upskill their career or make a kick-start into a cloud niche, having AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is a win-win. Demanded skills are always paid handsomely. On average, an AWS Cloud Practitioner makes $130,000 annually. With Amazon becoming a pioneer in the cloud domain, AWS certification is worth your time and effort.

Edoxi Training Institute’s AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training is a specialized educational program designed to prepare individuals for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam. This training equips participants with foundational knowledge and skills related to Amazon Web Services (AWS). With our Training Institute's expert instructors and well-crafted curriculum, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to become highly productive at work.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Course Highlights

  • We offer 16 hours of comprehensive training, ensuring you acquire a solid foundation in Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Our training aligns with the latest AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exam outline, so you can be sure you are learning the most up-to-date skills.
  • Our course is taught by AWS-authorized instructors, imparting theoretical knowledge and practical insights to help you excel.
  • We provide courses online as well as classroom, so you can choose the most suitable option.
  • You have the option to choose between weekend or weekday classes, which is more convenient for you. 
  • We offer certification upon successful completion, which can enhance career prospects and demonstrate expertise.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Course Features

  • 16 Hours of In-depth Training

    You will engage in 16 hours of in-depth training, providing ample time for thorough learning and skill development.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum

    Our course covers a comprehensive range of AWS topics, ensuring you gain a deep understanding of Amazon Web Services.

  • Expert Instructors

    Learn from seasoned AWS experts who bring real-world experience to the classroom, enriching your understanding of AWS concepts.

  • Interactive Learning

    The course includes interactive elements such as hands-on labs, case studies, and discussions to enhance your learning experience.

  • Practical Insights

    Benefit from practical insights and tips shared by our instructors, enabling you to apply your knowledge effectively.

  • Exam Preparation

    We prepare you not just to pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, but to excel in it. The course includes exam-focused content and practice tests.

  • Career Advancement

    Earning the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification course can advance your career prospects in the cloud computing industry.

  • Flexible Learning

    Receive a certificate upon course completion, showcasing your commitment to AWS knowledge and skills.
  • Industry Recognition

    AWS certification is widely recognized in the industry, enhancing your professional reputation and employability.

Industries Looking For AWS Cloud Practitioners

Information Technology (IT)

Finance and Banking

Health Care

  • E-commerce
  • Startups
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Consulting and Services
  • Telecommunications

Prerequisites For AWS Cloud Practitioner Course 

  • Edoxi's AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification course is tailored to accommodate individuals from diverse backgrounds. As such, it does not require prior IT or cloud experience. Whether you're transitioning to a cloud-focused career or you're a line-of-business employee seeking to establish foundational cloud literacy, this course is accessible and suitable for learners at various experience levels.

How to Get AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification?

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Get Your AWS Cloud Practitioner Course Training
Apply for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam 
Attend the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam
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Become a Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner

AWS Cloud Practitioner Training Options

Choose from the best training options to suit your needs.

Live Virtual Training

  • 16 Contact Hour Classes
  • Authorized Instructor-led Classes
  • Weekend/Weekday Classes
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Classroom Training

  • Instructor-led Classes
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Lecture-Based Presentation
  • Video and Audio Inserts
  • Simulated Exams and Exam Practice
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Customised Corporate Training

  • Customised Learning (Digital/ Instructor-led)
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Enterprise Dashboards for Individuals and Teams
  • Learner Assistance and After-support
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What is the AWS Cloud Practitioner Course in Dubai?

Edoxi’s AWS Cloud Practitioner Course in Dubai is designed to prepare individuals for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam. It covers foundational AWS concepts and services.

Who is the AWS Cloud Practitioner Course suitable for?

The course is suitable for individuals who are new to AWS and cloud computing. It's ideal for IT professionals, managers, business professionals, and anyone seeking a basic understanding of AWS.

What are the topics covered in Edoxi’s AWS Cloud Practitioner Course?

The training extensively covers concepts such as

  • Computing, Networking and Database Management 
  • Security and Storage Management. 
  • AWS global infrastructure
  • AWS cloud architecture principles
  • AWS billing, account management, and pricing models
  • Core characteristics of operating and deploying in the AWS cloud

Is there an exam associated with the AWS Cloud Practitioner Course?

Yes, Edoxi’s AWS Cloud Practitioner course prepares you for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam. You can choose to take the exam after completing the course.

Do I need prior AWS experience to enrol in the course?

No, Edoxi’s AWS Cloud Practitioner course is designed for individuals with little to no prior AWS experience. It serves as a starting point for those new to AWS and cloud computing.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in Edoxi’s AWS Cloud Practitioner Course?

There are no formal prerequisites for enrolling in Edoxi’s AWS Cloud Practitioner Course. However, a basic understanding of computer systems and the internet can be helpful.

What are the benefits of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training in Dubai?

AWS-certified cloud practitioner short courses help you prepare for the future. A majority of companies around the world are leveraging AWS for their cloud endeavours. An AWS cloud practitioner training can open a plethora of new avenues for professionals as well as freshers. Not only does the training help you broaden your skillset but also prepares you for a variety of cloud roles. Moreover, if you're an AWS-certified cloud practitioner, you'd find easy entry to top-tier companies across the world. 

MNCs are always in huge demand of AWS-certified professionals since the certification makes you go through implementing the best and ideal cloud practices. Anyone can increase their hiring chances, once certified! AWS cloud practitioner training can teach you the fundamentals of AWS cloud computing, the architecture, security paradigms, and other core AWS services. Thus, training can transform you into a subject matter expert and help you crack AWS certification in no time. 

Why Choose Edoxi for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training?

When you prepare for the AWS cloud practitioner exam with Edoxi, you unlock your access to the industry's top leaders.  Our AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner training prepares you for the hottest trend in IT-cloud computing. Our experts provide a rich learning path and help you discover AWS Cloud's value proposition. 

Edoxi is your perfect AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner trainer. Our training centre provides high-quality training with carefully designed course content. Since AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is a foundational level exam, people from both technical and non-technical backgrounds can take it. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you're an entry-level engineer, sales or marketing professional, Edoxi AWS Cloud Practitioner training can help you excel just right!